Chapter 71: We Can't Afford to Delay.

Earth, Federation's Presidential Palace.

"Everyone has read the report, right?"

Lin Zhen looked at the board members in the conference room with a cold face.

At this moment, he was in a very bad mood. Originally, he was in a good mood after receiving Lin Fan's news yesterday that he had recaptured Proxima and completely annihilated 60,000 Warships of the Ochs Empire.

But when he saw the content of the report, he immediately became furious!

The planets in Proxima have a huge number of traitors! Moreover, this group of traitors were the people of the former Second Fleet, specifically, the Sterling Family and their cronies!!


The Sterling Family is really a tumor to the Federation.

"President, I suggest that this matter be concealed. Its impact on the reputation of the Federation Fleet will be bad!"

One said while the others nodded slightly, indicating their agreement with this view. This made Lin Zhen exceptionally annoyed!

Just as he was about to say something, Ed suddenly spoke.

"Conceal? How would you conceal it? Hundreds of millions of survivors are witnesses of this event! Or are you going to never let them return to Earth again? Or are you just going to kill them all? Would you fabricate a lie?"


The one who spoke just now couldn't find any words to refute.


Indeed, Ed was right, hundreds of millions of survivors knew about the incident. How can they hide it? Would they really silence (aka kill) them all? Don't joke about it!

While looking at the board members who he now lowered their heads, Ed continued.

"We not only do not hide it, but we also take the initiative to speak of it. As for that group of Horn Sterling-led traitors, we will put them to a public trial, then sentence them to death by public execution! At the same time we have to shape Lin Fan into a hero!"

"In this way, even if there would be some loss of reputation, we would be able to redeem it by shaping Lin Fan into a hero, even improving it!"

"Similarly, we also have to take the initiative to reveal everything about the Sterling Family. It may cause an uproar, but since the President has already uprooted the entire family altogether, we can promote the rebirth of the Federation!"

The board members listened to Ed's plan and were all dumbfounded.

This was not only a solution to the public's crisis of confidence in the Federation, but more importantly, this operation would push Lin Zhen's reputation to the highest position of any President ever.

That's because the public will ponder what the previous Presidents have been doing with such a big tumor existing in the Federation for so long. Were they all in cahoots with the Sterling Family?

When Lin Zhen came into power, he gave rise to Liang Xingchen that held back the Ochs Empire, and now he has reclaimed their territories and uprooted this big poisonous family!

With such a great achievement, how can Lin Zhen's reputation not skyrocket after this?

When the time comes, as long as they find the right moment to reveal the fact that Lin Fan is Lin Zhen's son, then even if Lin Zhen says he wants to change the law that would allow him to serve as President for a few more decades, not many people will oppose him!

"What is everyone's opinion on the Vice President's proposal?"

Lin Zhen looked at the others and asked. 


Everyone looked at each other and whispered amongst themselves. After discussing it for a while, they all expressed their approval.

"Good, since everyone agrees, this matter is settled. Ed will be responsible for the specifics of this operation!"

"Okay, no problem!"

"Well then, let's proceed to the next topic, it's about Tianyuan IV's side..."


4.22 Light Years away, at this time, the First Fleet was unusually busy.

The temporary resettlement of the 530 million survivors, food distribution, medical personnel assistance, etc., and a bunch of issues were waiting to be dealt with.

The good thing was that there was still a large amount of food in Proxima and the fortress. The food will last 500 million people in 1, 2 years with no problem.

Lin Fan's old man also said that the Bull-Class Supply Ships were coming as fast as possible to transport a large number of relevant personnel as well as supplies!

Although there was no existential crisis, the work was still heavy, especially the medical aspect which was overwhelming.

After all, so many people were abused for sixteen years. Many had all kinds of problems, for example, a lot of people were missing arms and legs.


The Carriers were transporting people one batch after another from various Resource Planets to the Natural Life Planet. After all, this is the only living planet on the entire Star System, and the people of the Ochs Empire have built a lot of residences on this planet.

Although these residences were not in line with human concepts, shelter is shelter. Temporarily settling down was not a problem.

However, the transferring of people was not easy. Each Carrier, after emptying it of Mechs, can only transport about 300,000 people at a time.

The entire Fleet had 2,000 Carriers, excluding the ten Sub-fleets stationed in the Star Path, only 1,000 can be used. So one round can only transport 300 million people.

The transportation process was relatively easy if compared to the real time-consuming and labor-intensive part which was the embarkation and disembarkation!

Carriers can not directly descend to the planet to pick up people. They need to rely on the Assault Planes to constantly transport people to the Carriers. Each Carrier only has 20 Assault Planes and each Assault Plane can only carry 300 people.


Therefore, in the end, Lin Fan only arranged 300 Carriers to participate in the transportation plan, and after more than 20 hours, he was able to transfer 100 million people to the Natural Life Planet.

"Commander, a message came from the Fourth Fleet, they have recaptured Barnard and completely wiped out 10,000 Warships of its defenders!"

"En, that is to be as expected. With our current battle power, as long as we don't run into the legions of hundreds of thousands of Warships of the Ochs Empire, we won't run into any problems! Help me get Commander Liang's communication!"

"Yes... Already connected!"

"Commander Liang, how is the situation on your side?"

"It didn't take much effort to destroy the defenders of the Ochs Empire, but over 200 million surviving humans were found here that were being used as hard labor! Currently, all efforts are being put to rescuing them! How's it going on your side?"

"The situation on my side is even more serious than yours. There are 530 million survivors, the entire Fleet is currently mobilized in rescuing them, except for those defending the Star Path!"

"The plan to recapture Tianyuan IV needs to be pushed back by at least a month, there are too many things that need to be dealt with here!"

"No, Commander Liang! The purpose of my call with you this time is to prepare to set out immediately for Tianyuan IV. Take Proxima for example. Before we came here, tens of thousands of humans died every day due to overwork or starvation. If we delay going to Tianyuan IV, there would be more deaths, we can't afford to delay! We can't afford to drag it out longer!"

"What are you going to do?"

"My idea is this, we each leave 10,000 Warships for rescue and resettlement, and wait for the arrival of supplies and personnel from the main camp, while each of us leads 10,000 Warships to go straight to Tianyuan IV!"

"I think that's fine, let's calculate the distance between each of us and Tianyuan IV – calculate the time and then arrange our own departure and arrive at the same time!"

"Okay, let's do that!"

Ten hours later, the 1st to 10th fleets of the First Fleet had assembled!

"Distribute the coordinates to all Warships, and activate the Warp Engines for the entire Fleet!"

"Commander, coordinate distribution has been completed, the Warp Engines have been activated, ready to depart!"


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