Chapter 43: Asteroids Belt War II (Part 6).

Half an hour later, when the last Ochs Empire Warship was destroyed, the battlefield calmed down.

"Order the Support Fleet to leave one to clean up the battlefield and rescue any of our Mechas that may have survived. As for the remaining 31 Fleets follow my Fleet to Area 016"


After returning to Uranus, Lin Fan and Liang Xue both instantly resumed their posts (position s).

"Also, after the Fleet departs, have the Commanders of the 31 Fleets join me for a video call."

"Understood, I'm going to inform them."

Ten minutes later, Lin Fan left one Fleet behind for cleaning the battlefield as well as rescue work, and set off with the other 31 Fleets towards Area 016.

"Everyone, I am the commander of the 101st Mixed Fleet, Lin Fan!"

"This time, according to Commander Liang's orders, I will temporarily take command of the 32 Fleets. During this period, I hope everyone will obey my orders, any questions?"


After all, Lin Fan's reputation in the Fourth Fleet was very loud and big, and tbe 31 Commanders were only Commanders of small Fleets, so how could there be any complaints?

"Good, since the next battle is very dangerous, a wrong step can lead to a total loss, so everyone must listen carefully. I will now start talking about our strategy!"


Ten minutes later, the 31 Commanders looked at Lin Fan with shocked faces.

So he and Commander Liang were colluding? No wonder Commander Liang were acting so strange.

When everyone saw the battle report of the main battlefield prior to this, they couldn't believe that Commander Liang actually fought like this, it was simply the performance of an amateur.

Who would've thought that this was all part of the plan!

But which of the two proposed the plan? 

This feels a bit unlike Commander Liang's style. It can't be Lin Fan, right? If it really is him, then all they can say is that this guy really has a limitless future, and will probably surpass the Federation's Military God, Commander Liang, in the future.

"Okay, everyone get ready, we will arrive at the battlefield in about 1 hour and 30 minutes!"


At the same time, in Area 016, at this moment, the Fourth Fleet and the Vanguard Fleet of the Ochs Empire had been fighting fiercely for a full four hours.

Both Fleets together formed a circle.

Therefore, only the head of each fleet could attack the tail of the previous fleet, so it could be said that the number of Warships that could participate in the attack at the same time was less than 10% of all the Warships.

Because of this, the losses of both sides were not too big, each side only lost about 2000 ships even after 4 hours of heavy fighting.

However, if this fight were to continue further, the Fourth Fleet would eventually be completely destroyed, while the Ochs Empire's Vanguard Fleet would still have about 13,000 ships left.

At this moment, Cody was a little confused, is this really Liang Xingchen?

But after thinking about it, he couldn't see any fault. After all, with such a formation, whoever left this circle first would completely expose its flank to the fleet behind, and thus be devastated. As long as one does not run amok and maintains this formation, then one is sure to win as long as they got the numbers.

Cody gritted his teeth and stopped thinking. He'll just consume Liang Xingchen bit by bit until he is destroyed.

At this moment, Liang Xingchen received a message that reassured him.

[Liang Xue has been rescued, Doren and Wood have been killed, the Support Fleet is on its way, it will arrive at the battlefield in 1 hour and 30 minutes!

"Lin Fan really didn't let me down!"

"Commander, what did you say?"

Jiang Hai seemed to have heard what Liang Xingchen said and hurriedly asked.

"Nothing, tell the Commanders to hold on a little longer, at most 2 hours and the winner will be determined!"

What? Jiang Hai waz confused, but the Commander wouldn't lie to him, would he?

This needs at least another 30 hours to determine the the victory and defeat.

But the Commander said that it will be done 2 hours later? Maybe there's something he doesn't know?

Jiang Hai doubted.

Soon, an hour and a half passed.

On board the Uranus, Lin Fan was talking to the other 31 Commanders inside the bridge.

"All Fleets will follow the number I gave before, and act according to my command!"


Earlier Lin Fan renamed the 31 fleets as Fleet 1-31 for easy command.

"Good, the 1st-16th Fleets head to the left side of the formation and flank the Fleet passing by. The 17th-31st Fleet plus the 101st Mixed Fleet will proceed to the right side of the Formation and likewise attack from the flank of the passing enemy Fleet."


"Good, now let's see if whether the Commanders of the Ochs Empire will be able to maintain the formation and allow them to continue attacking it or break away and expose its flank to the Main Fleet of the Fourth Fleet. Nonetheless, no matter what they choose, the victory will be ours. All fleets start moving!"



The Fleet then split into two, each side had 16 Small Fleets compromised of more than 2,000 Warships, setting their targets on the left and right sides of the formation ahead.

"Reporting, there are about 2400 ships approaching."

"Hmm? Nearly 5,000 ships? In what direction?"

"Reporting, one's course is located to the left side of the battlefield, and the other is to right side!"

"What is this about? What can 5,000 ships do in this current state?"

"Commander, the other side has reached the periphery of our battlefield, and its facing the battlefield separately in a semi-enveloping spread!"

"Hmm? Not good? Why didn't I think of this, now we are in a state of deadlock and no one can break formation first, the 2 Human Fleets that's outside this circle can just attack our flanks!"

"Commander, then should we fight and disengage from this mutually consuming formation as soon as possible?"

"No, disengaging would expose our flank directly to the Fourth Fleet, and the losses would be even greater!"

Cody panicked, because he used various ways to simulate the results if he were to disengage or not. But found that no matter which he chooses, his 25,000 remaining Warships would end up in total destruction, the difference was only how long it would take!

At this moment, the atmosphere in the Fourth Fleet is completely different.

"Commander, so this is how it is, I finally understand! No wonder the Commander said that the winner would be decided in 2 hours."

"En, the whole strategy was designed by Lin Fan. You inform the whole Fleet, once you find that the enemy is going to break away from the formation, immediately attack its flank. If they have no sign of breaking away, then just continue the formation. Leave the task of flanking and attacking to Lin Fan!"



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