Chapter 15: Shocking The Academy.

After talking with Liang Xingchen, Li Fulai was a little excited.

Liang Xingchen told him two things.

First, Lin Fan's battle was so good that it could be included in the teaching material.

Second, due to this battle and the capture of the Ninth Prince of the Ochs Empire, the rules have been adjusted and some information regarding the real situation in the front lines can be disclosed in the Military Academy to boost morale.

Of course, they will still not make this public and it would only be until the Ochs Empire is finally driven out of the Solar System.

With these two points, Li Fulai began to read the details of the battle sent by Liang Xingchen over and over again and was preparing for his commentary tomorrow.

The next day, early in the morning, all the commanding departments of the Interstellar Military Academy received notices. They gathered in the academy’s lecture hall at ten o’clock in the morning, and the Dean would personally explain an actual combat example.

At this moment, the students were confused. Ever since human beings entered the Interstellar Age, they have only fought more than 20 battles, both big and small, right?

Except for the last battle which is Liang Xingchen's victory in the asteroid belt, the others are being crushed by the Ochs Empire...

Liang Xingchen's victory in the asteroid belt has already been talked about several times. So apart from this, what would they use for the discussion today?

Although the students were full of doubts, they still came to the lecture hall on time.

However, what made the students even feel more strange was that not only they were present, but also the instructors of the academy came and they were sitting below.

Why is this so weird? Even if the Dean will personally discuss it, there is no need for them to come.

Besides, don’t the instructors usually sit on the side of the podium even if they are listening? Why are they sitting in the seating area of ​​the students?

At exactly ten o'clock, Li Fulai stepped onto the podium.

"Dear students, today, we will discuss the battle between the Mars Base Fourth Fleet's 101st Mixed Fleet and the Ochs Empire in the asteroid belt yesterday."

When Li Fulai said this, the students boiled up?

What did they hear? yesterday? A battle with the Ochs Empire?

A few years ago, after Colonel Liang Xingchen defeated the Ochs Empire in the asteroid belt, didn't they escape from the Solar System?

What the hell? Why is the Dean talking different from what they know?

"Be quiet!"

Looking at the messy scene, Li Fulai reprimanded. He had expected this to happen.

When they began to calm down, Li Fulai nodded and then continued.

"I know what you are thinking so I'll tell you one thing first. In the 52nd of the Federal Calendar, Colonel Liang Xingchen led the Fourth Fleet to defeat the 200,000 Fleet of the Ochs Empire in the asteroid belt. This is a fact and you don't have to doubt it!"

"However, after the Ochs Empire lost nearly half of its Fleet, they did not escape from the Solar System. Instead, they stayed in Jupiter and has been confronting us in the asteroid belt."

"The skirmishes between the two sides in the asteroid belt never stopped. What we are going to talk about today is the battle that took place yesterday."

"You don't know this because the Federation has controlled this information. After all, if this news spreads, the masses will panic. Hence, this needs to be kept a secret for the time being. As soldiers, you should know the consequences of leaking secrets!"

Regarding Li Fulai's sudden news, the students couldn't react.

Doesn't this mean that we are still at war with the Ochs Empire?

And the enemy is in Jupiter?

Li Fulai looked at the students and knew that they would need some time to accept this.

A few minutes later, Li Fulai continued after the crowd settled down.

"Alright, now we are starting the official discussion, everyone listen carefully."

"At 1 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, the Mars Base received a distress signal from the Asteroid Belt Area 279. The signal was sent by the resource ships. The content was that it encountered a fleet of 208 warships of the Ochs Empire. They were stuck hiding in the asteroid belt and need rescue..."

Li Fulai took two hours to completely explain the battle.

The students couldn't help but get excited, even some instructors can't help themselves and also cheered!

"As expected of Colonel Liang Xingchen, his tactics is absolutely incredible!"

Meanwhile, Li Fulai listened to this with a gloomy expression.

"Did I say that this was commanded by Liang Xingchen?"

"Uh, Dean, besides Colonel Liang, who else can execute this so beautifully?"

"Wrong, it's the newly appointed commander of the 101st Mixed Fleet!"

What? What did the Dean just say? It wasn't Colonel Liang Xingchen?

The crowd was in a daze. It couldn't be Lin Fan, right? After all, he had just graduated a few days ago, and he should have just arrived at the Mars Base right now. That's why no one would think of him, well... No one except for one person.

Emma thought of a possibility.

Basing on the time Lin Fan left, he should have arrived at the Mars Base yesterday morning.

Did he directly become a Commander of a Fleet as soon as he arrived and went on the battlefield already?

Emma's eyes widened. She looked at Dean Li Fulai, who had a smug expression, in shock.

"Right, the Commander of the 101st Mixed Fleet is the Federation's new Colonel Lin Fan. Yesterday was also his first actual combat and it happened right after he arrived at Mars Base."

"It's really him... Lin Fan, have you already reached this level?"

Hearing Dean Li Fulai's confirmation, Emma felt a little lost. She seemed to be getting farther and farther away from Lin Fan.

As for the other students, they were like ants in hot bricks.

What? Lin Fan?

He just graduated a few days ago and just arrived at the Mars Base!

Did he immediately become a fleet commander when he arrived at the base? Shouldn't the commander of a fleet of this size be a major general?

This terror actually continued to bring terror even in the frontline.

Lin Fan’s reputation was still fresh. At the moment, although it is a little unbelievable, most people accepted this fact relatively quickly!

The students then cheered in the lecture hall.

After graduation, they would go and join the 101st Mixed Fleet.

They should take Lin Fan as an example and drive the Ochs Empire out of the Solar System!

As for Emma, she had already been glaring at the girls, who were the most excited about joining the 101st Mixed Fleet and be with Lin Fan, with murderous eyes.

Anyways, regardless of the banter between Emma and a few girls, Dean Li Fulai was very satisfied with the effect. The approach of giving some information about the frontline is indeed correct.

The students are hyped! 

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