Chapter 18: If You Dare Move, I'll Kill You.

At this moment, the bridge is a little weird.

Liang Xue was still sat in the captain's seat and did not notice that Lin Fan was already standing next to her. She was still painting.

Lin Fan's face was dark.

What is he seeing? Liang Xue actually painted him?

Wait, no... himself is not important, what's important is that Liang Xue drew him with his clothes tattered and he was tied into a pillar.

Not to mention that he was crying and was shouting 'Queen have mercy'!

Moreover, Liang Xue also painted herself. She was in front of the pillar and was whipping him!

Her painting skills are very good, but this is not the time to talk about painting skills, is it?

This girl is too much, she was even smiling while painting.

"Good painting skills!"

"Well, my earliest dream was to be a painter, since I was a kid... uh!"

Liang Xue who had just reacted immediately turned her head and saw Lin Fan who was looking at her with a dark expression!

The atmosphere in the bridge became extremely embarrassing at this moment.

"Your painting skills are really good, but the content of the painting is really a problem!"

"Sorry, Commander!"

Liang Xue immediately recovered her ice cube face, stood up and said.

"Okay, stop with the apology, go and rest for a while. Report back to the bridge after 10 hours."

Lin Fan waved his hand. He really doesn't how to fix Liang Xue...

Should he really keep talking and annoy her every day like what he did to Emma and slowly change her character?

But she doesn't seem to be completely frozen, at least the smile he saw just now is very real.

So is her cold appearance actually a disguise? But why?


Liang Xue felt very embarrassed at the moment, and she wanted to get away from Lin Fan as soon as possible. After responding, she turned around and left quickly.

After taking a few steps, Lin Fan's voice sounded from behind.

"You should laugh more, you look pretty!"

Liang Xue was taken aback. She bit her lower lip and walked out quickly.

Listening to the footsteps of Liang Xue leaving, Lin Fan looked at the virtual drawing board in front of him that had not been turned off. When he saw Liang Xue holding the whip, his expression turned dark again.

"Aiii, such a pretty girl, but why does she have such a tendency?"

At the same moment, at the Jupiter station of the Ochs Empire, in a huge warship.

"Commander, the reconnaissance fleet has returned news!"

"How is it? Have you found the Ninth Prince?"

Adams is very anxious at the moment. If something wrong happened to the Ninth Prince, then his ending can easily be guessed.

The Emperor spoils the Ninth Prince, everyone in the Empire knows this.

If something goes wrong, their entire Fleet might even be killed.

"Commander, Rex's fleet where the Ninth Prince was located, was found destroyed. Many debris of broken warships were found at the place where they were last seen."

"I don't care about Rex's fleet, just tell me if the Ninth Prince is still alive!"

"Commander, according to the investigation, all the warships of Rex's fleet were annihilated, but the Escape Pod was not found among the wreckage of its flagship. So it should have been launched."

"Well, did the Ninth Prince escape in the Escape Pod?"

"Yes, we think so, but we didn't find the Escape Pod in the surrounding area. It is speculated that it was probably captured by humans!"

"Damn it, order everyone to cancel their vacation, and the whole army is to ready for an attack. The Ninth Prince must be rescued."

"Yes, Commander!"


More than ten hours later, the 101st Mixed Fleet had arrived in Area 498. They dropped Doren’s Escape Pod and activated its distress signal.

After making various arrangements, the Fleet was hidden in a complex asteroid group nearby.

At this time Liang Xue had already returned to the bridge, standing next to Lin Fan.

"Adjutant, how long do you think will the fish bite the bait?"

"Should be at most a day."

"En, almost the same as I thought."

0.3AU outside, a miniature fleet compromised of 18 warships were hiding in another asteroid group.

"Commander, we have received Base Camp order; all Fleets shall return to the Base Camp."

"Huh? What happened? It has been several years since we assembled all the Fleets!"

"It should be related to the disappearance of the Ninth Prince. However, the specific content is not clear."

"Well, then..."

"Commander, we are receiving a signal from an Escape Pod. Its signal code identifies it as an Escape Pod on the Flagship of the Rex Fleet, the distance is 0.3AU."

"The Flagship of Rex Fleet? Isn't that the warship that the Ninth Prince was on board before his disappearance?"

"Yes, Commander!"

"Quickly, move forward immediately, and recover the Escape Pod. If it is really the Ninth Prince, we will definitely be raised by several ranks!"

The adjutant was also excited when he heard that, and immediately let the entire fleet leave their hiding spot and hurried to where the signal was.

However, due to their excitement, both of them forgot one thing, that is, it was only a few days later after the incident. The Escape Pod couldn't come here from the previous area of engagement.

After all, the Escape Pod is not a warship and its speed is very slow.

Half an hour later, inside the Flagship of the 101st Mixed Fleet.

"Commander, we have received info from the reconnaissance ship. A school of fish has taken the bait, there are 18 in total."

"Very good, let all warships be ready for battle."


Five minutes later, eighteen warships appeared in front of Lin Fan and slowly stopped not far from the Escape Pod.

"Action! Inform the entire fleet that I only want them to lose their combat effectiveness, not to destroy them. The distance is close right now so everyone should be able to shoot accurately."

"Yes, Commander!"

Lin Fan’s ambush location was only 30,000 kilometres away from the Escape Pod, and it was on the side of the Ochs Empire.

Therefore, Lin Fan asked the Fleet not to destroy the opponent, but only use small weapons to carry out precise strikes and make them lose their combat effectiveness!

After a wave of attacks, the main guns on the 18 enemy warships were all destroyed.

"Reporting, Commander the mission has been completed. The weapons and engines on the 18 enemy warships have been destroyed."

"Alright, now send a message to the other party, the content is as follows!"


At this moment, the Commander in the Ochs Empire Fleet was very anxious. They really had the worst of luck, they had encountered a human fleet!

It seems that this Escape Pod was used to bait them, how could they fall into such a simple trick?

But why did the other party keep their hands? It's unreasonable to just destroy their weapons and engines instead of directly destroying their warships.

"Commander, the other party sent a message."

"We are already at the hands of the enemy, see what the other party has to say, read it!"

"Don't move, if you dare move, I'll kill you!"

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