Chapter 11: Counter Ambush.

"Commander, we are racing against time for the rescue, why are we going to Area 280?"

"Adjutant Liang, can you ask later after you have passed down my order?"


Liang Xue realized her mistake and immediately issued a new order.

"The entire fleet will immediately turn to the Asteroid Belt Area 280!"

What do you fear most as a Commander? The most feared is that his adjutant will not execute his intention if he does not understand it. This is a battlefield taboo.

It’s okay if you don’t understand the commander’s intentions, but if you hesitate because you don’t understand and don’t implement it, then the problem will become bigger, and a bad one will lead to the failure of the entire mission.

"Adjutant Liang, what happened just now, I don't want it to happen the second time."

"Yes, Commander, there won't be a second time!"

"Okay, I can answer your question now. It's because the fleet of the Ochs Empire should have already discovered the hidden location of the resource mining ships and is just waiting to ambush us."

"But how does the Commander judge that the opponent's true target is us?"

"I ask you if you are the Commander of the Ochs Empire and send a fleet to the asteroid belt to attack the Federation's resource mining ships, what will you do?"

"I will choose several high-speed micro fleets, and then..."

Liang Xue's foundation is quite good, just that she lacks actual combat experience. After all, not everyone is like Lin Fan with a System that can give 100% virtual combat simulation all day long!

Liang Xue, who was halfway through her words suddenly realized. She subconsciously covered her mouth with her right hand.

"Yes, that is the correct way. However, there are two abnormalities in this entire incident. First, the opponent sent a fleet of 200 warships. Second, the area chosen to attack is still not suitable for small fleets. "

"I understand, so the other party's real intention is not to attack the resource ships at all, but deliberately block the resource collection ship in Area 279, and use the complex environment of the area to prepare to ambush the support fleet!"

Lin Fan looked at Liang Xue and nodded.

He then opened a star map of Area 279 with his wristband.

"Where do you think they will ambush?"

"It should be between the hiding place of the resource gathering ships and the Mars Base, and at the same time, it must meet the environment that can hide 200 warships. I see, this is it!"

Liang Xue followed Lin Fan's guidance all the way, and immediately judged the opponent's most likely ambush location.

No wonder the Commander wants to turn to Area 280. Isn't Area 280 just behind the ambush point?

Liang Xue blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at Lin Fan again with some curiosity. This calm and precise battlefield judgment reminded her of her father Liang Xingchen.

"Adjutant, please focus on the task!"

Lin Fan looked at Liang Xue, who was looking at him, and immediately used her own words before back at her. It felt satisfying.

Liang Xue also realized this and immediately regained her stone-cold face. She turned her head and stopped talking.

About three hours later, the 101st Mixed Fleet arrived at Area 280.

"Adjutant, arrange for the aircraft carrier to send a reconnaissance ship. Remember to stay hidden."


Soon, a small reconnaissance ship flew out of the carrier while concealing its figure in the densely packed asteroids, and moving forward in a roundabout way.

Ten minutes later, Lin Fan received the information that the reconnaissance ship had gathered after its return. It discovered the fleet of the Ochs Empire. As expected, all of them were in ambush at the previously judged position.

If the ambush were to be successful, the effect would be definitely overwhelming. However, it didn't and Lin Fan's fleet is instead behind the opponent.

In other words, once Lin Fan launched an attack, the Ochs Empire fleet that's lying in ambush will be the one getting ambushed Lin Fan's fleet instead.

By the time the opponent turn around to meet them, they would already lose at least half of their warships. A 180-degree turn of a warship is a very long action.

Even if they didn't turn around and fled forward, they can't. Don't forget that they are hiding behind asteroids, so what does accelerating straight forward mean? That's basically just committing suicide!

Lin Fan did not rush to attack but instead, check in detail the surroundings once more.

Liang Xue beside him was puzzled. Why not attack at such a favourable position?

"Adjutant, notify the carrier, release all 9000 mechas, carry the anti-ship weapons, go to the Area X718, and then wait for more orders!"


Liang Xue learned the lesson from last time and stopped asking more questions, she just carried out the order directly and contacted the carrier.

Soon, a large number of mechas flew towards Area X718.

Ten minutes later...

"Reporting, the mecha group has arrived at the designated location and has completed its concealment."

"Okay! Adjutant plan a hidden route for the fleet, and then set off!"



"The route planning is complete, the fleet will begin to move forward!"

That fast? It's only ten seconds, right?

The last time they gathered at the dock, this was also the case. She counted 30,000 people in just a few seconds. Does she also have a System?

"System, can you scan Liang Xue's attributes?"


[Scan complete]!

[Name: Liang Xue]

[IQ: 240]

[Brain Development: 22%]

"What the... her Brain Development is higher than mine? System, are you sure you are the only one?"


[The target Liang Xue has no traces of System binding]!

She doesn't have a System... Alas, human emotions really give birth to amazing traits.

"Adjutant, try to approach as close as possible while still concealing ourselves. Also, let the reconnaissance ship monitor the opponent's fleet. If there's any abnormality, immediately stop approaching and fire."


Not far away, inside the flagship of the Ochs Empire.

"Ninth Prince, it has been three and a half hours. According to calculations, the enemy should have arrived long ago, but they still haven't appeared yet. To prevent any changes, let's go back!"

"Rex, are you saying that my perfect tactic was seen through by the opponent? Don't you already know that the opponent has undisciplined military and sluggish?"

The Ninth Prince looked at Rex with disdain.

Rex shook his head helplessly. He knew exactly the opposite. That person named Liang Xingchen once used 20,000 warships to destroy their 200,000 warships. Is that an undisciplined military? Is that sluggish? Are you kidding me?

Rex now regrets agreeing to let the Ninth Prince come. The Prince said that he was just going for a stroll and relax, but as soon as they came out, the Prince directly grabbed the command and used Rex's fleet as his own.

Alas, he can just hope that the person from the other side is not a more capable Commander!

On the other side.

"Commander, we have reached the limit, we will definitely be found if we get closer. After all, we have 144 warships."

"Well then, let's get started, Adjuntant Liang, you are responsible for allocating firepower and targets. Give priority to destroying the opponent's carriers."


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