Chapter 52: Only Way To Live.

Unknowingly, it was already the end of Year 59th of the Federal Calendar.

During this period, all the old types of Warships had been discontinued and were instead replaced by the Snow Leopard Battlecruisers and the Mother Sky Carriers, which would be the main components of the future Federation fleet.

The Mother Sky Carriers were finalized and started production two months ago. Their performance has been greatly improved compared to the old Carriers.


[Mother Sky]

Class: Carrier

Tonnage: 3.8 Million Tons

Hull Size: 1525 Meters Long, 585 Meters Wide, 395 Meters High

Armor Thickness: 25 Meters

Close Defense Weapons: Rapid-fire Electromagnetic Catapult Gun, Number – 256

Other Weapons: Multi-purpose Missile Silos, Number – 256

Defenses: First Generation Energy Shield

Primary energy source: first generation Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Capacity: Recon Ships, Number – 5 | Assault Ships, Number – 20 | Mechs, Number – 2000

{T/N: Changed Mechas to Mechs}

Sub-light Speed Engine: 5000KM/S

FTL Engine: 585 Times The Speed Of Light (First Generation Warp Engine)

Crew Size: 4258


Compared to the old Carrier, the Mother Sky has a capacity of double the original number of Mechs, now a total of 2,000 Mechs. It was a significant upgrade.

In these three months, the Federation produced a total of 6,000 Snow Leopard Battlecruisers as well as 700 Mother Sky Carriers.

Among them, Liang Xingchen had 1,000 Snow Leopards as well as 100 Mother Sky to replace the Guard Fleet of the Fourth Fleet. The remainder was all given to the First Fleet.

Even Lin Fan's Flagship, Uranus, was pulled for an overhaul and now has a much stronger combat power than the Snow Leopard Battlecruisers.

Thus, the First Fleet now had 6,000 old Warships and 5,600 new Warships of various types, and if we talk about the strength, it could definitely be compared to at least 3 full-sized Fourth Fleets.

At the same time the Federation's Fleets were growing in strength, on the other side of the asteroid belt, in a huge Starport in Jupiter's Orbit.

Adam was looking at the order from the Imperial Ministry of War that had just arrived.

The order was both expected and unanticipated.

First of all, because of the death of the Ninth Prince Doren, the entire Third Legion was convicted, which was expected by Adam.

Secondly, taking into account the historical success of the Third Legion and the request in Adam's report, Emperor Ramiro gave the Third Legio a chance to attack the humans with the last of their forces with full force, no retreat allowed!

If they succeeded, only Adam would be executed and the rest would be exonerated. But if they failed, then all of the Third Legion would die on the battlefield with the honor of a soldier.

After reading the order, Adam sighed deeply. He understood that this was already the best result.

"Adjutant, I'm going to give a Fleet-wide speech, you have to make sure that the entire fleet, every single person, hears it!"

"Yes, I'll arrange it immediately!"

Half an hour later, everyone in the entire Third Legion stopped what they were doing and gathered in the Starport.

"Everyone of the Third Legion, first of all I want to tell you something, in the war six months ago, His Highness the Ninth Prince Doren was unfortunately killed."

The first few words of Adam were like a bomb dropped out from the blue for everyone. The Emperor doted on the Ninth Prince, everyone knew what would happen if the Emperor knew this!


Everyone's faces turned pale.

"Half a year ago, when I reported to His Majesty about the Ninth Prince, I had requested His Majesty to execute only me and spare everyone in the Third Legion! Today, the order from the Imperial Capital has arrived!"

"His Majesty orders our Legion to attack and fight the humans to the death, if we win, only I will be executed and the rest of you will be spared! If we lose, all of us will die together on the battlefield with the pride of a soldier!"

"This is the only way to live!"

When the last words of Adam was said, the Starport fell silent.

Then the eyes of all the soldiers gradually became bloodshot, they were filled with killing intent!

Indeed, Commander Adam was right, this is the only way to survive! This is what Commander Adam had managed to get after begging for us with great difficulty!

Gradually, the rhythmic shouts of the soldiers resounded in the Starport!

"Kill! Kill!!! KILL!!!"

"Now, I order everyone to get ready for battle, we will launch a decisive charge against the humans tomorrow! Either we win! Or die!"

"Kill! Kill! Kill!!!"



The next day, in Lin Fan's office.

Emma was standing straight in front of Lin Fan's desk. This was the first time Emma had come face to face with Lin Fan since she came to the First Fleet.

If Liang Xue hadn't conspired with Chief of Staff Will to ask Emma to go to Lin Fan's side for a staff report, this girl might have been stubborn and had not come!

According to Emma's original idea, she needs to at least get promoted before meeting Lin Fan.

This shows her level of pride!


"How is it, have you gotten used to the life here in these three months?"

"I... I..."

It was fine when she didn't see him, but when she really saw Lin Fan, Emma became at a loss for words all of a sudden.

"Don't 'I… I…' me, am I that scary for you to hide for three months?"

"No, it's because..."

"Say it, because what? You want to be a Captain first?"

"Yes, Commander! Because I feel that you am getting farther and farther away from me, so I want to become at least a Captain before..."


As soon as Emma's words left her mouth, a burst of laughter came from the office door.

"Come on, why are you scaring her so much? And Emma you too, still waiting to become a Lieutenant? How old will you be by then? Not everyone is like this pervert!"

"Hey, hey, is that how you describe your husband? A pervert?"

Liang Xue walked in and closed the door, ignoring Lin Fan and looking directly at Emma.

"Sister Xue I..."

"Didn't we agree that night? Now that you are now here, why are you being so hesitatant?"

"Because I'm feeling more and more distant!"

"Heh, you are still afraid of this? Where's the courage that you showed me when you saw me in the Academy?"

"Sister Xue, don't say it, I'm wrong, okay?"

At this time, Lin Fan's communicator rang, and when he saw that it was Liang Xingchen he immediately picked it up.

"Commander Liang!"

"Lin Fan, there is a strange movement on Adam's side. We discovered his Fleet in the Asteroid Belt and is coming straight to  Mars Base!"

"Commander Liang, are they going all in?"

"Yes! We detected 48,000 Warships, considering the previous battle damage, that should be all of them."

"If that's the case, it's very likely that it's the second possibility."

Hearing Lin Fan say this, Liang Xingchen also remembered the two possibilities Lin Fan had mentioned three months ago.

"The second possibility, ah, that's really some trouble!"

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