Chapter 73: Federation's 5-Year Plan.

A week has passed since the battle in Tianyuan IV, and humanity, which has been suppressed for decades, can finally take a breath.

Tianyuan IV is extremely important to humanity, because the Solar System is located at the edge of Orion's Arm Branch, which was basically like a poor countryside.

In leaving the Solar System, or in attacking the other Star Systems, Tianyuan IV is a strategic node that can not be disregarded.

Therefore, as long as Tianyuan IV is in the hands of humans, Proxima, Barnard and the Solar System will be safe and secure.

Of course, if the enemy is a Level 4 Civilization, mastering the Warp Engine Technology, that is another story!

However, Lin Fan knows that in the whole of Orion's Arm Branch, there is only one Level 4 Civilization, but it is located 20,000 Light Years away from the Solar System! They should have no interest in this part aka the poor countryside.

Of course, even if there is no feud between humans and other species, they still have to fight. Unless the human race is prepared to just nest in these four Star Systems (this includes the Solar System) and do not go out.

Originally, the resources in the Solar System's Asteroid Belt have almost been exploited after decades of mining.  

When the Ochs Empire was driven out of the Solar System, the humans were able to go to the Kuiper Belt to obtain resources.

And now, they can obtain resources through the Proxima, Barnard and Tianyuan IV, making the Federation's subsequent shipbuilding plans guaranteed resources!

Therefore, the President's Office held an emergency meeting and finally decided on four important decisions regarding the next five years.

One, the First Fleet as well as the Fourth Fleet is jointly responsible for the defense of the Star Path of Tianyuan IV.

Two, the full development of Proxima, Barnard, and Tianyuan IV, including the infrastructures in the Natural Life Planets, the transformation of No Life planets, and the development of the Resource Planets!

Third, the Federation Fleet is to expand a large number of troops, and the Second and Third Fleet will be reconstructed.

Fourth, the popularization of Genet Enhancement Medicine as well as Brain Development Medicine to the entire population in order to spawn more scientists, and promote the explosive development of the Federation's technology!

To put it simply, the First and Fourth Fleets will guard the Star Path of Tianyuan IV, and on this basis, the Federation will carry out full development, and expand its army to prepare for war.

The fourth point is the most important, because although Lin Fan can obtain technologies from the System, in humanity's root, their technology is still lacking.

Except for the Warp Engine, Energy Shield and Nuclear Fusion Reactor, the Federation's technology is still at the early stage of a Level 3 Civilization, while the Ochs Empire is at the middle stage of a Level 3 Civilization.

Take the Federation's strongest Warship for example. To put it bluntly, although it has the defensive power of a Level 4 Civilization and the ability to warp, its attack power and speed is still at Level 3 Civilization standard.

That is to say, their current 40,000 Warships can fight 100,000 Warships of the Ochs Empire and below. However, if they encounter an Ochs Empire Legion with 300,000 to 400,000 Warships, then even if they somehow win, they will suffer huge losses, or even be crippled, not to mention that the Ochs Empire has more than one Legion!

After all, Energy Shields are not omnipotent. With dozens upon dozens of enemy fire, it will be destroyed.

This is the reason why they can't go to a full-scale war with the Ochs Empire yet. They have to delay as long as they can.

But Lin Fan can not afford to delay for too long as he still has System Tasks to fulfill. One of such is to destroy the Ochs Empire within ten years, and now more than a year has passed!

Lin Fan was prepared to wait for the completion of the five-year plan, and only proceed after and attack the Ochs Empire.

In the Uranus, inside the simulation sparring room.

"Li Cangdou, you really are as I thought, your Fleet Command talent is not weak as well, have you ever thought of walking along the path of a Fleet Commander?"

"Can I?"

After a few fleet simulation battles, Lin Fan found that his hunch was indeed correct.

In addition to his extremely good Mech Piloting skills, Li Cang Dou's Fleet Command talent was equally good!

Although the latter hadn't been taught by the System and was completely no match for Lin Fan during the simulated battles, it didn't affect Lin Fan's affirmation of the latter's talent!

"Well, if you wish, I can arrange for you to return to the Academy and have the Dean prepare you a small training program!"

"Yes, thank you Commander for the training, I am willing to return to the Academy for further training!"

"Good, it just so happens that there won't be any war in the next five years so you go back and wait for the news. I will arrange for you to go there in the next few days."

"Yes, Commander!"

Li Cangdou was a bit excited, ever since he was abused by Lin Fan last time and realized the gap between them, he had gradually turned into a Lin Fan fanboy.

As Lin Fan's fanboy, what did he desire the most? It is to be like Lin Fan! A god-like Fleet Commander, the strongest Mech Pilot, and the most outstanding scientist!!

Now that chance was presented to him to take a step forward in the path of a Fleet Commander, he accepted it as he can be one step closer to Lin Fan.

How could Li CangDong not be excited?


In addition to Li Cangdou, Shatiana and Zhang Zhiwei had also been under Lin Fan's training for some time, and now their strength could already be ranked as the third and fourth of the Close Guard Mech Squadron.

As for the first and second, it was naturally, Zhang Hu and Li Cangdou. Li Cangdou is now no less than Zhang Hu. In a few months, the strongest pilot of the Close Guard Mech Squadron would definitely turn over to Li Cangdou.

Currently, Emma is the Commander of the Fourth Squad of the First Sub-fleet.

Under Lin Fan's special request, Chris took extra care of Emma and would often hand her some experience in Fleet Command.

Chris had told Lin Fan that Emma was the second most talented Fleet Commander he had ever seen, the first was naturally Lin Fan.

As for why Liang Xingchen was not the first...

Well, according to Chris, if it was purely about talent, both Lin Fan and Emma were much more talented than Liang Xingchen!

Emma is only 21 years old. After a few more years and experience in combat, she would definitely be the strongest Fleet Commander in the younger generation, excluding Lin Fan!

Chris even proposed to let Emma command a Sub-fleet. 

Though Lin Fan refused for the time being, after all, Emma is only a Lieutenant. Commanding a squad is already a stretch and a mismatch. It was only because Lin Fan was there that no one in the Fleet dared to say anything.

Hence, if he let Emma command a Sub-fleet now, it would stir a big problem!

A Sub-fleet is usually commanded by a Rear Admiral or Vice Admiral. If he puts Emma in this position, it would be very bad and will do more harm than good!

One may argue that Lin Fan's promotion was very fast so why not Emma? Well, his promotions were based on his battle merit, hence no one will say anything.

Emma's situation is different, Lin Fan does not deny that her command talent is very high, but the key is that she currently has no battle merit.

In this regard, Chris couldn't help but slap himself on the head, he forgot about this!

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