Chapter 14: The Other Side Of Liang Xue.

In his office, Federal President Lin Zhen is a little confused at the moment.

As soon as his son arrived on Mars Base, he was sent out and fought with the Ochs Empire?

And even achieved a 0:200 record?

And the most important thing is that he captured the Ninth Prince of the Ochs Empire?

Even Liang Xingchen's first actual combat was not so eventful.

In recent years, he has heard reports from his subordinates that his son is called a monster in the Interstellar Military Academy.

Originally, Lin Zhen thought that although this may be true to some extent, he would not be stronger than Liang Xingchen.

And yet, from time to time, there was news that his son had developed a new technology.

It was okay at the beginning, only involving civilian technology, but then this kid gradually reached the military industry.

More than a year ago, someone suddenly told him that his son designed an artificial gravity generating device, which certainly made Lin Zhen shocked.

Since then, Lin Zhen has felt that his son has chosen the wrong career. Should he do scientific research instead?

Then the year after, it was quite quiet. Lin Zhen thought that this kid had stopped, and he hadn't done any big things.

But this kid actually caused Liang Xingchen to suffer a big loss in the graduation examination, and right after he went to Mars Base, he immediately became restless again.

Not only did he produce the Warp Engine, but there's also the industrial robot technology!

Anyways, the important thing right now is how to deal with the Ninth Prince of the Ochs Empire?

Lin Zhen started to deal with business. He immediately asked his assistant to notify the officials of various departments to come to the office for a meeting.


Mars Base, at the dock of the 27th Medium Starport.

All the warships of the 101st Mixed Fleet have just finished docking.

The crew members did not immediately leave after disembarking but instead lined up in the harbour.

There's also Liang Xingchen, who had come here a long time ago and waited for Lin Fan's return. He was currently standing at the top of the Flagship's suspension ladder along with Lin Fan and Liang Xue, while wearing a solemn expression.

Soon after, a large number of people stepped out of the Flagship. They were in groups of two, with each group carrying a coffin, and each coffin was covered with a flag of the Federal Fleet. There was a total of 343 groups.

There was no sound in the whole dock until Lin Fan yelled.


At this order, the more than 30,000 people solemnly saluted in the direction of the Flagship suspension ladder while watching the coffins covered with military flags.

Of these coffins, only 148 have corpses in them while the others are empty.

This is how it is in this era. Weapons are too powerful. Most of the time, you can’t even find a single hair of the corpse. You are already considered very lucky to be able to find a body.

As the farewell procedure progressed, everyone's eyes were a little red. These 343 people were their former partners, but just a few hours later, they have left the world forever.

Finally, all the coffins were shot from the Starport and flew towards the depths of the universe. This is a unique tradition of the Federal Fleet.

After seeing off the 343 deceased soldiers, Lin Fan announced the order to disband.

"Lin Fan, you did great! You didn't disappoint me!"

Liang Xingchen came to Lin Fan and praised him.

"I haven't done well enough, there are still 343 people sacrificed!"

"Lin Fan, you have to understand that there will always be death in war, you have already done well enough!"

To be honest, Liang Xingchen was a little worried. He had met many Commanders that couldn't accept the death of their subordinates and collapsed. He didn't want Lin Fan to do the same.

Being talented is one thing, but being able to withstand the pressure of the battlefield is another.

However, Liang Xingchen's worry is destined to be in vain. After all, who is Lin Fan? He has the System and had lived two lives. Is he still considered an ordinary person?

In terms of spirit, Lin Fan, who has been a human for two lifetimes, is stronger than any human being.

"Commander, I understand, but I want to do better next time!"

"It's okay as long as you understand. I have a new task for you that's why I came here this time."

"Yes, Commander, please give the order!"

"Well, it's about the Ninth Prince that you captured. The President held a special meeting regarding this matter and finally decided to use the Ninth Prince as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the Ochs Empire. The negotiation team will arrive in a few days. You will be responsible for escorting the team and their security."


"Alright, you just went through a big battle. You should go take a rest!"

Liang Xingchen patted Lin Fan on the shoulder and left.

But does Lin Fan need to rest? His physical fitness exceeded the normal human limit by 3.5 times. To be honest, he was not tired at all.

But sleep is still necessary. By the way, Lin Fan never had a chance to sleep after arriving at the Mars Base.

Now that he has a chance, of course, he would go to sleep even if he's not tired.

Soon after, Lin Fan returned to his office and laid on the bed.

"System, simulate an asteroid belt escort mission. Choose a level 5 opponent. In addition, simulate the warships of the 101st Mixed Fleet, and the enemy warships as the Ochs Empire."


[The battlefield has been set]!

[Both Fleets have been fully simulated as required by the host]!


[The simulation will begin in three seconds]!

"The System is really neat."

Lin Fan then entered the virtual battlefield and started a new round of training.

But what Lin Fan didn't know was that the door of his office was opened.

The same as before, life is really full of wonders and whenever you don’t lock the door, something will inevitably happen!

Obviously, Lin Fan didn't learn the lesson from last time.

Liang Xue walked into Lin Fan's office and found no one. She then saw the door of the bedroom open and took a look.

When she saw Lin Fan was already "asleep" on the bed, Liang Xue walked in lightly and stood in front of Lin Fan's bed. She looked at him, who hadn't even taken off his military uniform yet, with a smile on her face.

If Lin Fan saw this scene, he would definitely be shocked that his mouth would drop to the ground.

This ice cube sneaked into his bedroom and smiled?

Is this still Liang Xue?

Unfortunately, Lin Fan couldn't see this scene.

A minute later, Liang Xue recovered her iconic ice face and left Lin Fan's office.

At the same time, in the Interstellar Military Academy, at the Dean's Office.

Dean Li Fulai is talking with Liang Xingchen.

"Little Liang, are you lying to me? The battle record you sent to me was by Lin Fan?"

"Can I even make this up?"

"I’m just surprised...!"

The incident happened an hour ago. And as usual, a copy of the records of the battles on the front line will be sent to the Interstellar Military Academy for use in the command department.

After all, there are too few interstellar wars that human beings currently experienced, and there are very few real battle examples that can be used in teaching.

But what Li Fulai didn't expect was that Lin Fan, who had just graduated a few days ago, had already done one on the front line!

What was even more unexpected was that his first actual battle was considered a perfect battle and the records were sent over as teaching materials.

Li Fulai has decided at this moment.

Tomorrow he will call all the students of the command department and explain this battle to them in person!

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