Chapter 70: Recapturing Proxima (Finale).

As the Vanguard Fleet Commander of the Fourth Legion of the Ochs Empire's Imperial Guards, Sora was frowning and quite annoyed.

About 20 years ago, the 50,000 warships led by Sora had suffered heavy losses in the battle with the Kabat Empire. They eventually went to Horton to replenish their Warships as well as their personnel under the orders of the Commander-in-chief, Isa.

Seven years ago, after he restocked his Fleet and its personnel, Aisa sent a new order, as Adam was defeated in the Solar System, he asked Sora to go to the Solar System to support the Third Legion, and that the Fourth Legion must choose an opportunity to retreat from the Kabat Empire's front and go to the Solar System.

After seven years and passing by several Star Systems, Sora finally arrived in Proxima, but what welcomed him when he arrived?

His Advance Fleet was engaged in a heavy battle and had lost nearly 3,000 Warships!

The most critical thing is that according to the report, not a single enemy Warship has been taken out so far, is this a joke?!

"According to the report, Lancer of the Third Legion is stationed here, right? Contact him immediately!"


Shortly after, the communication was connected, and the ugly-faced Lancer appeared in front of Sora.

"This is Sora, Commander of the Vanguard Fleet of the Fourth Legion. Commander Lancer, what is the situation on your side? Why am I being attacked just after I arrived?"

"Commander Sora, you came at the right time! It's a human Fleet, the Fleet in my hands has been completely destroyed and I am trapped in the fortress!"

"Humans? Aren't they facing off with Commander Adam in the Solar System?"

"Facing off? They've all come here, and there's a good chance that Commander Adam has already met an untimely end! Their current number is only 20,000, but all their Warships have Energy Shields, you have to be careful!"

"Are you kidding me? 20,000 Warships with Energy Shields?"

Sora looked at Lancer angrily, this guy is bad luck. 20,000 Warships with Energy Shields, is he asking him to send 50,000 of his Warships up to die?

If he had 500,000 Warships, then sure, that's more like it!

"Commander Sora, listen to me..."


[Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Shoo~]!

Lancer was just about to say something when there came the sound of an explosion, followed by the sound of a beam of rifle fire.

"Lancer! Lancer!!!"

Looking at the lost communication, Sora called anxiously, but no one could answer him anymore.

"Damn it, Lieutenant, how much of the Fleet do we have left that hasn't come out of Star Path?"

"Commander, there are about 38,000 Warships that have already sailed out of the Star Path, and 12,000 that have not yet!"

"It is definitely not possible to confront them, this battle cannot be fought. After the last 12,000 Warships come out, the Middle and Rear Sub-fleet will turn and go to Tianyuan IV through the Star Path while the remaining 16,000 Warships of the front Sub-fleet will break through the back!"


Sora was ready to break his tail (like that of a lizard) to survive. Unfortunately, Lancer only said half of the information, he didn't manage to tell Sora the enemy has Warp Engines. Escape was meaningless!

On the other side, inside the Uranus.

"Commander, the assault team has captured the opponent's Commander and is currently on their way back!"

"Good, what about Chris's side?"

"Chris's 1st Sub-fleet has surrounded the fleeing Warship and destroyed it's engines."

"Tell Chris to leave a few ships behind to keep an eye on it, tell him to come back immediately!"


"Report on the situation of the Star Path!"

"There are 40,000 enemy ships, Donnie and Eric are retreating as ordered!"

"Tell them not to retreat too fast, make sure to attract the enemy for a chase, stall them and stretch their formation!"


Two minutes later, Chris's 1st Sub-fleet warped back to the formation.


As for the 9th to 18th Sub-fleets attacking the Resource Planets, apart from the Carriers, they had also finished assembling.

Lin Fan looked at the situation of the Star Path. At this moment, there were now nearly 50,000 enemy Warships, of which nearly 4,000 were destroyed in the initial interception, so about 45,000 Warships.

And at this time in order to chase the 19th and 20th Sub-fleet, the Ochs Empire's Forward Sub-fleet had been disarranged into a straight line.

