Chapter 51: Snow Leopard Class Battlecruiser.

Mars Orbit First Fleet Starport Group.

After finishing his speech and announcing the dismissal, Lin Fan looked at Emma.


Honestly, with Emma's face and figure, even if you don't deliberately look for her, you will still notice her.


However, Emma obviously had her own pride, and when the dismissal was announced, she immediately turned around and left to report to the Fleet staff.

For her, she would eventually go to Lin Fan's side with her own efforts as well as strength, until then, she wouldn't rub up to him!

"As arrogant as ever!"

Lin Fan looked at Emma who turned around and left, and couldn't help but smile bitterly.

"Commander, we're going to observe the new Warship test next."

"En, let's go!"

This new type of Warship is a new generation of Warship designed by the Federation using Warp Engine, Nuclear Fusion Energy and Energy Shield. It is called the Snow Leopard.

With the new technologies, the future Warships of the Federation will be unified (excluding Carriers), and there will no longer be Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers.

After all, with the Warp Engine, Nuclear Fusion Energy, and Energy Shield, the Fleet only needs a comprehensive type of Warship.

Therefore, the Snow Leopard Class Battlecruiser was born, a new type of Warship that is capable of attack, defense and speed. It beats any aspect of all the previous types of Warships!


Snow Leopard

Class: Battlecruiser

Tonnage: 1.8 Million Tons

Hull Size: 1282 Meters Long, 285 Meters Wide, 178 Meters High

Armor Thickness: Front – 22 Meters, the rest of the Body – 12 meters

Main Armament: Twin 15m Caliber Ion Cannons, Number – 4

Secondary Weapons: High-energy Laser Cannon, Number – 36

Close Defense Weapons: Rapid-fire Electromagnetic Catapult Gun, Number – 96

Other Weapons: Multi-purpose Missile Silo, Number – 512

Defense Mechanism: First Generation Energy Shield

Sublight Engine: 6000KM/S

FTL Engine: 585 times the Speed of Light (First Generation Warp Engine)

Crew size: 1835


Lin Fan and Liang Xue Lin took the Uranus to the test airspace and boarded the Research Ship.

"Lin Fan, you're here!"

"En, I just finished with the new recruits and rushed over."

"Old Bai, let's get started then!"

"Hmph, no need for you to say anything!"

Ever since the last time Liang Xingchen directly hung up on Bai Zixuan's call, everytime Old Bai saw Liang Xingchen, he would seethe with rage!

"Activate the Test Ship's Energy Shield!"

"Copy... The Energy Shield has been activated!"

Lin Fan looked at the screen and could vaguely see that a light blue force field had appeared outside the Snow Leopard, wrapping around the entire Warship.

"Check the Nuclear Fusion Energy output and the maintenance energy of the Energy Shield."

"Reporting, the Nuclear Fusion Energy Output is stable, Energy Shield maintenance is only taking up 2% of the maximum energy output!"

"Very good, start the next test, Lin Fan, I'll leave it to you!"


This is why Lin Fan specifically brought the Uranus here, since we're testing a new type of Warship, they'll use one of the Federation's strongest Warships at the moment as comparison!

"Uranus, this is Lin Fan, release a triple shot with the main cannon at the Test Ship!"

"Uranus, copy! Target is locked... Firing now!"

The Uranus, which was 3 million kilometers away from the Test Ship, began to gather energy on its main cannon, followed by a single energy shot that flew towards the Test Ship, then a second and third shot that were fired in succession in a matter of seconds!

"Reporting, the triple shot has been completed! Expected to hit the target in 7 seconds!"

"Good, continue on standby!"


A few seconds later, the first energy shot hit the Test Ship, but it was completely blocked by the light blue shield, causing no damage! Then, the second and third rounds arrived one after another.

"Reporting, Energy Shield is down to 92%... 84%... 76% durability!"

"Good, now test the Energy Shield's recharge rate!"

"Understood! Directiny 80% of the Nuclear Fusion Energy output to the Energy Shield and begin recharging!"

"Reporting, the recharge rate is stable at one percent every 5 seconds!"

Why only 80% of the energy output?

Simple, the Warship itself also needs energy, like energy for the guns to fire and energy for the engine, etc. You can't use 100% of the energy for the shield, can you?

"Commander Liang, it seems to have achieved the desired effect!"

Lin Fan listened to the data report from the research team and smiled in satisfaction. He said to Liang Xingchen who was full of excitement.

"Haha, that's right, according to this data, if confronted with the Warships of the Ochs Empire, they should be able to resist at least 20 consecutive shots from the opponent's main cannon! When the Snow Leopard becomes an army in large numbers, I won't be worried even if I face Adam head-on."

"Speaking of Adam, I do think there might be a change!"


"How so?"

"Earlier we learned that the Ninth Prince was the most doted upon son of the Emperor of the Ochs Empire, now what would the Emperor do after his son's death?"

"Tell me about it!"

"One possibility is to simply execute Adam, or even execute the entire Fleet to vent his anger! Then just send another Fleet to attack the Federation."

"If that's the case, we can breathe a sigh of relief, all we need now is time!"

"Commander Liang, I'm afraid we won't be able to breathe a sigh of relief in the other possibility, because if it were me, I would want Adam dead just the same, but I wouldn't just execute him and instead order him to lead the remnants of his Fleet to advance and attack us till death, and that he can die on the battlefield."

Liang Xingchen's face changed after hearing Lin Fan's words.

That's right, they were going to be executed anyway, so they might as well let them attack to their death and die on the battlefield to make use of their remaining strength!

If that was the case, it would be a bit of a problem, after all, an army that wasn't afraid of death was the most difficult to deal with when there wasn't much difference in weapons.

Take the previous strategy that Lin Fan used in the Asteroid Belt, if Adam at that time was ready to die and had no intention of going back, then he would not have chosen to turn back and retreat, but simply continued forward.

In that case, the ending of the entire battle would have completely changed, and the Fourth Fleet would have been defeated in one fell swoop.

"Commander Liang, actually I think you don't have to worry too much, according to my understanding, the communication means of the Ochs Empire is not much more advanced than the Federation. To wait for the news to reach the Emperor's ears and then for the order to reach Adam again is not something that can be done in a short period of time. According to my expectation, it will take at least 2 to 3 months before there will be results."

"You are right, but just in case, we have to be ready now!"

"Indeed, we can't let them have another chance to cross the Asteroid Belt like last time. At present, in terms of strength, the opponent is still 2 times more than us. If we want to defeat the remnants of Adam's Fleet with minimal cost, the battlefield must be placed within the Asteroid Belt."

"In that case, I'll make arrangements to increase the surveillance in the Asteroid Belt!"

"Please do!"

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