Chapter 12: Leading Them All Along!

Not far behind the ambush point of the Ochs Empire Fleet.

A fleet of more than a hundred warships quickly rushed out of a dense asteroid pile and directed a volley of fire towards the Ochs Empire.

This is per Lin Fan's order, all warships and carriers within the firing range were to be fired at.

At the same moment, at the Flagship of the Ochs Empire.

The Ninth Prince, Doren Ochs, was sitting comfortably in the captain's seat, resting his head on the backrest.

Speaking of which, Doren is a graduate of a prestigious school. He graduated from the First Military Academy of the Empire, and his grades are among the best, and he is deeply loved by the Emperor.

He also came to the front under the Emperor's order this time. To speak it nicely, this is for him to have a feel of the atmosphere of war, and to speak it ugly, it is to take credit.

After arriving at Jupiter's Front, the proud Doren felt that it was necessary to lead a victory for his future.

That's why he's here.

Although his achievements in the Military Academy is quite good, after all, he has not experienced the baptism of actual combat. According to human terms, he is just good on paper.

"Reporting, a large number of warships appeared behind us!"

"What? Why are they behind us?"

Before anyone could respond, Doren saw a ball of fire rising from the left side of the flagship through the observation window of the bridge.

A frigate was destroyed.

"Damn it, why don't you fight back, what are you doing?!"

When Doren's words came out, the entire bridge was silent.

Oh please, we are facing the enemy from behind, how can we fight back?

The heavy artillery on the warship is very huge, at most it can only be turned at a small angle and cannot be turned 360 degrees. The ones that can turn 360 degrees are all small-calibre weapons.

"His Royal Highness, the opponent is behind us right now, and our main weapon can't attack the opponent!"

Rex beside Doren had to remind him helplessly.

"Then go forward, then turn to an arc and bite the other party's tail! Don't you understand such a tactic?"

This time, everyone on the bridge is even more speechless. All their warships are hiding behind asteroids. If they move forward aren't they collectively committing suicide?

Rex can't stand it anymore at this time.

If the Ninth Prince continues to do this, the entire fleet will be ruined.

"All fleets immediately turn to the left and escape from the opponent's attack range!"


"Rex, you?!"

"His Royal Highness, you can punish me when we go back and do whatever you want. However, at present, I will command the fleet in escaping and bring you back to the Jupiter Base safely."

When Rex said this, the proud Doren was stunned. What does Rex mean?

Does it mean that he can't command? He won’t be saved if he isn't the one commanding?

If Rex knew what Doren was thinking now, he would definitely agree.

Right now, Rex didn't care about the Ninth Prince anymore and continued to command the entire fleet for steering operations.

Although Rex has made the only correct choice at this moment, it not easy to adjust the direction of the warships. This isn't like driving a car that will be done by simply turning the steering wheel.

A warship is a huge monster. To adjust its direction, especially when turning in place, it is necessary to use the numerous small engines on both sides of the battleship to control it.

Usually, if you have to turn such a large warship at a 90-degree turn, you will not be able to do it in three to five minutes.

During these three to five minutes, the entire fleet had no choice but to endure the indiscriminate bombing of the 101st Mixed Fleet.

"Reporting, the enemy is turning to the left!"

"Order the fleet not to relax the firepower, especially at the carriers. Before the enemy escapes, all the carriers must be wiped out."


In the 101st Mixed Fleet's flagship, Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the opponent going through as he expected.

Let’s see if they can get rid of all the enemy carriers before the opponent completes the turn and escapes. After all, this is related to the damage that will be done in the subsequent battles in the future, which is very important!

According to the report, the opposing fleet has a total of 208 ships, including 12 carriers. At present, the attack has been going on for 1 minute and already destroyed 3 of them.

At this time, Rex's heart was dripping blood. These were his own fleet, and they were being blasted one by one with no resistance right in front of him.

Three minutes passed, 52 warships had been lost. Among them, the carriers suffered a particularly large loss. The 12 carriers lost 10.

Wait, why does the damage in the carriers particularly great?

Rex suddenly felt that the damage data was a bit unusual. Why did the carriers lose so much, exceeding 80%, while the remaining two ships were all injured?

It seems that the enemy is deliberately targeting their carriers, but why?

"Reporting, the whole fleet has turned around!"

"Immediately advance at maximum speed and quickly escape from the opponent's range!"


Although Rex found something unusual, it was a pity that in this situation, there was no time for him to think.

"After the warship reaches its maximum speed, begin to turn to the left, advancing in an arc. Our warships are better than humans. We can rely on our speed and bite the tail of their fleet in the opposite direction."

"Yes, commander."

"Also, tactical leader, immediately calculate how long until we can leave the opponent's range, and what is the estimated loss?"

"Yes... reporting to the commander. According to calculations, we can reach the maximum speed in about 5 minutes, and then we can escape from the opponent's range in about 10 minutes, but we will lose..."

"Say it!"

"Yes, the loss will be as high as 50% of the ships!"


Rex gasped, the loss was really too great. This time, the Ninth Prince really f_cked them up.

Only if they can kill the human fleet can they get a lighter penalty when they return.

Even if they only have 100 warships left, they still can destroy the humans.

"How many carriers do we have?"

"There is one more ship, but it has been seriously injured!"

Apart from the enemy Flagship, what Lin Fan cared most about are the enemy carriers.

"Order all to concentrate on the last carrier!"


Three minutes later, the last carrier of the Ochs Empire was destroyed.

Five minutes later, the Ochs Empire's fleet reached its maximum speed and began to turn to the left, advancing in an arc.

"Reporting, the enemy started to turn to the left, most likely they wanted to detour behind us in the opposite direction."

"That's fine, just let the fleet continue to attack and kill as much before they leave our range!"


"By the way, are all the nuclear bombs finished being buried by the mecha unit?"

"All are buried as ordered by the Commander!"

After Lin Fan said so, Liang Xue suddenly remembered this strange order that Lin Fan had given before.

He made the mecha unit install earth-penetrating nuclear bombs on dozens of asteroids on one coordinate!

This weapon should have been used to attack the surface of the planet, not in space.

It's because there is no air in space, the lethality of nuclear bombs will be much smaller, and they will not pose much threat to warships unless they are detonated very close to warships to have an effect.

Looking at the tactical panel, Liang Xue calculated it a bit, huh? The location of the nuclear bombs are in the middle of the arc route of the Ochs Empire Fleet?

Wait, earth-penetrating nuclear bombs? Buried in asteroids? The fact that it is estimated that the fleet of the Ochs Empire will arrive at the location of these asteroids in 30 minutes? Prioritize the elimination of the enemy's carriers?

So this is... ah! Lin Fan was leading the Ochs Empire fleet in his hands all along!

Liang Xue who just realized things, opened her eyes wide and looked at Lin Fan in shock!

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