"It's almost time, tell Donnie and Eric to keep kiting the enemy while we deal with the 30,000 Warships in the enemy's rear first."


"This time we'll serve our opponent with a ten-way crossfire! Order the 1st to 10th Sub-fleets to warp to the designated coordinates respectively while making a surprise attack on the enemy's rear. The 11th to 18th Sub-fleets are to stand by and be ready to warp at any time!"

While giving the order, Lin Fan encircled the ten coordinates on the virtual tactical board and sent them to Liang Xue.

After receiving it, Liang Xue immediately assigned the 1st to 10th Sub-fleets according to the locations circled by Lin Fan.

"Commander, everything is ready, the battle can start anytime!"

"Good, let the combat begin, warp now!"


"Commander, all fleets have gotten out of the Star Path!"

"Good, the Middle and Rear Sub-fleets make a 180-degree turn-in-place, then re-enter the Star Path leading to Tianyuan IV!"

Hearing the Lieutenant's report, Sora didn't want to waste any time and immediately ordered to prepare to run!

"Commander, not good, multiple enemy Fleets have suddenly appeared around us! They have formed assault formations and have started to attack us from ten different directions!"

As soon as the Adjutant finished speaking, Sora saw through the porthole window that light clusters were constantly emerging in the distance.

He knew that it was his Fleet's ships being destroyed continuously!

"Let the Fleet turn and move faster, as long as they enter the Star Path, they will be safe!"

Currently on top of the battlefield, Lin Fan had the ten Sub-fleets – totaling 9,000 Battlecruisers – warp to ten different coordinates, simultaneously attacking towards Sora's Fleet.


As for why the ten Sub-fleets were 9,000 Battlecruisers, it was because each of the Mech Units were released on missions, so there was no point in bringing the Carriers here. This time, the operation was conducted with purely Battlecruisers.

Although each position only has 900 Battleships, you cannot underestimate them. Their power is not to be trifled with.

The most critical thing is that these ten Sub-fleets all warped in close proximity to Sora's Fleet. After the warp, they each burst into the former's formation, which then created a very interesting problem for the enemy.

Sora's Fleet was currently turning and could not use its main guns. After all, the main guns could not turn at a large angle, so they could only use the much less powerful secondary guns to return fire, not to mention that they could easily injure their own people (friendly fire) by accident.

However, Lin Fan doesn't have so many restrictions, it can be summed as this:

He can just fire wherever he wants, there are enemies all around then after all. Plus, no matter which direction they shoot, even if they accidentally shoot their own Warship by mistake, they still have the Energy Shield to protect them!

"They have been waiting for a long time, order the 11th to 18th Sub-fleets to immediately warp. Block the middle of the Star Path and the enemy's Fleet!"


It took 2 minutes and nearly 10,000 sacrificial Warships for Sora's Fleet to finally turn. But they suddenly found that an enemy Fleet, consisting of 7,200 Battleships, had suddenly appeared in their path and started an attack on themselves!

It was already enough of a headache for Sora that both sides of his Fleet as well as the rear had been attacked by Lin Fan, and now their path of retreat was blocked by 7,200 Battlecruisers?


"Adjutant, have all Battlecruisers assault forward, we must create a path!"


Unfortunately, despite his hope and determination, the result was destined to be tragic.

With only 20,000 Warships left, and with their flanks and backside attacked, only less than 10,000 Warships in the front and middle could be used. Trying to break through the 7,200 Battlecruisers in front that were equipped with Energy Shields was a joke!

As the time passed, the number of Sora's Fleet was getting smaller and smaller, and they were unable to break through the defense line formed by the eight Sub-fleets.

Fifteen minutes later, Sola's Middle and Rear Sub-fleets, totaling 30,000 ships, were completely wiped out.

Eighteen minutes later, Lin Fan divided the 18 Sub-fleets into three parts and warped to the two sides of Sora's Front Sub-fleet and ambushed behind them. Together with Donnie and Eric's return, the enemy was encircled from four directions, gradually annihilating what was left.

Twenty-five minutes later, not a single Ochs Empire Warship could be found in the entire Proxima Star System.

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