Chapter 48: Promotion to Vice Admiral.

After Ed's words sounded, the conference room turned silent.

It's not that Ed's proposal is too outrageous, after all if they really talk about military achievements, only Liang Xingchen can compete with Lin Fan in the entire Federation right now.

But the key is that he is too young, he just turned 20 years old, right? And he'll become a Vice Admiral?

Liang Xingchen was also promoted fast, but he only became a Vice Admiral at the age of 35.

For a while, the members were silent as they dared not to vote casually. They looked at each other seeking others' opinions.


"It seems that we all have concerns, so how about discussing it together?"

Ed looked around and was very clear on what they were thinking. It was nothing more and was just a seniority issue.

"Vice President Ed, Lin Fan is just too young. He's just 20 years old."


"Yes, even the youngest Vice Admiral in the history of the Federation, Liang Xingchen, was only promoted at the age of 35!"

"That's right, young people should polish their minds for a few more years first!"

The members of the board kept talking and their problem was indeed... age!

However is age really a problem? If they are in a peaceful era, then it is indeed a problem, because the soldiers of that time do not have any way to obtain military merit, hence they can only rely on seniority.

But they are in wartime. Who cares about age? What's important is the ability and prowess that the soldier displayed!

"Since your concern is only age, I want to ask you a question. In regards to the survival of the Federation, do you want a 20h-ear-old that can defeat the Ochs Empire commander-in-chief? Or do you want a 50-years-old that's incapable of doing so?"


The conference room was shut silent.

Indeed, what era are they in right now? Is it really the time to talk about age and seniority?

"Besides, where do you guys think the Artificial Gravity System came from? Where did the Warp Engine Technology come from? Where did the Energy Shield Technology come from? Where did the Nuclear Fusion Technology come from?"

"Lin Fan's war record and contributions to other fields would not be overstated even if he were given the rank of a Vice Admiral. And you actually want to use his age as an excuse to not promote him and give him what he deserves? Do you really want the Ochs Empire's Warships to first come to Earth before you start regretting it?"

Ed said with a sullen face. Meanwhile, Lin Zhen did not say a word throughout the discussion. After all, this is his son, his decision might be taken as biased. Moreover, Ed is strongly supporting Lin Fan's promotion, there is no need for him to interrupt.

"Vice President Ed, you are right, I agree with this proposal!"

"Indeed, nothing is more important right now than defeating the Ochs Empire. As long as we gain victory, even promoting a ten year old kid up there is fine. I agree!"

"Me too!"

[Swish... Swish... Swish…]

Soon, all the members in the room raised their right hands and voted unanimously.

"Good, since the vote was unanimous, then we will promote Lin Fan's rank to Vice Admiral, and also appoint him as the acting commander of the First Fleet!"

Seeing that there were no more objections, Lin Zhen stood up and announced.

As for why he designated Lin Fan as an acting commander, it is actually very simple: within the system of the Federation, a Vice Admiral is only a Commander of a Sub-fleet, only an Admiral could Command a Commander-in-chief.


Lin Fan right now is only a Rear Admiral so he can not directly jump to Admiral rank. That's why in order to let Lin Fan become the Commander-in-chief of the First Fleet with only the rank of a Vice Admiral, Lin Zhen can only use a compromise, that is, making him the acting commander.

Three days later.

Lin Fan was notified by Jiang Hai to report to Liang Xingchen's office early in the morning.


"Come in!"

"Reporting to Commander, I have been summoned."

"En, I called you here today for an announcement!"

Liang Xingchen said with a smile as he stood up! He then slowly walked in front of Lin Fan.

"Federation's Fourth Fleet 101st Mixed Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral Lin Fan. After leading the 101st Mixed Fleet, you have repeatedly achieved success in battle and played a decisive role in the Second Asteroid Belt War. With your outstanding military service, you are hereby awarded the rank of Vice Admiral!"

After saying this out loud, Liang Xingchen picked up the Vice Admiral shoulder badge from the table and replaced Lin Fan's old one.


"Thank you, Commander!"

"No need for thanks. There is another announcement!"

"Yes, Commander!"

"In view of Vice Admiral Lin Fan's outstanding commanding talent, as well as his tremendous war achievements, he is hereby appointed as the acting commander of the Federation's First Fleet! I hope that you will continue to work hard and restore the humans' dignity as soon as possible!"

At this moment, Lin Fan was a bit shocked. In his expectation, he should only be given a Sub-fleet Commander position and command 1000 Warships.

That's why he was surprised by what Liang Xingchen just said.


He was appointed as the acting commander of the First Fleet?


Although he is only an acting commander, no matter what, he is the Commander-in-chief of the First Fleet and has 20,000 Warships at his disposal!

Regarding the First Fleet, Lin Fan is aware that after the Fourth Fleet is finally finished replenishing its ranks of 20,000 Warship, the First Fleet would be reformed.

Now that the Federation uses industrial robots in large quantities, the production efficiency has increased many times, and it can manufacture tens of thousands of Warships every year.

In other words, not only can they now replenish the losses of the Fourth Fleet but they could also reform the First Fleet in just 1.5 years!




[Task Completed: Raise rank to Vice Admiral. (Completion Reward: Brain Domain Development Potion Technology)]!




[Task Completed: Become the Commander of a sub-fleet with a scale of 1000 Warships or more. (Completion Reward: Detailed explanation of Level 1-6 Civilization)]!

[The host has over-completed the Task, obtained the Hidden Reward – Detailed Explanation of Level 7 Civilization."



[Releasing the Ultimate Assessment Task for the Novice State (First Stage): Drive the Ochs Empire out of the Solar System within three years! (There is no reward for this task, the host needs to complete all three stages of the Ultimate Assessment Task for the Novice State before obtaining the reward. The reward is a System upgrade to the official version!)]

The System sounded in Lin Fan's ears. Two more Tasks were completed – with one being over-completed. If you consider the previous mission in the Asteroid Belt Area 016, then he completed three missions in total.

The only thing that made Lin Fan a little confused is the new Task that just got issued by the System.

It is not that there is a problem with the content of the new Task, but rather the Task itself – Ultimate Assessment Task for the Novice State!

Could it be that the System was still in Novice State after ten years? It's still a beta version? Only when he completes all three stages of the Task can he upgrade to the official version?


It took him ten years to realize that he has not even obtained the official version!

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