Chapter 62: One Vs. Eight (Part 1).

Kuiper Belt, inside the Uranus.

"Lin Fan, there's still some time before you'll be on the field, is your decision final?"

Marshall Sanders looked at Lin Fan with some concern.

In recent months, the Federation had been hyping Lin Fan as if he was a god, if he took a misstep, the Federation Fleet would lose face.

"Don't worry, Marshall, there's no problem!"

"Fine, as long as you are confident! Then we'll be here to watch you perform!"

"En, then I'll go to the hangar and make preparations!"

After saying that, Lin Fan walked out of the bridge and headed for the hangar.

Half an hour later, one minute before the battle began, both sides were already in position at the starting point, waiting for the starting signal.

At this time, Lin Fan's brain was frantically calculating – simulating his strategy over and over to see if there were any holes in the details.

This level of calculation is like that of a supercomputer. In the entire human race, only Lin Fan, whose brain development has reached 30%, can do it.

As the virtual screen in the cockpit flashed a prompt for the start of the competition, Lin Fan held the propulsion valve with his left hand and pushed it upwards, the Mech immediately sprang forward and soon reached its maximum speed.

This scene simply startled all those who were watching the live broadcast.

In the previous battle between Zhang Hu and Li Cangdou, although the two were also moving in high-speeds amidst the debris, they did not use full speed. At most, they were at two-thirds the full speed.

But Lin Fan actually used the full speed. His Mech turned into a stream of light, constantly weaving through the complex environment.

On the other side, the eight-man squad.

"Attention everyone, any of us fighting alone will never be the Commander's opponent, only by uniting and forming a team 8 versus 1 will we have a chance of victory!"

Zhang Hu, as the person who took first in the individual competition, had been chosen by the group as the Captain.

He knew very well that he couldn't let Lin Fan catch a glimpse of even the slightest of opportunities, otherwise he would definitely massacre them!

But there was one thing that he wasn't aware of.

During the times when Lin Fan sparred with their Close Guard Mech Squadron, he would only use around A+ of strength and had never gone all out.

Lin Fan also never used his brain at maximum calculation capacity when he was sparring with them. Once, his brain computer was running at full speed, it could even make the Mech itself unable to keep up with the speed of his brain.

"Captain, target found, 100,000 kilometers ahead, flying at a high speed, no… it's full speed!"

"What, full speed? In this environment?"


The eight were silent. Flying at full speed in this kind of environment… Is this a joke?

Well, at least none of the eight people here dare to do so!

"Attention, Li Cangdou and I will form a double arrow vanguard while the remaining 6 will spread out. Once Li Cangdou and I entangle the Commander, the rest of you will immediately move and form a semi-encircling net to surround and destroy the Commander!"


The group bellowed, immediately following Zhang Hu's order. Li Cangdou and Zhang Hu rushed towards Lin Fan together at high speed! The rest of the group spread out and then followed the two slightly behind them.

"Li Cangdou, our speed is too far from the Commander so remember to cooperate with me and suppress the Commander's speed!"


A minute later, both sides had gotten within range of each other. Li Cangdou directly set up his laser gun and aimed at Lin Fan's Mech.

(20,000 kilometers ahead, 5 degrees to the left, locking in!)

(Suitable evasion site found, 5,000 km ahead, 30 degrees to the left, correcting 7 degrees down!)

(Available debris within range, 1182 locations, picking the one with the best fragmentation and diffusion effect, found 2 locations in total!)

(The program has been determined, simulated 16 times, no problem!)

In just 3 seconds, Lin Fan's OP brain power had already formulated the entire battle plan and simulated it 16 times to confirm that there was no problem.

If people knew about this, they would treat him like a true demon!

With a quick turn of his right hand, his Mech began to turn to the left, then down some more. Despite being in full speed, Lin Fan still managed to control the Mech with unparalleled precision.

"Not good, Commander Lin is blocked by a few pieces of debris, I can't lock onto him!"

"Understood, you continue in trying to lock on him, I'll try to lure Commander Lin out, others be ready to support at any time!"


As soon as the valve was pushed, Zhang Hu's mecha rushed forward.

At this time, from the tiny gap between the debris, a red beam suddenly shot out and hit a relatively small debris.

"Well, what is this? Was it a missed shot?"

Everyone was a bit confused, Lin Fan suddenly shot out but he only hit debris.

What exactly was Lin Fan doing?

But before the people could think more, Lin Fan suddenly scurried out of the debris, still at full speed!

"Everyone, lock on target and shoot!"

When Zhang Hu saw this, he immediately shouted in the squad channel!

Instantly, except for Zhang Hu, the rest of the 7 people all propped up their laser guns and cover fired at Lin Fan's area!

Against such a powerful and extremely fast enemy, using covering fire is the best way to use as they don't need to guess where the enemy would move. 

However, the next thing that happened dumbfounded everyone. The debris that Lin Fan destroyed/shot earlier – which turned into countless smaller pieces – blocked Lin Fan's figure and the squad couldn't hit him.

2 laser beams were then shot from the debris without being hindered by it and precisely hit Luo Ge and Wang Luo who were aiming with their guns!

No one knows if that was a coincidence or not, but it made the Fourth Fleet pilots leave the field!

After finishing the 2 Mechs, the swarm of debris also flew right by, and the airspace between the two sides was empty once again.

Li Cangdou and the remaining 4 people immediately seized the opportunity to start shooting again!

At this point, Lin Fan did not have any available environment around him, and looked like he was about to fall into a crisis.

(The shooting path has been determined based on the location of the opponent's muzzle!)

(After 1.1 seconds forward, make a 23 degree turn to the left, after 0.4 seconds slow down 10%, after 0.7 seconds correct 12 degrees down, after 1.3 seconds reaccelerate and make a 17 degree turn to the right!)

(After dodging all attacks, destroy the 2 Mechs located on the right!)

Lin Fan's brain was running at full speed. By using the directions of the muzzles of the 5 enemy Mechs, he had judged all their shooting trajectories. A few seconds later, his Mech danced amidst the laser beams, doing them.  

After avoiding the four laser beams, without even taking the time to aim, Lin Fan raised his gun and shot consecutively

Two red laser beams instantly hit two enemy Mechs.

Heisei and Zhang Zhiwei are out!

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