Chapter 13: Born To Be A Talent.

The cat and mouse chase have lasted for more than ten minutes, and the Ochs Empire fleet has finally escaped the range of the 101st Mixed Fleet.

The performance of the warships of the Ochs Empire is much better than that of the Federation. If it weren't for the asteroids, it would be impossible for the humans to put up a fight. In terms of warships alone, the Ochs Empire has much higher speeds than humans.

After getting rid of the opponent's pursuit, Rex finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Report the damage!"

"Commander, we lost a total of 98 warships, including 3 Battleships, 5 Reconnaissance Ships, 12 Carriers, 8 Cruisers, 28 Destroyers, and 42 Frigates!"

"All the 12 Carriers are gone?"


Rex always felt that there was something unusual. Under normal circumstances, Carriers wouldn't have a 100% damage rate.

Moreover, in an ambush, the enemy would prioritize other types of warships first, after all, the Carriers are not lethal at long distances.

What made Rex always wonder is that what is the purpose of the enemy for doing this?

Twenty minutes later.

"Commander, the tail of the opposing fleet will be within our range in two minutes!"

"Very good, it's my turn to be the cat!"

Rex looked at the display panel and said fiercely.

However, before Rex could continue basking in his joy, an abnormal change occurred when the fleet passed through a group of asteroids.


One minute ago, in the Flagship of the 101st Mixed Fleet.

"Reporting, the enemy will arrive at the nuclear bomb site in one minute."

"Very good, set the detonation time of the bombs to 1 minute."


The earth-penetrating nuclear bomb is a very weird weapon, it is said that this thing can even be used to destroy a planet.

This nuclear bomb has its energy and a super drill which can drill to the core of a planet and then detonate itself.

But this type of nuclear bomb has not been actually used by humans so far. There are only a dozen of them in the entire 101 Mixed Fleet, and this time they were all used up by Lin Fan.

After receiving the order, the bombs that were previously set up by the mecha unit began to drill into the asteroids.

One minute later, the fleet of the Ochs Empire just arrived between the dozen of asteroids.

The bombs also detonated inside the asteroids at this same time.

A dozen of lights flashed and a dozen asteroids were blown into countless fragments of various sizes.

The Ochs Empire Fleet immediately suffered the effects of the detonation. Their path was covered with asteroid fragments, and it was impossible to sail normally.

Seeing this, Rex had to order the fleet to slow down and even stop quickly, but even so, dozens of their ships still crashed into the fragments and were damaged.

At this moment, the thing that caused Rex to completely collapse happened.

"Let all the mecha units attack and completely wipe out the opposing fleet."


The order was immediately transmitted to the mecha units that were lying in ambush. Immediately afterwards, 9,000 of them immediately sprang out from the dense asteroid group and rushed towards the warships of the Ochs Empire.

In the chaotic environment full of fragments, the Ochs Empire Fleet was unable to move, but the mecha unit can. With their small size and high mobility, the mecha units quickly entered the attacking range.

What greeted Rex afterwards was a round of massacre.

He watched as the warships around him being continuously destroyed by the enemy mechas. At this moment, Rex closed his eyes. He knew that he had no chance!

Such a clever tactic... The opponent should be Liang Xingchen, right?

Rex couldn't help but think.

"Send the Ninth Prince to the Escape Pod, immediately!"

Rex looked at Ninth Prince Doren who was frightened to disgrace at this moment. Rex waved his hand and the guards in the bridge took Doren to the Escape Pod.

He can die here but as for His Highness, even though he is an incompetent person, he is still a member of the royal family and he absolutely cannot die here.

After the guards saluted at Rex, they held Doren and walked out immediately.

Ten minutes later, the last ships of the Ochs Empire Fleet were destroyed and the battle came to an end.

"Adjutant, report the results!"

"Yes, in this battle, a total of 208 warships of the Ochs Empire were destroyed. Our warships were not damaged. Among the mech units, we lost 528 of them; 218 successfully ejected and escaped while the others..."

The others... Of course, Lin Fan understood what she meant.

Mechas are the natural enemies of warships in close-range, but that also means that they have the numbers to do so.

Generally speaking, 20 mechas can be exchanged for a warship.

But in terms of value, the cost of a warship is equivalent to hundreds of mechas, and the number of people on the warship is at least several hundred.

Therefore, it is cost-effective to exchange 20 mechas for a warship. This is why so many people say that once the mechas rush into the warships, it will be their demise.

"Sweep the battlefield immediately, search and rescue all the surviving pilots. As for the pilots that failed to eject... search according to their final location and try to find their bodies, and take them back!"

"Yes, I will arrange it right away."

"After all arrangements are made, send the battle report to Mars Base!"


An hour later, Liang Xue reported to Lin Fan. Among the 218 pilots who had successfully ejected, 185 of them were successfully rescued, and as for the rest of the 148 people, they were able to recover their remains.

In other words, the total damage received is 528 mechas and 343 pilots.

"Commander, when we were cleaning the battlefield, we also found an Escape Pod of the Ochs Empire, which had been captured by the mecha units. There was only one person inside. The other party claimed to be the Ninth Prince of the Ochs Empire and asked us to be courteous before his royalty."

"What courtesy?! Lock him up as a prisoner of war, and then hand him over to the Commander when we return!"


"If everything else is fine, let the fleet set off and return to Mars!"


After the final results were counted, Liang Xue compiled a detailed report on the way back and sent it to the Mars Base.

At this moment, Liang Xingchen is a little worried in his office.

Doesn't matter if you're good on paper or natural talent, an actual battle is different and it could go either way, this is why he's worried.

"Knock.. knock.. knock... A report for the Commander!"

"Come in!"

"Commander, the 101st Mixed Fleet has sent back the battle report!"

"Huh? Show it to me quickly."

The adjutant then handed over the documents immediately, and Liang Xingchen took a look at them.

"Haha, this kid Lin Fan really did not disappoint you and me. He didn't lose any of his warships. At the cost of about 500 mechas, he wiped out all 208 enemy warships and even captured the Ninth Prince of the Ochs Empire!"

"Yes, Commander, when I first saw this report, I also couldn't believe it."

"Did you forgot that when he was still Academy, he made me suffer a loss? This kid was born to be a talent!"

The adjutant suddenly remembered the previous incident when he accompanied Liang Xingchen to the Interstellar Military Academy. It was the first time he had ever seen anyone who could make the Commander suffer such a big loss during a battle.

Thinking of this, this result seems to be reasonable.

"But, Commander, what should we do with the Ninth Prince?"

"We don't need to worry about this, the President will make the best use of this Prince, haha!"

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