Chapter 50: Adam's Fate.

Solar System, Jupiter's Orbit.

Like Mars' Orbit, there is a large cluster of Starports.

This was built by Adams after the first Asteroid Belt War, and at its peak there were more than 120,000 Warships stationed here.

But today, this place had a somewhat depressed atmosphere. From the 120,000 Warships, 48,000 Warships returned.

At this moment, Adam was in his room. He had written a report in which he took all the blame on himself and prayed that the Emperor would execute only him.

Although Adam knows the Emperor's temper and that his request is almost impossible, but even if the chance is small, he will still try. After all, his men has been with him for decades!

After sending out the report, Adam leaned back in his seat, his eyes looked incomparably empty.


Three months later.

Mars' Orbit, the First Fleet Temporary Starport Complex.

This Starport Complex was composed of 1 large integrated Starport, 5 medium Starports and 20 small Starports from the original Mars Base, with a total capacity of 8,500 Warships.

Since the new Warships produced in the last three months were used to replenish the losses of the Fourth Fleet, Lin Fan's First Fleet still only had more than 5,000 Warships, so for the time being, these Starports were enough.

As for the later Starports, they are already under construction, and at the current rate, 10 medium-sized and 30 small Starports will be completed in 3 months at most.

It is worth mentioning that now that the 101st Mixed Fleet has been changed into the First Fleet's Guard Fleet, and the establishment has been expanded to 1,000 Warships, the remaining 4,000 Warships have been temporarily established as the first to fourth Sub-fleet.

Moon Base, Military Academy.

Today, is the annual big day of the academy, there will be another batch of graduates today that will soon embark on their military career.

However, at this time, in the Dean's office, a certain young lady was fuming!

"Dean, tell me clearly, what the hell is going on!"

Emma slammed the appointment notice on Li Fulai's desk and bellowed!

Li Fulai looked at Emma with an amused look and said with a smile.

"What's going on? Isn't it that notice about you being assigned to the rebuilt First Fleet? Also, you are directly made into a staff officer. Others envy such a start and you still have a temper?"

"You clearly know that I want to go to the Fourth Fleet!"

"Okay, then I'll help you go through the back door and change to the Fourth Fleet!"

Emma was stunned, before she same here, she thought she would have to fight exceptionally hard and most likely not achieve any results!

But now, what's this? It's already done?

Emma was confused!

"Oh yes, I need to tell you something. Lin Fan was promoted to Vice Admiral three months ago because of his great achievements and was appointed acting commander of the rebuilt First Fleet."

What? Emma's eyes widened instantly and she looked at Li Fulai incredulously!

Are you sure you're not joking with me? Lin Fan is only 20 years old, and he's already a Vice Admiral? And the Commander of the First Fleet?

Looking at Emma's shocked expression, Li Fulai was in a great mood.

"Well, that's it, I'm going to discuss it with the military department and transfer you to the Fourth Fleet!"


As he said that, Li Fulai reached for Emma's copy of the appointment notice, but someone suddenly snatched the it back at breakneck speed.

"Dean, I still have something to do so I'll leave first, just forget what happened today!"

After saying that, without staying for a second longer, this someone ran out of the office!


Seeing this scene, Li Fulai burst into laughter.


Three days later, forty thousand graduates of the Interstellar Military Academy arrived at the Mars Base.

They consisted of more than ten majors such as the Fleet Command Department, the Ship Piloting Department, the Logistics Management Department, and the Mecha Piloting Department, among which about thirty thousand were assigned to the First Fleet, after all, the Fourth Fleet itself had already been replenished.


In the large Starport where the temporary headquarters of the First Fleet was located, at this moment, more than 30,000 cadets who had just graduated and been assigned here were lined up in the docks.

Shortly after, a man and a woman walked up to theur front.

The man was handsome and carried a Vice Admiral badge on his shoulder. His majesty that does not match his youth.


The woman, on the other hand, had a stunning face, a hot body and a somewhat cold expression. She carried the Colonel Badge on her shoulder and was exuding an indescribable heroism. She stood at the rear of the man's side.

A number of people below had their faces change dramatically because they had recognized that this Vice Admiral was none other than Lin Fan, who just graduated early last year.

Just one year after graduation, he already became a Vice Admiral at the age of 20 and Commanding a whole Fleet, was this a joke?

"Although most of you already know me, let me introduce myself first! My name is Lin Fan, and I am currently the acting commander of the First Fleet, and the direct supreme officer of your future military careers!"


51 light-years away from the Solar System, the Ochs Star System.

The Capital Circle of the Ochs Empire has one natural Life Planet, 12 Modified Life Planets and 27 Resource Planets, it is the richest Star System within 100 light years of the surrounding area.


Inside the Imperial Palace of the planet Ochs.

At this moment, Emperor Ramiro Ochs was looking at a report with red eyes.


Ramiro slammed his palm on the table, emitting an appalling murderous aura, scaring the ministers who did not even dare to breathe aloud!

"Immediately pass the order to assassinate everyone in the Third Legion!"

"Your Majesty, no!"

Seeing that Ramiro wanted to give death to the entire Third Legion, Minister of Military Affairs Ross Ochs immediately advised anxiously.

In the entire audience hall, he was the only one who dared to speak out at this time.

After all, he was Ramiro's uncle, and also the biggest contributor who supported Ramiro's rise to power, and could be considered Ramiro's most trusted person.

A random execution of an entire Legion would cause instability in the army, especially when they are still in a time of war with the Kabat Empire. This decision was very unwise, so how could Ross not be anxious!

"Bastards! Because of their incompetence, Doren died, and Adam repeatedly lost battles in the human's home Star System. The whole Third Legion is now left with only less than 50,000 Warships. They are incompetent! What else can they do if not to die for their sins?"

"Your Majesty, it is 50,000 Warships, if Your Majesty really wants them to be buried along with the Ninth Prince, then let them exert their last remaining heat!"

"What does Imperial Uncle mean?"

"Let them attack the humans with all their might until the last Warship, and tell Adam that if they manage to defeat the humans, we will only execute him alone, but if they don't, then they will all die on the battlefield!"

"Then won't Adam spare the others if they win against the humans? Uncle, this is too good for them!"

"Your Majesty, you are the Emperor, you have to think about the overall situation, right now we are at war with the Kabat Empire, which is also an old Level 3 Civilization, if you execute a whole legion of people at this time, it will definitely cause instability in the army, it won't do us any good!"

Listening to Ross' words, Ramiro also calmed down slightly, after all, he was only hot-tempered, not stupid.

"Alright, then let's do as Royal Uncle wants, send the order to Adam!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

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