Chapter 9: Confidential.

At this time, Liang Xingchen was a little confused in the office.

Lin Fan brought a whale? Looking at the time, it shouldn't be long since Lin Fan arrived at the 101st Base, so what could possibly he had brought that the professor describes it to be so big that it's like a whale?

"Professor Bai, what is going on?"

"What's going on? He gave me a technical document, do you know what technology it is?"

"What technology?"

"It's the full set of technical materials for the Warp Engine! There are even various material formulas to be used, all have been compiled. Do you know what this means? It means that we can start building immediately! Do you understand?"


Liang Xingchen suddenly stood up from his seat in shock and exclaimed.

Even the adjutant next door heard it.

This kid just told me that he had a new idea and new design, meaning that this was it? The Warp Engine?

What is the Warp Engine? How could Liang Xingchen not know?

Through time and space and achieve super-light flight.

Humans’ travel between Star Systems is carried out through the so-called Stellar Path between Star Systems. Although the Stellar Path can advance at 3 times the speed of light, it has great flaws because it is fixed in a route.

To use an analogy, the Stellar Path is like an orbit that covers the entire Milky Way, and each Star System is like a city.

Therefore, if you want to go to a Star System 100 light-years away through the Stellar Path, you need to find a route first to reach the entrance of the Stellar Path.

Hence after the first Star System, you go to the second, then to the next. Therefore, it does not go in a straight line, but like a train, passing by station by station.

As for how and why there are Stellar Paths? Sorry, mankind has not worked out the reason yet, but they know that the galaxy is like a transportation network, full of Stellar Path.

Take the solar system as an example, there are two outer Stellar Paths that lead to Tianyuan and Barnard Star Systems respectively.

At present, the most recognized theory about the Stellar Path is that this is not natural, but man-made. It was likely a cosmic transportation route laid by a certain civilization!

However, the Warp Engine is different. Instead of going one stop after another along the prescribed route like the Stellar Path, one can directly shuttle anywhere within its maximum range. Moreover, its speed is also faster than the Stellar Paths.

This is especially true in the military. In the original Star System, you can't use Stellar Paths to move fast. After all, the Stellar Path is only a transportation network connecting the Star Systems.

But the Warp Engine does not have so many restrictions. It can be used in the Star System to perform short-distance jumps. What does this mean?

As a military god, Liang Xingchen could think at the top of his head several tactics that can be achieved by using the Warp Engine.

And with such tactics, he estimates that he could completely eliminate the 120,000 warships that the Ochs Empire used to invade.

It is precisely because of this thought that Liang Xingchen yelled out of control.

At this moment, he finally understood why Bai Zixuan said that 100 people were not enough and this project needs at least ten times the number of people.

"What are you shouting for kid? Do you want to deafen this old man's ears?"

"Sorry, sorry, I was just a little excited ."

"You hurry up and deploy manpower for me. We must build a prototype as soon as possible."

"Understood, I will deploy more staff immediately. If there is anything else, just tell me directly, I will give my full support!"

"Okay, if there is anything else I want, I will definitely find you. That's it, I'll hang up."

When the call just suddenly ended like that by Bai Zixuan, Liang Xingchen didn't get angry or anything. After all, he was used to it.

But Lin Fan really has brought too many surprises to Liang Xingchen. He can even produce a Warp Engine.

Without any hesitation, Liang Xingchen pressed a red button on his desktop. It was an emergency communication linked directly to the Federal President. It cannot be pressed in non-emergency times.

"President Lin, this is Liang Xingchen, something happened..."

A few minutes later, after finishing the talk with President Lin Zhen, Liang Xingchen called his adjutant.

"Go, send all the scientific research personnel related to engines and the raw materials in the Mars Base to the 27th medium-sized orbit Starport. Start working immediately!"


After the adjutant left, Liang Xingchen contacted Bai Zixuan again.

"What else do you want kid? I'm busy!"

"Professor Bai, I'm here to convey the presidential order. President Lin has just signed the order. All information about Lin Fan is listed as the highest level of confidentiality. You must block all relevant information. No one is allowed to disclose the source of the relevant technology."

"How can this be? You are depriving the nation's greatest scientist of the honour that he deserves!"

"Professor Bai, it's okay. Just tell Lin Fan that it was ordered by the president, and he will understand!"

The call was quickly hung up by Bai Zixuan again. Liang Xingchen couldn't help but feel a little helpless.

Meanwhile, in the 27th medium-sized Starport, Bai Zixuan touched his beard and was in thought.

Why does the president deprive Lin Fan of his honour? What right does he have to do so?

"Professor Bai, what's wrong?"

Lin Fan saw Bai Zixuan's puzzled looked and slightly emotional expression and walked over.

"Lin Fan, you came just right in time. Just now, that kid Liang Xingchen said that the president has given the word that no one is allowed to reveal the source of the Warp Engine. Isn't this to depriving you of your honour that you should receive? Don't worry, I will definitely not allow this to happen!"


Lin Fan finally understood why Bai Zixuan was so angry, so it was about himself.

His heart couldn't help but feel warm, old Bai is really a good person.

As for the old man in his family aka his father, Lin Fan doesn't need to think to know what the other party is thinking. This is to protect himself. After all, the technology he has developed this time is a bit exaggerated and eye-catching.

"Professor, you don't need to do this, the president is actually protecting me."

"Bullsh*t! Wait... you said that the president is protecting you? Lin Zhen? Lin Fan?"

Bai Zixuan is not stupid and immediately thought of a possibility. He turned his gaze at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan did not answer Bai Zixuan directly but just nodded with a wry smile.

"Well, I don't care about this. Alright, I will do what the president wills."

"Thank you, Professor Bai! By the way, I also have an Industrial Robot design on hand. I also want to give it to you."

"Huh? Why didn't you show it to me earlier?"

Looking at Bai Zihui's eager look, Lin Fan gave a bitter smile.

He took out a memory card and handed it to him.

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