Chapter 19: Prepared For Negotiation.

"Don't move, if you dare move, I'll kill you!"

'What the hell?' The Commander was baffled.

"Commander, the other party has sent another message, it's about the Ninth Prince!"

"Huh? Read it!"

"The Ninth Prince has been arrested and brought to justice by our side for attacking civilian ships of our Federation a few days ago. Now considering that he is a member of the Royal Family of your Empire, you can send relevant personnel to the following coordinates to discuss the handling of the issue. Coordinates..."

When the Commander listened to the content of the message read by his adjutant, his red face almost turned black.

He understood the content, there is no problem with that.

However, the content sounded so cheap!

"The Ninth Prince fell into the hands of humans? Send the information to the Base Camp immediately, and reply to the other party. Say that we are contacting the Base Camp and they need to wait."


In the orbit of Jupiter, in the Flagship of the Third Army of the Imperial Guard of the Ochs Empire.

"Commander, we have received the latest intelligence from a reconnaissance fleet concerning the Ninth Prince."

"What is it? Hurry up!"

"Yes! Today Number 031 reconnaissance team encountered a human fleet during the mission. The human fleet sent a message saying that the Ninth Prince is in their hands and asked us to send someone to the designated coordinates to negotiate."

"It's good to know that the Ninth Prince is there, but this will be very troublesome. What kind of request humans will make? One doesn't even need to guess to know, it must be for us to exit the solar system!"

Adam frowned, this was really troublesome.

And judging from the actions of the humans' side, they should already know the important status of the Ninth Prince.

Therefore, in the negotiations, humans will definitely hold this point and make the most of it. The greatest possibility of what their requirements would be to make them withdraw.

But even if they agree to the terms and retreated and rescued the Ninth Prince, they will still be executed by the Emperor for retreating.

There must be a way to achieve both without the consequences.

"Adjutant, where is the Fourth Guards Corps?"

"Commander, with the last report, they have just retreated from the front of the Kabat Empire. To reach our side, they need to pass 7 Star Paths, and it will take at least 10 years."

"10 years? Alright, you arrange a frigate, I will negotiate personally."

"Commander, wouldn't it be too risky for you to go personally?"

"Do you think that I am just going alone? There's obviously a team following in the distance. Moreover, I don't think that the humans would kill someone when they are trying to negotiate."

"Yes, Commander, I will arrange it now!"

Asteroid belt, Area 498, Ochs Empire reconnaissance fleet.

"Commander, we got a call back from Base Camp!"

"Read it!"

"The Commander-in-chief will preside over the negotiation in 2 days, but no one is allowed to reveal the identity of the Commander-in-chief and pass this information to the humans."

The Commander-in-chief is coming in person? Isn't it too risky?

This news made the Commander a little dazed. Normally, it should have been a negotiation expert that would be sent.

If something happens to the Commander-in-chief, it'll be over.

"Request for a video call with the other party!"



Inside the flagship of the 101 Mixed Fleet.

"Commander, the other party wants a video call!"

"Connect it, things might have been finished arranging on their side!"


Soon, a virtual screen lit up in front of the captain's seat, and a red demon appeared.

"I am the representative of the Ochs Empire, belonging to the Third Guards Corps, the Commander of Number 031 Reconnaissance Squad, Ross!"

"Speak, did your Base Camp respond to our request?"

Obviously, Ross is very dissatisfied with Lin Fan's attitude.

But he still needs to report the decisions of their side.

Moreover, the current situation is against them, Ross doesn't dare to go wild.

Everyone knows that if something happened to the Ninth Prince, everyone in the entire legion would have to be buried with him.

"The Base Camp has dispatched negotiators and they will arrive here in 2 days. How do you plan to arrange the negotiation location?"

"Simple, we brought the materials. We can build a simple space station here in 2 days. At that time, the two sides can only use a shuttle ship to send up to 6 people to participate in the negotiation."

"Yes, but after you build the space station, we need to check if there is a threat."

"I can agree, but I must check with our personnel if they also agree."

"Okay, I agree."

"So be it, I will notify you when we're ready!"

Lin Fan then cut off the call.

"It's a demon-like man... Adjutant Liang, are you afraid of him? Aren't girls generally afraid of demons?"


Liang Xue didn't want to answer Lin Fan's useless question, so she just rolled her eyes and said.

"You look pretty when you roll your eyes!"

"Commander, please have some respect during the mission!"

"Oh, then after the mission is over, I can do whatever I want, right?"

Looking at Lin Fan who was looking at her with a smile, Liang Xue gritted her teeth bitterly. She just turned her head away, not caring about this anymore.

"Adjutant Liang, we are on a mission right now. As my adjutant, what are you doing with your back facing me?"


"Go and arrange for the simple space station to be brought and assembled!"

"Yes, I will arrange it immediately!"

Liang Xue just gritted her teeth and replied.

With the assistance of a large number of mechas, a few hours later, a temporary space station was built, and even an artificial gravity device was installed.

Then, accompanied by the fleet personnel, several Ochs came into the space station and checked the inside to make sure there was no danger.

Two days later, a medium-sized fleet of the Ochs Empire arrived. Of course, Adam did not use his huge Titan warship when he came here and just took a Cruiser.

At this moment, he has taken off his commander's uniform and put on the uniform of a civil official.

"How is the temporary negotiation venue that they've set up?"

"Reporting, Commander-in-chief, Ross said that after the construction, he had arranged for people to check the inside and out of the station to ensure safety."

"Okay then, let's go!"

After Adam finished speaking, he glanced at the five negotiators on the side, and then they followed Adam out of the bridge.

About ten minutes later, the shuttle ships of both sides arrived at the space station.

The 6 people on the side of the Ochs Empire are Adam and the 5 negotiators.

On the Federal's side is the team led by Ed and Lin Fan.

Originally, Lin Fan didn’t need to participate, but just 2 days ago, the System issued a task to Lin Fan.

[Task 3: Participate in the negotiation process and stay through the whole process, and meet your short-term main opponent, commander Adam. (Completion Reward: Mecha Piloting upgraded to A)]

Hence, Lin Fan bootlicked Uncle Ed countless times and obtained the qualification to join.

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