Chapter 66: Operation Dawn.

Inside the living room, Chris was a little embarrassed!

"Commander Lin, I'm really sorry, my wife is a bit jumpy..."

Chris said with some embarrassment.

Lin Fan, on the other hand, waved his hand, indicating that he didn't mind.

"I wonder what is the reason for Commander Lin's visit today?"

"More than half a year ago, during the Mech Competition, I noticed that someone was posting ability data sheets of each pilot on the internet."

"At that time, I was surprised, what kind of person analyzed the participating pilots so thoroughly just by the live broadcast? So I asked my adjutant to look into it, and it was a shock to find out that there was such a great god hidden on earth!"

"With the subsequent in-depth investigation, I also know about your previous affairs. Now that the Sterling Family has been uprooted, any idea to rejoin the Federation fleet?"

As Lin Fan's words sounded, Chris' face changed wildly – he was torn, yet moved, he was also nostalgic... It was very complicated!

"Commander Lin, my heart is already cold towards the Federation Fleet!"

A full minute later, Chris finally opened his mouth and refused.

But Lin Fan didn't give up, this was already expected by him!

"Can you really let go of the burning flame in your heart? I can see from your expression that you can't let go! You still have an incomparable passion in your heart for the Federation fleet!"


"Driving the Ochs Empire out of the Solar System is just the first step. In a few months, we will start to conquer Proxima, Barnard, Tianyuan IV, and even counterattack the frontiers of the Ochs Empire!"

"At the same time, I can tell you, the Ochs Empire will not be the end, we will conquer the entire Orion Branch Arm and the entire Galaxy! Even the conquest of the galaxy is only a starting point for the human race."

"Come to my First Fleet and in a few years, your daughter will worship not me, but instead you, her father. Are you sure you want to miss all this?"


Chris is still a bit torn, just when he wanted to say something, he felt his hand being held. He turned his head and saw that it was his wife Alice.

"Chris, for so many years, I know you have not been reconciled. I can see what you really want!"


"Go ahead, since there is such a good opportunity, why not firmly grasp it? Let Ava be able to be proud of her father in the future!"

Chris was silent while Lin Fan stayed silent at the moment. He knew that Chris needed some time to settle his mental struggle. After all, being driven out of the Federation Fleet back then was still a bit of a shadow to him.

"Okay, I agree!"

A few minutes later, Chris raised his head and said. At this moment his eyes had become completely different, it was sharp and deep!

Lin Fan looked at Chris and nodded in satisfaction. He stood up and said, "Retired Officer Chris Rhodes!"


After fifteen years, Chris once again have a Federation military salute for the first time in a long time, and his movements were still smooth, standard, and imposing!

"I, as the Commander of the Federation's First Fleet, now inform you! You will be re-enlisted, given the rank of Rear Admiral and appointed to command the First Fleet's First Sub-Fleet!"

"My adjutant will help you complete the formalities. The official documents will be delivered to your home later, get ready and depart with me in seven days!"

"Yes, Commander!"

"Good, we still have things to do on our side, so we'll leave first, this week, you prepare well!"


Regarding Chris's re-enlistment and being given the rank of Rear Admiral, Lin Fan doesn't need to worry about it. 

His old man (father) is the President of the Federation, most of the people in the Federation Fleet know about Chris and know his capabilities. It was only because of the Sterling Family back then that no one dared to speak up.


But now that the Sterling Family is gone, no one will object, not to mention that Marshal Sanders is on very good terms with Lin Fan!

Soon seven days passed. During these seven days Lin Fan took the two women to live in the presidential palace, and also took them together to pay respect to his late mother.

After everything was done, the three left the presidential palace and headed to the Interstellar Port.

"Reporting to the Commander, Chris is reporting for duty!"

Right after Lin Fan entered the ship, Chris, who was already waiting inside, immediately stood up and greeted him!

With his action and aura, one cannot see that he's been retired from the military for fifteen years. Lin Fan is quite satisfied with this.

"En, and to briefly inform you, the first Sub- Fleet is actually my close Guard Fleet, with a total of 900 Snow Leopard Battlecruisers as well as 100 Mother Sky Carriers – carrying 20,000 Storm II Mechs!"

"All Battlecruisers?"

"Well, it's not yet open to the public, but  the Federation's technology has had an explosive development. The new generation of Warships is equipped with Nuclear Fusion Power, Warp Engines, Energy Shields and other technologies.".

"Since it can be considered as an all-rounder Warship, there is no longer no longer a need for different types of Warships."


"So that's how it is!"

Chris was a little shocked. He was not aware until now that the Federation Fleet was already this powerful. An all-Battlecruiser Fleet? It was extravagant! He didn't even once dare to even dream about such a thing."


And now, Chris has personally experienced the capability of the Warp Engine. In just a little more than a second, they went from Earth to Mars. 585 times the Speed of Light is simply horrifying.


With the First Fleet being refitted and modified, time trickled down like water. Soon, more than half a year passed.

May 18th, 61st Year of the Federal Calendar!


With Lin Fan's command, the fully-formed First Fleet appeared in Neptune's orbit in just over forty seconds.

Meanwhile, the Fourth Fleet was already waiting in Neptune's orbit, and as for the Starpath defense line, it had now been taken over by the Starpath Guard Fleet made up of over 20,000 old Warships.

"You here, Lin Fan?"

"Yes, Commander Liang, today is the time for our counterattack, I was so excited that I didn't sleep all night!"

"Oh, to be honest, I also didn't sleep well last night either, I'm also a bit excited! Since the time is almost here, I won't say anything more, we'll meet at Tianyuan IV!"


According to the Federation Fleet's plan, the First Fleet would raid and clear Proxima, while the Fourth Fleet's target would be Barnard.

After that, the two fleets would go to Tianyuan IV together to complete taking back these three territories and possibly rescue survivors.

When the Federation was defeated, there were still a large number of immigrants left in this star system, adding up to as many as two billion!

Although the communication of the three Star Systems had been broken for many years, Lin Zhen thought that there should still be a large number of people surviving, most likely used as slaves for hard labor by the people of the Ochs Empire or something like that.

Therefore, within the Federation fleet, a name was given to this operation.

"Operation Dawn!"

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