Chapter 72: Tianyuan IV.

While Lin Fan and Liang Xingchen led their respective Fleets towards Tianyuan IV.


Ochs Star System, Natural Life Planet, inside the Imperial Palace.

"Imperial Uncle, what's the situation on the human's side?"

"Your Majesty, there has been no news from Adam for more than a year, I'm afraid..."

Speaking of Adam, Ross felt weird. It's already been more than a year but it was still without news, it was very abnormal.

Ross knew what kind of person Adam was. The latter was a professional soldier and he was loyal to the Empire. He will not hesitate to carry out a s*icidal order.

Since there was response for so long, it was obviously a big problem. Adam's Fleet was likely to have been completely annihilated in the (Human) Solar System.

If this was true, then Proxima, Barnard and Tianyuan IV would also be in danger. Ross does not think that the scattered Fleet they stationed there can hold off the humana.

Once the humans recapture Tianyuan IV and get a firm foothold, the Empire will have to start all over again if it wants to destroy the humans.

"I don't care how Adam is doing, he deserves to die. What I want to know is how much longer before we exterminate the human race!"

Ramiro words made Ross speechless, the former was the one who ordered Adam to carry out a desperate attack, how can he not care about Adam?!

If Adam failed, how would their remaining Fleet attack the humans? The Fourth Legion would still need ten years plus to get there! Did he make a mistake when he supported Ramiro to the throne?

"Your Majesty, the most important thing now is how Adam is doing, if he fails, we would lose the 3 Star Systems one after another in a short period of time!"

"Then deploy other armies over there!"

"Your Majesty, the Fourth Legion is already on its way, but it will still take them nearly 10 more years to arrive."

"What about the other Legions, our Empire has 8 Imperial Guards Legions as well as 4 Border Legions, how can we not have troops?"

"Your Majesty, we are still at war with the Kabat Empire, it's already the limit that we remove the Fourth Legion to go to the human's side. The remaining six Legions absolutely can not move. As for the Border Legions, they have their own borders to guard, they also can not be easily moved!

"Damn it, if the Fourth Legion still cannot finish the job, then we'll just negotiate with the Kabat Empire. I would rather cede a few Star Systems to them than spare the human who killed my son!"

After saying that, Ramiro flung his sleeves and walked out, leaving Ross in the room with a complicated face.

"Sigh~, did I do wrong in supporting Ramiro to the throne back then?"


A few days later, Tianyuan IV.

The void shrank, then ten thousand Warships suddenly appeared without warning. At the same time, the void not far away also shrank, with ten thousand Warships appearing.

"Commander, Commander Liang is requesting communication!"

"Connect him!"


"Lin Fan, I'll be in charge of handling the Resource Planets as well as constructing the Star Path defenses, you take charge of crushing the opposing Fleet!"

"Alright, we'll act immediately!"

After the brief communication, the two of them split up and started their actions.

"Liang Xue, report the location of the enemy Fleet!"

"Yes, they are detected converging on Tianyuan IV-C orbit, numbering 10,000, and they all seem to be docked in the Starport, in addition to a small fortress in the orbit."

"Unsurprisingly, they were not alerted. After all, they are in the hinterland. Tell Chris to take care of the fortress, while the rest of the Fleet don't need to think about any strategies, just warp over and wipe out the enemy inside the Starport."


After arranging the mission, Chris warped first, and arrived at the edge of the Ochs Empire's fortress 3 seconds later.

Just like the strategy used in Proxima Chris first prepared to destroy the various weapons on the opponent's fortress with his Warships, and then let the Mech forces as well as the Assault Planes break into the fortress.

On the other hand, Lin Fan's 9,000 Warships warped to the Starport and started a slaughter!

Speaking of which, the defenders of Tianyuan IV were too lax. There wasn't even a single patrolling Warship, and the Warships were all docked.

As for the crew, not many of them stayed at their posts, and even a large number of them were attending various parties.

Suddenly, the alarm was sounded in every Starport, and sadly, the crew had been used to living a comfortable life for decades, so they simply treated the alarm as a sudden drill and still moved unhurriedly.

That was until they saw the countless energy bombs coming, Warship after Warship was destroyed. They were explosions everywhere. They finally realized that this was not a drill!

Unfortunately, it was already too late, their 10,000 Warships were wiped out in just less than five minutes of time.


After eliminating the Warships, the Mechs began to make their appearance. They did not completely destroy the Starports, after all, in the short term, the Federation can use them.

Therefore, the Mechs and Assault Planes were the most applicable types of units to use at this moment.

A large number of Mechs burst in along the docks of the Starports. Lacking heavy weapons, the Ochs soldiers were soon cleared.

Immediately after, a large number of Assault Planes flew in, each carrying 300 heavily armed assault soldiers on them.

The Mechs took the lead, followed by the assault teams. They soon broke into the Starport's command center and quickly brought it under control.

About 40 minutes after the Mechs and the assault team attacked, all Starports were under control, and all that remained was to clear out the remnants of Ochs Empire that's hiding in various parts of the Starports.

At this time, Chris sent a communication that the small fortress had been captured. Though, the commander was not captured alive this time, because he killed himself.

After controlling the fortress and all the Starports, Lin Fan contacted Liang Xingchen.

"Commander Liang, my mission has been completed, the defenders have all been wiped out, and the fortress in orbit as well as the Starports have been captured by us!"

"So fast?"

"It was only natural, after all, all their 10,000 Warships were parked in the Starport. There's not even a patrol. Even after half a day of fighting, no Warship has been launched..."

Lin Fan felt helpless and gave a bitter smile, this was really... Even though they are the enemy, Lin Fan still felt the urge to facepalm!

"Although they are 2 Star Systems away from the front line, this is just too lax!"

"Anyways, how's it going at your end, Commander Liang?"

"My side is already wrapping up, later transfer all your Assault Planes to cooperate with me. I need to send all the people to the fortress you beat down as well as the ones in the Starport for temporary resettlement. With just the slight estimate, there seems to be about 300 million people!"

"Okay, I will arrange it immediately!"

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