Chapter 40: Asteroid Belt War II (Part 3).

Asteroid Belt Area 019, in the hangar of Flagship Uranus.

At this moment, Lin Fan is sitting in the mecha's cockpit.

"System use my upgrade opportunity from last time and it for Mecha Piloting."

[Ding, upgrade opportunity has been used, please be prepare for the infusion!]

As soon as the System said this, Lin Fan felt a sharp pain in his brain. A large number of difficult Mecha maneuvers, tactics, experience, etc. were being instilled and merged with his original memory and body.

One minute later, Lin Fan opened his eyes, as if he had undergone years of training and abundant in actual combat, everything was deeply carved into his being.

Lin Fan looked at the Attribute Panel and saw that his Mecha Piloting Ability had reached S. Coupled with his superhuman quality of 350 in all attributes, it could be said that he is the number one Mecha Pilot of mankind.

Uranus is different from Lin Fan’s previous flagship. After all, the former flagship was just a Battlecruiser, while Uranus was a Battleship, and it was a customized super-specificied variant at that. Its cabin could accommodate 300 Mechas, basically an entire Mecha Squadron!

And not long ago, all the Mecha Divisions of the 101st Mixed Fleet conducted a big competition. From 9,000 people, 300 of the most elite Mecha Pilots were selected and transferred to the Uranus.

Therefore, the Mecha Squadron of the Uranus has a combat effectiveness that is comparable to that of a Mecha Brigade of a Carrier.

"Commander, the Fleet and the Mecha units have been deployed, now waiting for the fish to enter the net."

"Okay, then I should set off too. Wait for my signal!"

"Commander, I would like to advise you once more, just let Zhang Hu lead the team, you don't need to take the risk!"

"Will, I don't think you know who I am?"


"I am the strongest Mecha Pilot of all mankind!"


Will was a bit confused, his Commander is the strongest Mecha Pilot of mankind? How come he didn't know that?

"Anyways, just follow my plan, you don't have to worry about the rest!"


After ending the chat with Will, Lin Fan took a deep breath.

'Liang Xue, here I come!'

"All attack!"


Through electromagnetic ejection, Lin Fan took the lead and ejected from the ship, followed by Zhang Hu with the other 298 Mechas, who also ejected one by one and followed in the direction Lin Fan was going!

Half an hour later, a Fleet appeared between the Area 019 and 016, it was the Escort Fleet of the Ninth Prince, which was currently moving in the direction of Area 019.

"Reporting, this is Scout Ship 027, enemy traces have been detected, and are entering Area 019 from Area 016. 876 Warships are in a protective formation, the target ship is in the center of the formation."

"Roger, continue to monitor."



"Reporting, this is Scout Ship 015, the target is expected to enter the ambush circle in 1 minute!"


Lin Fan was in the cockpit of his Mecha, and his right hand touched the pendant on his chest.

"Liang Xue, I'm coming to save you!"

At the same time, inside the transport ship, Liang Xue felt the pendant on her chest vibrate and her eyes snapped open, remembering something, and then, two lines of tears crossed her beautiful cheeks!

This pendant was asked to be made by Lin Fan to Bai Zixuan, and it was a pair, Lin Fan and Liang Xue both carried one each.

Since it was made specially by Bai Zixuan, it naturally has a special function. When the two pendants are within 10 million kilometers of each other, it will trigger a slight vibration.

When originally Liang Xue received it, she was very touched, but since it's been so long but it wasn't really used, so Liang Xue even almost forgot that there is this function.

And, naturally, this thing also has a tracking function, which is why the enemy's route is so clear.

"Yo, our Big Beauty Liang is crying, don't worry, I'll make sure to make love to you when we get to Jupiter!"

'Humph, you don't have a chance!' Feeling the slight vibration of the pendant, Liang Xue thought in her heart. She then closed her eyes, not wanting to look at this disgusting man anymore.

"Okay, when we get back to Jupiter, you can play whatever you want. For now, be quiet!"

"Yes, Your Highness!"


Suddenly, everyone saw outside the portholes countless energy bullets and several Warships were destroyed.

This scene was all too familiar to Doren, this was exactly the same as the scene when he was in Rex's Fleet!

"What's going on?" 

Dorian immediately contacted the Commander of the Escort Fleet!

"Your Highness, a human fleet has appeared on the flank of our Fleet, numbering 145 ships!"

"It's only a but over 100 ships, can you not take them out?!"

"Yes! I have already arranged for the fleet to turn, Your Highness rest assured, it will only take less than half an hour to wipe them out!"

"Very well!"

However, what they didn't notice was that the 101st Mixed Fleet, just like last time, was specifically focused on attacking their Carriers!

When the Escort Fleet finished turning, out of the 35 Carriers they have, 28 of them has already been destroyed.

At this moment, the 9,000 Mechas that's originally hidden had come out behind the Escort Fleet after its turn.

So when the Escort Fleet just finished its turn and was ready to open fire and attack, the 9,000 Mecha came biting its rear, startling the commander of the Escort Fleet.

The back is definitely the most unfavorable position to be attacked by Mechas. If they want to intercept them, the Fleet has to at least 180 degrees. But this is obviously impossible, just by turning 90 degrees, the other side already took out more than 80 of their ships. Wouldn't it add more if they turn again?!

The commander immediately let all the Mechas in the Carriers depart to intercept the enemy (Lin Fan's) Mechas, while the Fleet continued to attack the Fleet up front.

But at this time, the Fleet had already retreated and even took refuge in the surrounding asteroids, causing the Escort Fleet to lose its target, and be left with not knowing what to do.

After a few seconds, the commander of the Escort Fleet made a choice. 200 Warships in the rear turned 360 degrees and will intercept the human Mechas together with their own Mechas.

And the front part of about 400 ships will go forward and attack the human Fleet while the remaining 150 ships will stay in the center and protect the Ninth Prince.

Not far away in an asteroid group, Lin Fan saw this from the tactical panel from the cockpit of his Mecha and his eyes lit up. The other side responded the same way he had expected. The Escort Fleet split into three parts, leaving only 100 or so Warships in the center to protect the Transport Ship.

The time has come!

"Everyone, follow me and attack!"

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