Chapter 42: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 5).

Lin Fan's voice was cold, and even Zhang Hu couldn't help but tremble a little.

"Commander's orders, leave no one behind!"

Immediately afterwards, the sound of laser guns being fired, screams and curses sounded from inside the bridge. And after a few seconds, everything reverted to calm.

"Lin Fan, isn't it a bit wrong for you to kill the Ninth Prince as well?"

"The Ochs Empire's army of 30,000 Warships has crossed the Asteroid Belt and is fighting with the Commander in Area 016. Its back up of 90,000 Warships is also on their way, if we don't win this battle, humanity will be extinguished. If we win, then the Ochs Empire won't have enough power to attack again for 10 years, so either way the Ninth Prince is no longer useful."

"The most important thing... who gave the the gall to touch my wife?!"

"So the latter is the real reason, right?"

Liang Xue knew that the former words that Lin Fan said was just an excuse. Even if the War had already started, the Ninth Prince is still useful and can force Adam to retreat.

Nonetheless, Liang Xue felt warm in her heart.

"Beep~ Commander, this is Will, how's the situation on your side?"

"Liang Xue has been rescued, Wood and Dorian are dead!"

"It's good that Lieutenant Liang has been rescued, but Commander, we have a tricky problem. The long-range probe has detected a Fleet in Area 031 approaching our battlefield, and it's expected to enter within 15 minutes."

"Don't worry, that's our own people, just continue to hold the enemy's main force on your side. Don't fight too hard, but also don't give them a chance to disengage either, understand?"

"Yes! I understand!"

At this moment, Will thought of the message Lin Fan had asked him to send through the confidential line earlier.

So it turns out that the one approaching is their back up, but from where? According to the size of the Fleet detected, there were almost 5,000 Warships...

Wait a minute, don't the Fourth Fleet have 20,000 ships, but the number that's currently fighting in Area 016 is only 15,000 ships?

There small Fleets thats patrolling around the Asteroid Belt so they didn't have the time to immediately rush back and their number also just so happens to be around 5000 ships.

So, the Commander did not let these Fleet rush to the battlefield, but instead let them gather secretly in an area of the Asteroid Belt.

Will suddenly figured out the key to all the problems, and instantly stopped worrying about the battlefield in front of him. The Commander had already planned everything a few hours ago, so what was there to worry about? All they need to do is to execute it.


Lin Fan led Liang Xue to the opening guarded by the Mechas and both got into his Mecha.


"Everyone, disengage immediately! Evacuate according to the original planned route!"

After flying out of the Transport Ship with Zhang Hu and the others, Lin Fan immediately gave orders to all the Mechas.

In a place like the Asteroid Belt, it was not a simple matter for a Warship to evacuate from the battlefield. But the Mechas are the exact opposite as they can just find a random dense cluster of asteroids to hide in, making the the attacking warships lose their targets.

As for the remaining 400 Ochs Empire Warships that are intangled with Will, the Commander also wanted to go back to support the Ninth Prince after they found out what happened in the rear, but unfortunately, Will didn't give them any opportunity.

Whenever they tried to turn back, Will would command the Fleet and attack from hiding in the asteroids. Inversely, when they turned around and prepared to destroy the 101st Mixed Fleet first, Will would hide the Fleet among the asteroids.

Will faithfully carried out Lin Fan's orders. He did not directly fight with the enemy but also did not give them the opportunity to disengage. This made the Ochs Empire Commander angry!

They couldn't do anything and now only 372 ships were left. When they eentually can return to the Ninth Prince's side, there wouldn't be 100 of their Warships left, let alone talk about rescue.

As for their other Fleet, it is also unable to do anything. The remaining 70 ships and about 20,000 drones are entangled with the 8,000 Mechas and simply can not withdraw back to rescue the Ninth Prince.

Just when he was disgusted by Will's shameless tactic and in an angry mood, a message came once again, sending the Ochs Empire Commander into further despair.

"Commander, a human fleet has appeared on our flank, numbering about... About 5000 ships!"


According to the briefing, it would take another 36 hours for the 90,000-ship back up fleet led by Lord Adam to arrive here. Their vanguard fleet was still in fierce battle with the human fleet, and the his side Fleet wasn't also faring well. They are in an absolutely unfavorable situation. What could he do to fight against this newly arrived 5,000 ships?

The Commander fell silent.

He couldn't think of any way to survive.


"Order the ships escorting the Transport Ship to choose a ship in the best condition and take the Ninth Prince to the Flagship and use the advantage of our speed and evacuate the Ninth Prince! All other ships will follow me and break through the back."

The Commander decided to send the Ninth Prince away at the cost of the total loss of his troops.

But what he didn't know yet was that Lin Fan had cleaned the Transport Ship and evacuated.

The Ochs Empire Fleet began to turn, and Will saw the opportunity to attack again. But this time the situation was a little different, the Ochs Empire Fleet completely ignored the significant damage Will had inflicted on itself and continued to turn.

At this moment, Lin Fan was inside his Mecha, and through secret line number 7, he connected to the back up fleet that was on its way. Liang Xingchen had already given orders to them before and during this war, all 32 of their small Fleets would be under the unified command of Vice Admiral Lin Fan.

"Let 20 Fleets cooperate with the 101st Mixed Fleet from the flank and wipe out the enemy and also send 2 Fleets to support the Mecha unit in the third battlefield! As for the remaining 10 Fleets, destroy the remaining enemy in the middle of the second battlefield."

After the order was issued, the 32 Small Fleets acted according to Lin Fan's arrangements.

As for the Ochs Empire Fleet on the first main battlefield that had completed the 180-degree turn and was retreating, the Commander's face was very unpleasant. With this 180-degree turn, his fleet had directly paid the price of 120 warships. And now he was being attacked from behind by the 101st Mixed Fleet.

"Commander! Not good!"

"What now?"

"The central Escort Fleet has reported that they have already sent a ship to the Transport Ship, but... but..."

"But what? What happened?"

"But the corpse of His Highness, the Ninth Prince, was found!"

"The corpse... the corpse...?"

The Commander fell backwards on his seat and his eyes became listless, his mouth chattering incessantly.

It's over, it's all over now, even if they go back, it's a dead end!

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