Chapter 63: One VS. Eight (Part 2).

In just ten seconds or so, the situation changed drastically, from 8 VS. 1 to 4 VS. 1.

Even Zhang Hu, who was now turning around to return, was stunned.

How did the Commander do that? Does this mean that he does not even count it a warm-up when he usually spars with us?

One has to remember that the four pilots that were eliminated out of the competition were not weak. They are not much worse than Zhang Hu.

After taking out two people, Lin Fan made a turn and scurried into a cluster of debris on the side. Zhang Hu immediately caught up with the remaining three people, but the difference in speed between the two sides was too great, and in no time at all, the pursuers couldn't even see the Commander's taillights.


"Captain, Commander Lin is much more terrifying than you described ah!"

"I don't know, maybe the Commander doesn't even use half of his strength when he spars with us?"

"What do we do now?"

"Ambush! Wait for Commander Lin himself to take the bait, this is our only chance! You guys look at the four debris in front of you, we hide behind one each so that whenever the Commander passes in front of us, he will enter the view of us 4 and we fire at him at the same time!"

"Then what if Commander Lin doesn't come?"

"If he doesn't come, we won't move, we'll just end up in a tie, otherwise the Commander will definitely come to us and pass by here! It's our only chance!"

"Okay, I agree with the Captain's plan!"

"I agree too!"

"No comment!"

"Well then, everyone move immediately!"

Soon, the four of them arrived at the debris that Zhang Hu had just mentioned, it really was a natural ambush area!

Everyone immediately followed the plan and did not move a muscle. They were just silently waiting for the prey to come to their door!

Inside the Uranus.

"These guys got scared out of their minds by Lin Fan. Even though it's 4 against 1, they are using such a tactic!"

"Now, Lin Fan's situation becomes quite unfavorable. With this terrain, no matter which opening he bursts in through, he will be met with cross fire from 4 people at the same time. If he doesn't burst in, it will only end in a draw!"

"This is what Zhang Hu wants. After all, he is a veteran of the battlefield and has a good grasp on what it takes to win, no matter if it is righteous or not!"

"It still depends on how Lin Fan breaks the game!"

The bigshots on the bridge were discussing amongst themselves.

However, contrary to their expectations, Lin Fan was not in a predicament at all. He was currently controlling the Mech to push debris that was slightly larger than the Mech. He was continuously accelerating towards the location where the four were hiding!

A minute later, the four pilots suddenly noticed a piece of debris flying into the ambush circle at high speed, and immediately realized that Lin Fan was probably hiding behind this piece of debris.

The four raised their guns and shot at the debris, and in a short time the debris was destroyed and scattered. However, they couldn't find Lin Fan!

The next moment, another debris from the other end was flying at high-speed into their ambush circle. The four immediately raised their guns to shoot at it!

While the four were shooting, upon the destruction of the debris, a Mech suddenly rushed out and flew towards Shatina at high speed!

At this moment, Lin Fan was right between Li Cangdou and Shatina. Li Cangdou reacted and hastily raised his gun and aimed it at Lin Fan's back.

But when he pressed the fire button, Lin Fan's Mech slightly deviated to the left, and the laser flashed past Lin Fan and instead hit Shatina!

Does he have eyes behind his back? The remaining 3 people were stunned. While they were in their stupor, Lin Fan controlled his Mech to make a direct pirouette. Though no one really knew exactly how he managed to do so perfectly.


After finishing Shatina, Lin Fan once again made a turn and scurried amongst the debris.

With the help of the countless pieces of debris that had just been broken as cover, he controlled the Mech to take out Zhang Zhiwei, who was a bit dazed, with a fling of his gun.

After doing all this, Lin Fan no longer needs to rely on the environment and just rushed towards the last two.

Zhang Hu and Li Cangdou naturally did not want to admit defeat just yet. They kept shooting but no matter how they aimed and timed it, they could not hit Lin Fan.

On the contrary, Lin Fan was able to hit all his shots. He shot a total of 2 times in about 10 seconds and sent the 2 people out of the battlefield.

Soon, the host announced Lin Fan's victory. All those watching were stunned. What happened was like an adult bullying children.

The eight Ace Pilots have no power to fight back against Lin Fan. He crushed them at everything from his piloting skills, response time, etc.


His title of the Strongest Pilot is indeed not just for show!

"Lin Fan, you're such a bad boy, how come I didn't know about your perverted piloting ability?"

Li Fulai said to Lin Fan who had returned to the bridge with a sultry expression.

"Uh... Dean, you didn't ask me... Besides, I'm from the Command Department, so I don't usually have the chance to show it!"

"Then while you're at it, hurry up and tell me what else you know. Lest you surprise us again later!"


"Well, does Warship Piloting count?"

"What, you even know how to pilot a Warship?"

Li Fulai was dumbfounded. Warship Piloting is not like Mech Piloting, it is much more complex.

In the Warship Piloting Department of the Interstellar Military Academy, it takes at least three years to train a qualified Warship Pilot. And that is just to make them qualified!

Whereas in Mechs, a qualified pilot can be trained in 1 year.

"Yes, though I'm not as proficient as in Mech Piloting, it should only be considered excellent at most."


What do you mean by it can only be considered excellent? Do you know what you are talking about?


While Li Fulai was having a breakdown, the last competition of the Mech Competition started, the legion competition.

For this one, Lin Fan was not worried because the First Fleet had 300 people from the Close Guard Mech Squadron and 9700 people from the strongest pilots selected from the whole Fleet.

Among them, the 300 people of the Close Guard Mech Squadron were all abused–err trained by Lin Fan for several months. Their improvement was huge.

Among the 300 people, the worst one is at A- Rank. In the legion competition, this squadron will act as the killers of the First Fleet!

Ten minutes after the battle began, it was pretty much as Lin Fan had expected, the Fourth Fleet had the upper hand.

After all, the Fourth Fleet had been fighting on the front line, and its overall strength was naturally slightly stronger than the First Fleet.

The Fourth Corps would most likely gradually expand its battlefield advantage and eventually achieve victory!

However, what the Fourth Fleet didn't realize was that the First Fleet Legion only had 9,700 Mechs!

While the First Fleet Mechs were being pushed back by the Fourth Fleet, hundreds of Mechs suddenly emerged from the debris on the side of the advancing Fourth Fleet Mechs!

These Mechs formed a triangle formation as they pierced through the Fourth Fleet's Formation. Their goal was clear and that is...

Behead Luo Ge!

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