Chapter 41: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 4).


300 Mechas quickly came out from the asteroid group. While carrying heavy weapons, they lunged at the side of the Escort Fleet that's protecting the Transport Ship.

As soon as they came out, they used the energy cannons on their shoulders to fire a round. Although even the Mechas' heaviest weapons were much weaker than a Warship's cannons, this does not mean that the Mechas were not lethal to Warships.

Basically, 2 or 3 Mechas can set fire to a Warship. Not to mention that the 300 Mechas are all piloted by the most elite pilots, meaning their the hit rate is certainly not weak, especially Lin Fan in which every shot hit the key parts.

After a wave of attacks, the Escort Fleet reacted to the fact that there were 300 Mechas lurking just to their side, and that they were at an almost close distance.

At this distance, the Escort Fleet is only left with one option, that is, to respond with close defense weapons. As for their own Mechas? They just sent all of them to intercept the enemy. Then should they turn? If they want to turn to meet the enemy head-on, that's even more impossible. When their turn is complete, the enemy Mechas have closed their distance.

After 3 rounds of attacks and the loss of 9 Mechas, the remaining 291 Mechas rushed into the Escort Fleet, all of them were elites and understood how to fight in a group of Warships even without Lin Fan's command.

Many of the Warships were disabled, however no one took the last shot to destroy them. Instead they used these Warships as their shields and trenches to attack the remaining Warships.

The Escort Fleet had its hand and feet tied and was unable to move. Even though it was only less than 300 Mechas, but these are all elite human pilots. The combat power of one elite pilot is equivalent to ten ordinary pilots.

"Damn, what are those losers doing outside? Why can't they handle mere 300 Mechas?"

Doren looked out the porthole window and saw a Warship that was disabled by the Mechas and burned with rage.

At this time, Lin Fan, with Zhang Hu and more than ten other Mechas, had rushed to the side of the Transport Ship. Zhang Hu then used the cutter he brought to directly open a large hole in the shell of the Transport Ship's cargo bay location.

The ten Mechas were left to guard the outside of the ship and keep the Warships away, moreover the enemy wouldn't dare to fire at them anyway.

As for the remaining Mechas, they followed Lin Fan and entered the cargo bay of the Transport Ship.

The surrounding Escort Ships found this situation, but there is no way to provide support and get close when there are ten Mechas guarding with their weapons? Then could they fire? The Ninth Prince is still on the Transport Ship, what if they hit the Transport Ship?

At this moment, alarm bells were ringing inside the Transport Ship, and Doren was also a bit panicked.

"Your Highness, let's go to the Escape Pod!"


"You two, go and escort Liang Xue over with you!"


Two of Wood's men quickly approached Liang Xue and propped her up, but because Liang Xue was struggling too much, they couldn't carry her away directly and they had to drag her outwards!


"What are you dawdling for? Why don't you just finish her off and leave immediately!"

Looking at Wood's two men, as well as the struggling Liang Xue, Doren got impatient and slapped Wood.

The two men who were picking up Liang Xue looked at Wood. Then with some hesitation, Wood gritted his teeth and nodded to the two men.

Seeing Wood's nod, one of them pulled out a small laser gun and pointed it at Liang Xue's head, and slowly pulled the trigger.


After the sound of a laser gun firing, everyone was confused. The situation in front of them was a little different from the scene that they expected.

Liang Xue did not fall in a pool of blood, instead, it was Wood's gun-wielding henchman that had a small hole through his head that fell to the ground.

"Who gave you the guts to lay a hand on my woman!"

When everyone turned their heads to look on who it was, they found that Lin Fan, Zhang Hu, and the other 5 subordinates had stood at the entrance at some point and pointed their guns at the people inside the bridge.

For a moment, the bridge was silent, except for Liang Xue who stared at Lin Fan in a daze with tears crossing her cheeks.

Without paying heed about these people, Lin Fan walked towards Liang Xue.

At this moment, Wood gave a wink to the remaining man who was still beside Liang Xue. The man immediately understood Wood's meaning.

Just as Lin Fan crossed over to his side and arrived in front of Liang Xue, the man struck just as Wood had intended.

Regarding the men who followed him, Wood knew very well that their fighting ability was first-class.

In this case of a surprise attack on someone like Lin Fan, who had just graduated from the Academy, it was simply an easy thing to do. Lin Fan can only blame himself for being careless and just walking straight over.



When they saw this scene, Zhang Hu and others immediately shouted and raised their guns but none couldn't pull the trigger.

This is not a good angle to shoot, even if it hits the enemy, the laser will go through the enemy's body and hurt Lin Fan.

When everyone thought that Lin Fan was going to be taken down, they saw that Lin Fan's body shook and he suddenly extended his right hand.

The man who was lunging at Lin Fan suddenly lost sight of Lin Fan's figure. He was puzzled but then he suddenly felt a pain in his throat. He found that Lin Fan's right hand had already pinched his throat. He tried to struggle but was unable to exert any strength.

Lin Fan glanced at him. He put some force on his hand and then threw the man aside.

Are you kidding? Lin Fan's physique are 3.5 times of that of a regular human. No matter how good the man's skills were, so what? Can it compare to Lin Fan's super reaction, agility and strength?

The man's lightning-fast strike just now was was not much different from slow motion in Su Qin's eyes.

This scene shocked everyone. Zhang Hu and the other elite pilots thought, 'Was their own Commander so powerful?' They felt like him alone can beat 100 people.

Lin Fan squatted down in front of Liang Xue and used his dagger to help her untie the ropes. He looked at the traces of tears on her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, I said not to let you cry again, but it's only been a short time but I made you cry again."

"These are happy tears!"

Liang Xue looked at Lin Fan and shook her head.

"Let's go, the situation on your father's side is still very tense!"


After standing up, Lin Fan led Liang Xue towards the outside of the bridge, and walked out after saying this to Zhang Hu as he passed by him.

"Leave not a single one behind!"

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