Chapter 49: Viewing Rewards.

"What? Are you intimidated? How about I talk to the President and tell that you said you're not ready yet? Or do you want to be a Sub-fleet Commander for a while first?"

While Lin Fan was busy with the System, Liang Xingchen suggested. He thought that Lin Fan was intimidated by becoming a Commander-in-chief all of a sudden.

"Never, Commander!"

"Alright, I'll leave the 101st Mixed Fleet to you. Take it along with you to the First Fleet, and Liang Xue as well!"

"Yes, Commander!"

Twenty minutes or so later, Lin Fan returned to the 101st Mixed Fleet's Base, and after getting off the shuttle ship he went straight back to his office. He had too many things to sort out.

First of all, the Task Rewards that he had just received were the detailed explanation for Level 1-7 Civilizations.

The System, as usual, loaded all the information on a memory card. Lin Fan then inserted the memory card into his Light Brain and read it.

There are twelve levels of Civilizations in the universe, Level 1-10 Civilizations, Super Civilizations, and Ultra civilizations!


Level 1 Civilization: A Planetary Civilization. Established a technological system and can explore space to a limited extent, but is still trapped within the home planet. (Signature Technologies: Rockets, Satellites, Space Stations, Etc.)

Level 2 Civilization: A Stellar Civilization. Capable of fully developing the Star System where its home star is located, but lacking the ability to sail much further than that and still trapped within the Star System. (Signature Technologies: Space Cities, Asteroid Mining, Planetary Terraforming Technologies, etc.)

Level 3 Civilization: A Rank 2 Stellar Civilization. Solved the energy problem (Signature Technology: Nuclear Fusion Technology) and has the ability to travel to other Star Systems. It is no longer limited to one Star System, but lacks the means for efficient interstellar navigation. 

Level 4 Civilization: A Rank 3 Stellar Civilization. Has efficient means of interstellar navigation (Signature Technology: Warp Engine) and a higher level of energy use (Signature Technology: Energy Shield)

Level 5 Civilization: A Galactic Civilization. Initial application of space technology and can move more quickly within the galaxy. (Signature Technologies: Space Shields, Space Teleportation, etc.)

Level 6 Civilization: A Rank 2 Galactic Civilization. Advanced application of space technology and can move across galaxies. (Signature Technologies: Space Tears, Transgalactic Space Teleportation, etc.)

Level 7 Civilization: A Star River Civilization. Perfect application of space technology. (Signature Technology: Hyperspace Engine)


Together with the Hidden Reward given by the System, the descriptions of the first seven levels of the twelve-level Civilizations had been shown to Lin Fan.

According to the information, the Federation should only be a Level 3 Civilization. With the Warp Engine and Energy Shield Technology given by the System, it can be considered a Quasi-Level 4 Civilization.

Why say it is a Quasi-Level 4 Civilization? Human beings are still nestled in the solar system, and other than the Signature Technology being obtained, other aspects of the Federation may not even be as good as an ordinary Level 3 Civilization.

Hence, in balance, it can only be considered a Quasi-Level 4 Civilization.

After reading the data of level 1 to 7 Civilizations, Lin Fan took out another memory card and inserted it into his Light Brain. It contained the star map of Orion's Arm as well as a detailed strength distribution.

After opening it, Lin Fan was shocked.

Orion's Arm is just a small piece of the galaxy, in simpler terms, it was the countryside!

Yet for such a small piece of land, there were tens of thousands of Civilizations!

Of course, most of them are Level 1-2 Civilizations, but there are more than 300 Level 3 Civilizations, and even one Level 4 Civilization.

Lin Fan could see the vastness of the Universe, meaning that if such a poor place such as the Orion's Arm had tens of thousands of civilizations, then how many Civilizations would there be in the whole galaxy? I'm afraid there are millions or even tens of millions of Civilizations!

After zooming in on the Star Map, he found the location of the Solar System, he then looked at the surrounding Civilizations. The closest one was none other than the Ochs Civilization, which currently spans 38 Star Systems.

After that, Lin Fan looked at a few other Level 3 Civilizations for comparison and found that the Ochs Empire was only a relatively weak Level 3 Civilization within Orion's Arm. Most Level 3 Civilizations usually had a territory of 50-200 Star Systems.

Humans on the other hand only have one Solar System under their belt and was also forced to hide in the Asteroid Belt by the weak Level 3 Civilization Ochs Civilization... How pathetic is this?

If Lin Fan hadn't come to this with the System, Liang Xingchen would have only been able to protect the Federation for a few more years at most!

But since he came to this world, the human race is destined to compete in the entire universe!

Thinking of this, Lin Fan left his office and walked towards the research room.

"Yo, Lin Fan, so you're now a Vice Admiral eh?"

Inside the research room, Bai Zixuan saw Lin Fan walking in and saw the new badge on the latter's shoulder. His eyes sharnk. Isn't this kid only 20 years old?

"It just got awarded. Anyways, Old Bai, I'm here today because of an important matter!"

"Go ahead, what is it?"

"Well… you'll see!"

Lin Fan then handed over a memory card. He also gave a you-know-what wink to Bai Zixuan.

Bai Zixuan froze for a moment, he understood jack sh_t! Stop with this nonsense kid!

But when he looked at the memory card handed over by Lin Fan, he understood!

He carefully took the memory card, inserted it into the Light Brain, and carefully read the contents.

The content of the card was the technical information of the Brain Development Medicine.


About ten minutes later.

"What the– did you just steal from a high-level Civilization's database?"

"Old man, don't you believe in humans' capabilities?"

"F_ck off, I'm a human too, I don't even believe in myself right now! Say, how effective do you predict this thing to be?"

"Well, the average person's Brain Development can be raised to 15-20%. In addition, the IQ will also have a certain degree of improvement, the specifics vary from person to person."


Bai Zixuan drew a breath of cold air. An ordinary person's Brain Development is not even 10%, and you're telling me that it can be raised to 15-20%? What is this? And IQ will also have a certain increase?

If this thing is mass-produced, how many outstanding scientists will emerge from the human race ah? How many times will the development and innovation speed increase?

Bai Zixuan gave Lin Fan a deep look, then took out his communicator and sent a call request to Liang Xingchen.

"Old Bai, don't get one upped by the Commander and get hanged up again!"

Lin Fan gave Bai Zixuan a somewhat playful glance, that scene from last time was really memorable!

"F_ck off, this time I'll finish my words in one breath and not give him the chance to cut me!"

But just after he finished speaking, Bai Zixuan's face changed.

"Hmm? What's wrong with Old Bai?"

"I... That kid Liang Xingchen dared to hang up the call? Can you believe this sh_t?!"

"Pfft... So the Commander didn't even pick up this time and hung up directly, hahaha!"

Lin Fan laughed so hard that his waist bent. The Commander was too funny. Last time he only interrupted Bai Zixuan, but this time he simply hung up without even answering!

At this time, Bai Zixuan's communicator rang.

"See, it should be this kid Liang Xingchen, see if I don't scold him a few times!"

Bai Zixuan instantly recovered his senses and picked up the call, but soon, his expression became sullen again!

Seeing this, Lin Fan leaned over curiously, only to see that on Bai Zixuan's communicator was a message from Liang Xingchen.

How many people and how much do you want? Send a report directly!

"Pfft... Hahahaha!" 

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