Chapter 53: Adam's Rogue's Fight.

Solar system, Asteroid Belt.

At this moment, more than 30,000 Warships of the First and Fourth Fleet were advancing rapidly.

"Commander Liang, with our current strength, defeating Adam's nearly 50,000 Warships is not difficult, the hard part is how to control our losses to the minimum!"

"According to the analysis, we are likely to face a group of desperate people this time, they will not detour nor retreat, for such a suicidal army, any psychological tactics will be ineffective."

"Therefore, we should use strategies under this premise. Obtaining victory with minimal losses is our biggest topic today!"

Inside the bridge of the Uranus, Lin Fan was having a video call with Liang Xingchen.

For the Federation, it was not difficult to defeat Adam's Fleet, after all, there were more than 6,000 new Warships in the First and Fourth Fleet, all of which were equipped with energy shields and had extremely powerful firepower!

But the opponent is likely to be a suicidal Fleet, a death squad.


Perhaps in war, death squads are not uncommon, but who has seen the number of a death squad numbering more that your own troops?

Since it is up to this extent, they are not a death squad but a sharp knife hanging over the head of the Commander. With the slightest mistake, they will be swallowed clean by the other side.

If this is not prevented, then even if they win, the casualties will be very huge.

"Lin Fan you're right, do you have something in mind?"

"Well, it's not really a creative strategy by any means, it's just a very ordinary beheading operation!"

"Oh? Tell me about it."

"Okay, my idea is..."

At the same time, 5.5 AU away from the Federation Fleet, inside the Ochs Empire Third Fleet.

"Commander, how are we going to fight?"

"How to fight? Just charge, a rogue's fight!"

"Commander, what do you mean?"

"What I mean is, no matter what moves Liang Xingchen makes, we'll just charge!"

After saying that, Adam looked at his Adjutant and found that he was confused.

Honestly, this strategy is incomprehensible to any Commander in the Empire.

But their Fleet is not afraid of losses, they will not retreat, and they are even more fearless of death! Hence this strategy is fitting!

"You don't understand, do you? Let me give you an example!"

"Fighting in the Asteroid Belt is a routine, conceal - search - seize - attack!"

"Conceal means to conceal your Fleet to the maximum extent to prevent the enemy from discovering it! Then comes the search, that is, to find the enemy's position under the premise of concealing oneself! Then comes seizure, which simply means taking the most advantageous attack position against the enemy's position or route of travel! And finally, the attack!"

"This is the most correct application of strategy in a place like the Asteroid Belt, and again, to put it more simply, finding ways to minimize casualties in exchange for victory!"

"However, what is our situation now? We are now at a death squad of 48,000 Warships! What does that mean? It means that we can break all the conventions and not play by the rules!"

"They want to ambush us? Fine, let them ambush us! But from where they ambush us from, we will charge there directly! How about when they ambush us from more than one direction? No problem, we'll arrange a small part of the Fleet to turn and block it while the rest of the Fleet will go straight to one of the ambush directions and finish them off! I don't care if I lose 20,000 Warships in order to take out 10,000 of their Warships!"

"This is what I call a desperate fight, a rogue's fight!"

At this moment, the Adjutant finally understood the intent of the Commander. Not caring about the casualties and only focus on annihilating the enemy!

Why were the previous times the strategy used by humans successful?

It's because the Fleet Commander needs to take into account casualties! Once you start taking casualties into account, you will need to find a way to avoid them, and when you avoid casualties like what the opposing Commander hopes, you will fall into their trap.  

In the first and second Asteroid Belt War, if Adam didn't care about casualties just like today, then the Federation has long been gone.


A day later, in Asteroid Belt Area 039.

It was an empty area with hardly many asteroids.

"Commander, a group of human Warships was found ahead, the number of Warships totaled 25,000, and Liang Xingchen's flagship was scanned among them!


"Hmm? No other enemies were found in the surrounding airspace?"

"No, the area we are in is an open area, there is no possibility of hidden Warships!"

"Then press forward with the whole Fleet and take him down! As long as we take out Liang Xingchen, we will have taken half of the Human Federation!"


In a short while, the entire 48,000 Warships, forming a conical formation, rushed towards the Human Fleet in a murderous manner.

At this time, 2 AU away from the battlefield, nearly 7,000 Warships quietly moored, it was the Uranus and the 6,700 new Warships from the two Fleets!

"Conical formation, ah, seriously, 48,000 desperate Warships forming such a formation is quite intimidating. It is full of offensive power, but at the same time they also surrendered their defense!"

"Since this is an open area, Adam thinks that no defense is needed behind him!"

"Well, you're right, but there's another aspect, and that is Adam has no intention of returning alive, it's win or die! So he won't waste troops to consolidate the rear, instead he will use all his troops on the tapered front!"

In the Uranus, Lin Fan and Liang Xue were watching the battlefield sent back by Liang Xingchen in real time.

From the tactical screen, they could see the conical formation formed by Adam. Adam's Flagship was in the middle of the conical with 5,000 Warships surrounding it. Their rear were completely exposed!

"It's time for us to move, lock the best attacking coordinates and distribute it to the Fleet, activate Warp Engines!"

"Understood... Coordinates distributed, Warp Engines activated!"



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