Chapter 61: The Commander Is So Strong.

There will definitely be a winner? Either Li Cangdou takes down Zhang Hu within ten minutes, or Zhang Hu wins?

The bigwigs were a little confused. Wasn't what Lin Fan said too precise? On what basis did he use? 

"The main reason is Li Cangdou's experience in combat as well as his age. First, his experience in combat is zero, and second he's only 19. In my opinion, if he can't defeat Zhang Hu in 10 minutes, he will start panicking and expose weaknesses!"

"Not to mention that it will be hard for Li Cangdou to win within 10 minutes." 

"It can be said that within 10 minutes, the probability of Li Cangdou defeating Zhang Hu is about 20%, while after 10 minutes, the probability of Zhang Hu defeating Li Cangdou is 90%."

The bigwigs looked at the eloquent Lin Fan in shock, somewhat surprised that he was able to measure the probability of victory and defeat of the two to such an accurate point.

If Lin Fan's judgment was not faulty, then Li Cangdou's chances of winning were really slim!

In between the bigwigs' thoughts, the two Mechs were closely entangled with each other. Both sides were trying to hide themselves while searching for each other's position at the same time.

The first to break the stalemate was Li Cangdou, who found Zhang Hu's position before pouncing on him. He immediately raised the laser cannon in his hand.

However, Zhang Hu made an unexpected move, raising his left arm to protect his vitals and ramming his body into Li Cangdou.

This caused Li Cangdou to pause and ultimately did not fire, instead he opted to dodge Zhang Hu's attack.


"See? This is the performance of a person who has not yet experienced the baptism of real combat. For the veteran pilots, Zhang Hu's move just now is common, but Li Cangdou hesitated and finally gave up his attack. He instead performed a high maneuver to dodge!"

"In real combat, it is often the brave who wins the narrow battle. Although Li Cangdun has a good potential and is a promising youth, he has never met such a wound-for-life fighting style that Zhang Hu is using. In his moment of hesitation there, his chance of victory slipped away from him!"

Lin Fan pointed to Li Cangdou's Mech in the virtual projection and said with a smile.

"Indeed, in the battlefield it's about killing the enemy even if it costs you a heavy injury. Li Cangdou didn't experience this yet so he hesitated when he faced Zhang Hu, and eventually chose to retreat!"

Marshall Sanders listened to Lin Fan's words and agreed.

A veteran pilot is able to take out a pilot who is stronger than him under certain conditions, like if it was someone who only had potential but has no real combat experience.

The battle happening right now is the greatest example!


In the next few minutes, the two quickly traveled through a pile of debris, performing various means of attack and dodge, making everyone watching dazzled.

On the other hand, the bigwigs in the Uranus were frowning.

Lin Fan was right, Li Cangdou had several chances to win the battle but everytime he was forced to retreat by Zhang Hu's actions at the critical moments.

He is too young and lacks real-world combat experience ah~!

In the blink of an eye, ten minutes had passed and Li Cangdou's movements were getting messy, just as Lin Fan had predicted!

Finally, 13 minutes in, Zhang Hu seized the decisive opportunity and struck Li Cangdou's vital point! At this moment, the finale of the individual competition came to an end and the top eight were decided based on each pilot's points!

First Place: Zhang Hu from the First Fleet Close Guard Mech Squadron.

Second Place: Li Cangdou from the Interstellar Military Academy.

Third Place: Wang Luo from the Fourth Fleet Third Mech Brigade.

Fourth Place: Luo Ge from the Fourth Fleet First Mech Brigade.


Fifth Place: Ladis from the First Fleet Close Guard Mech Squadron.

Sixth Place: Heisei from the First Fleet Third Mecha Brigade.

Seventh Place: Zhang Zhiwei from the Interstellar Military Academy.

Eighth Place: Shatina from the Interstellar Military Academy.

The eight would be awarded the title of Federation's Ace Pilots; three of them were from the First Fleet and two were from the Fourth Fleet.

And to everyone's surprise, the Interstellar Military Academy had obtained three spots as well. Li Fulai was laughing his mouth off inside the Uranus.

On the other hand, Marshall Sanders kept sighing. The 500 elite pilots he brought from the Federation Fleet Lunar Headquarters, but they did not even secure a single spot. They really need to step up their game again!

At this time, the live screen changed to the host!

"Ladies and gentlemen, the eight pilots who have been awarded the title of Federation's Ace Pilots have now been decided. The following will be the last part of the individual competition which is the challenge of the Federation's strongest pilot!

"In one hour, the eight ace pilots will team up together against the current strongest pilot of the Federation, Vice Admiral Lin Fan! This will be the most compelling event of the entire Mech competition, so please pay attention to it!

"The nearly ten billion people on Earth who were watching the live broadcast were shocked upon hearing the words of the host!

"I thought that Lin Fan being the strongest pilot in the Federation was just a gimmick, I didn't expect it to be true!"

"What gimmick? Did you not see that Marshal Sanders and Admiral Liang Xingchen have confirmed the authenticity of this thing before?!"

"Damn, 1 vs 8!"

"Ah~ so handsome and strong, and with a high status, I suddenly feel that Li Cangdou is not that good!"

"Uh, girl, so quick to change your mind?"

The internet was boiling. Meanwhile, inside one of the Mother Sky Carriers in the Kuiper Belt, the top eight ace pilots were gathered in a conference room.

"Is Vice Admiral Lin Fan really that strong?"

Shatina asked with a big grin. Her sitting posture was feminine, even boyish, but she was very pretty nonetheless.

After she asked this, everyone looked at Zhang Hu, Ladis, and Heisei!

"I am not sure, after all, I have not fought with the Commander. But Zhang Hu and Ladis should know as they are part of the Commander's exclusive Close Guard Mech Squadron on the Uranus!"

After Heisei finished speaking, the group redirected their looks at Zhang Hu and Ladis.

"It's not that I want to undermine your confidence, but I could only last 2 minutes against the Commander... And the Commander is not even using his full strength!"

"What? That's impossible!"

Li Cangdou looked at Zhang Hu with a complicated face. He experienced Zhang Hu's strength; he was very strong and experienced in real combat, and he himself (Li Cangdou) lost on this point.

But now Zhang Hu is saying that even if Lin Fan did not bring out his full strength, he would not last 2 minutes? Is Vice Admiral Fan a monster?

"Heh, did you guys really think that the Commander being the strongest pilot is a gimmick by the Federation?"

"He is right, I once sparred with the Commander as well and I only lasted 30 seconds!"

Heisei also said bitterly.

There was silence in the conference room, and the same question was going through everyone's mind.

Is Commander Lin really that strong?

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