Chapter 65: Chris Rhodes.

Lin Fan's invitation was a great surprise to the three.

After all, during the Mech Competition, Zhang Hu had told them that a year ago, they were not so powerful, and their current level was entirely the result of Lin Fan's training.

The strongest human Mech Pilot. If they still see the gap between them, perhaps these three would still be a little arrogant and be reluctant to follow Lin Fan. But this gap is so huge that they could not even see speck of it. 

Therefore, Lin Fan's personal invitation at this moment made the three very excited. To be able to follow such a great person to learn, what is there to hesitate?

"I am willing to enter the First Fleet!"

The three quickly answered Lin Fan in unison.

"Good, later I will have my Adjutant take care of your transfer orders. Report to me on board the Uranus!"

"Yes, thank you Commander!"

Hearing that they will serve on the Uranus, the three got excited once again.

In the recent six months, in the internal discussion forum of the Academy, there was a voting on which location the students would like to work, in which 75% of them chose the First Fleet's Uranus!

The battleship is just too beautiful and was definitely the most gorgeous one among the current Battleships.

Moreover, Lin Fan is on Uranus. If Liang Xingchen is the Legend of the last era, then Lin Fan can be said to be the Legend of this era!

Of course, there is another important factor, that is, the former campus goddess Emma Campbell is on board the Uranus at the moment working as a staff officer!

After all, Emma just graduated a year ago, and most of the people in the Academy still know her and remember her fondly!

The most handsome man in the military, the most beautiful woman, the most gorgeous warship and the most powerful Mech Squadron...

If the Uranus is not the most desired place of service, then what is?

After taking care of the three, Lin Fan took Liang Xue and Emma to Earth.

There were three main things to do on this trip to Earth.

The first is to take the two women to see his old man. Lin Zhen has urged him several times about this matter already.

The second is to pay respect to this body's mother, as for who she is, Lin Fan has never seen her. After all, she was already gone when he crossed over to this world.

Through the latter's understanding, Lin Fan learned that his mother passed away when she was giving birth to him.


The last thing that he wants to do is to find the person that was asked Liang Xue to investigate before. It was the person on Earth who accurately analyzed all the contestants in the Mech Competition.

His analysis and degree of accuracy is appalling! Even if Lin Fan himself did it, he probably couldn't do better, how terrifying is this?

Therefore Lin Fan very much hoped to find this person, draft him into the army, and have him join the First Fleet.

The First Fleet is still in the process of rebuilding so talent is what Lin Fan desires the most. After all, he is no longer leading only 100 ships, but a whole 20,000 ships.

Under such circumstances, Lin Fan could not command each and every battleship precisely like the 101st Mixed Fleet all at once, so he needed more talents.

Even Emma, Lin Fan has already considered her and given her the rank of Lieutenant, and then transferred her out of the staff department to instead command a small Fleet.


After all, Emma herself is a top genius in the Fleet Command Department of the Academy, if not for Lin Fan, she would've become the most outstanding Commander of the young generation. Hence, placing her in the staff department would be wasting her talent. 


If it weren't for the fact that Lin Fan was used to having Liang Xue by his side, plus the fact that Liang Xue was also unwilling to step down from her position as Lin Fan's adjutant, he would have let Liang Xue take a big jump in rank and have her command a separate Sub-fleet.

Soon, the three arrived at a villa located in the suburbs.

"Liang Xue, is this the place?"

"En, Chris Rhodes, graduated from the Interstellar Military Academy, Fleet Command Department!"

"He was the former Commander of the Third Squad of the Second Sub-fleet of the Second Fleet. He was only 25 years old back then, and he had been promoted to Captain!"

"But afterwards, because he offended the Second Fleet Commander Horn Sterling, he was court-martialed by him on trumped-up charges, and was eventually discharged from the military."

"As a result, he was sent back to Earth. At the same time, he escaped the battle of the Second Fleet's destruction!"

Liang Xue took out reports and explained.

"Sister Xue, if he hadn't been framed, wouldn't it be likely that his achievements would have been straight after Commander Liang? After all, he was so skillful 15 years ago!"


Sister Xue, you can't dismiss everyone else just because Commander Liang is your father, I think this person is quite skillful from the reports!"

"Emma, you're mistaken, I mean, if he wasn't framed back then, then 15 years ago he would have died along with the Second Fleet and his achievements would've ended there!"


Emma couldn't find anything to refute it.

"Alright, let's go in and meet him!"

Looking at the conversation between the two women, Lin Fan shook his head helplessly.


"Who are you looking for?"

The person who opened the door was a very beautiful middle-aged woman, who should be Chris's wife Alice that's recorded in his profile.

"Hello, we are looking for Chris Rhodes, is he home?"

"Yes, please come in!"

The three people followed Alice inside.

"Wait a minute, I'll get Chris to come down!"


"Our house rarely has people over and Chris has almost no friends, since guys came, I think Chris will be very happy!"

Alice smiled and said, and then walked up the stairs.

"Lin Fan, according to the reports, when Chris returned to Earth, the Sterling family still did not let him go, forbidding anyone in the military to have contact with him, plus most of his fellow officers died in the war, as a result, almost no one interacted with Chris."

"The Sterling Family is a tumor of the Federation Fleet, they should have been gotten rid of long ago!"

Listening to this, Lin Fan agreed. Fortunately, the Sterling Family has already been uprooted.

A minute later, a middle-aged man that's about 40 years old and Alice walked into the room.

The moment he saw Lin Fan, a look of shock immediately appeared on his face.

"Hello, my name is Lin Fan!"

Lin Fan stood up and extended his right hand towards Chris.

"Hello, I'm Chris, I've heard your great name for a long time."

"You guys know each other?"

Alice asked curiously from the side.

"We are meeting for the first time, but I've heard his name every day for the last ten months. Have you forgotten why Ava hasn't chased stars (idols) recently?"

Chris said to Alice with a bitter smile.

"Hmm? The reason why Ava does not chase idols, wait, Lin Fan? Ah, you are the Commander of the First Fleet, Lin Fan! My daughter said she'll never chase idols again, only you!"


Listening to Alice's somewhat jumpy words, Lin Fan was stumped.

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