Chapter 64: Changing Defensive Line And Refit.

Above the battlefield, a squadron of three hundred Mechs directly rushed into the array of the Fourth Fleet's Mech Legion.

Although if you compare the three hundred Mechs to nearly ten thousand Mechs, the number is very far and it should not be able to make much difference.

But that depends on who is piloting these three hundred Mechs. These three hundred elite Pilots have been trained by Lin Fan for nearly a year and the worst among them can be considered A- Rank of the System.

Plus, in this environment – Kuiper Belt, the gap between the strength of the pilots will be greatly magnified.

The three hundred mechs like wolves into a flock of sheep, slaughtering their way in. The complex environment around the two parties made it impossible for the Fourth Fleet Mech to reposition quickly!


At this moment, the First Fleet Mech Legion in the frontal battlefield also received Zhang Hu's order. They no longer retreated and instead began a full-scale counterattack.

Five minutes later, Zhang Hu burst into the center of the enemy formation, and at the cost of more than 30 Mechs, he killed the opponent's Mech Legion Commander Luo Ge, causing a brief chaos in the chain of command of the Fourth Fleet Mech Legion, which led to the gradual collapse of the entire Legion's Formation.

Thirty minutes later, the Fourth Fleet Mech Brigade finally collapsed under the chaos of the middle army and the collapse of the front line.

An hour later, as the last mech was hit by the training laser beam, it was announced that the First Fleet Mech Legion had won with 5180 Mechs surviving.

As for the squad competition, with the combination of 1 A+ Rank Mech Pilots led by Zhang Hu and 9 A Rank Mech Pilots, they simply beat all the participating squads.

It can be said that after nearly a year of training, Lin Fan's Close Guard Mech Squadron has become too strong for others!

At this point, the titles of the Eight Ace Pilots, the Strongest Mech Squad, and the Strongest Mech Brigade of the Federation Fleet had been appointed.

Among them, the First Fleet won 3 titles out of the 8 Ace Pilots, the Strongest Mech Squadron and the Strongest Mech Brigade.

The Fourth Fleet won 2 titles out of the 8 Ace Pilots.

The Interstellar Military Academy won 3 titles out of the 8 Ace Pilots.

The Federation Fleet Lunar Headquarters, on the other hand, won nothing, leaving people stunned.

In the whole three months, people like those from the media have earned a lot of money.

The only tragedy is that the sports-related industry was dry in these three months. No matter what the game is, the people watching are too few. No major media are willing to broadcast them.


At this time, the curtain came down and marked the end of the Mech Competition!

7 months soon passed and it was finally time to change the defensive line, and it was also the turn of the First Fleet refit.

After the completion of the First Fleet's refit, according to the Federation Fleet's plan, the First Fleet and the Fourth Fleet will separately attack and recapture the Star Systems of Proxima and Barnard.

As for the more than 20,000 old Warships that've been replaced after the refit, they will form a Star Path Guard Fleet to guard the entrance of the Solar System's star path.

September 5th, Federal Calendar Year 60th.

At 1 AU behind the Solar System's Star Path Defense Line, 20,000 Warships suddenly appeared in the empty void. It was the Fourth Fleet that had completed its refit.

In this new Fleet establishment, each Fleet would be equipped with 19,000 Snow Leopard Battlecruisers, 1,000 Mother Sky Carriers, 2,000,000 Storm II Mechs, and 1 custom Flagship of the Battleship class, similar to the Uranus of the First Fleet.

Liang Xingchen's Flagship was the complete opposite of Lin Fan's Uranus in terms of appearance. It looked brutal with a black paint job making this Battleship look hideous.

On its shell were four engraved letters – "MARS", this was Liang Xingchen's new Ship, the War God!

On the contrary, Lin Fan's Uranus was silver and white with a beautiful streamlined body – elegant and dignified!

After the handover with Liang Xingchen, Lin Fan took the First Fleet on a journey back to Mars Base, where he needed to stay for seven months to undergo the refit, and like the Fourth Fleet, update all the old Warships to new ones.

During this process, Lin Fan also prepared to go to the Interstellar Military Academy and Earth respectively and tap a few talents that he saw to the First Fleet.

On September 10, Lin Fan brought Liang Xue and Emma to the Interstellar Military Academy, today was the annual graduation ceremony of the academy.

"Lin Fan, is there something going on here this time?"

Having gotten the news that Lin Fan was coming in advance, Li Fulai had long been waiting at the port along with several instructors.

At this moment, after seeing the three get off the Uranus, they walked up.

For Lin Fan to come at this time, Li Fulai has more or less guessed his purpose. After all, he is an old fox, since he specifically came on this day, what else would he do here?

But he pretended not to know, after all, he is the Dean for a reason. Lin Fan must pay an appropriate price, no?


Looking at Li Fulai's signature bitchy smile, Lin Fan cursed in his heart.

This old fox!


"Dean, stop acting, you know what I'm here for!"

"Tsk, you're not cute at all! Say, who do you like?"

"Well, then I'll not be shy; Li Cangdou, Zhang Zhiwei, and Shatina!"

"Hey hey, you're too greedy kid. These three are our strongest pilots and you want all of them? What about Liang Xingchen's side?


"It's okay, I'll let Liang Xue communicate with Commander Liang's side!"

"Pfft... you're really gonna use such a tactic? I say girl, will you really help this guy against your father?"

"I am just a subordinate being ordered by my superior!"

Hearing this, Li Fulai surrendered, it seems that Liang Xue will always be on Lin Fan's side.

Liang Xingchen kid, I wish you luck!

Half an hour later, the group arrived at the auditorium of the graduation ceremony, and Li Fulai arranged for the three to sit on the side of the stage.

When the three walked onto the stage, it caused a clamor.

Everyone recognized that Lin Fan had come. Lin Fan's fame was hot because of recent events.

And although Emma didn't get recognized as much as Lin Fan, most people still knew her.

As for Liang Xue, almost no one knew her. After all, she had graduated 4 years ago, so everyone just marveled at her stunning looks and her hot body.


Looking at the auditorium that became chaotic, Li Fulai also came to the stage with a loud shout!

"Today, we have invited three guests as the observers of today's ceremony, they are the Commander of the First Fleet, Vice Admiraladmiral Lin Fan, his adjutant, Commander Liang Xue, and the Staff Officer of the First Fleet, Lieutenant Emma!"

"With that said, the graduation ceremony will officially begin!"



Three hours later, the graduation ceremony was over, and Li Fulai announced the dismissal. At the same time, he asked several instructors to inform Li Cangdou, Zhang Zhiwei, and Shatina to stay!

After the trainees had all dispersed, Lin Fan came to Li Cangdou and the other two, and without delay, he said.

"Are the three of you willing to join the First Fleet?"

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