Chapter 17: Personal Abilities Page.

The Team rested for the night and the next day, Ed took the other 4 people on the same Destroyer they arrived with and set off with Lin Fan who had boarded with the 101st Mixed Fleet.

"Commander, how are you going to contact the Ochs Empire for this mission?"

Inside the Flagship of the 101st Mixed Fleet, Liang Xue looked at Lin Fan and asked.

It is true that the mission this time is not as simple as it seems on the surface. After all, there is no connection between the Federation and the Ochs Empire.

If the Fleet just goes directly to Jupiter, the Ochs Empire will give them no chance to speak and attack.

Therefore, how to contact them is the key to this mission.

"We don't need to go to Jupiter, let the Fleet move to Area 498."

"Area 498?"

Liang Xue opened the star map of the asteroid belt and checked Area 498, which is about 4 AU from the Mars Base and is located between Mars and Jupiter.

But Area 498 is not a good place. It is where the Fourth Fleet often exchanges fire with the Ochs Empire Fleets.

This is like the borderline between the two sides.

"Yes, go there, because it is an area with frequent small-scale battles. If we go there, we can find opponent Fleets more easily."

Liang Xue was a little confused. Does this have anything to do with their mission?

That area is the battlefield, and there was no communication between the two sides at all; just fighting.

Even if they do find an enemy Fleet and send a message, will the other party pay them any attention? They will probably bombard them with attacks immediately.

"I know what you are thinking so I ask you this. If you fight with someone and the other person was angry. How can you make the other person calm down and listen to you?"

"Subdue him or show absolute strength so that he can understand that fighting with me will not lead to any good results..."

"Hmm, now do you finally understand?"

Lin Fan looked at Liang Xue's sudden realization and nodded in satisfaction.

This girl has a good foundation, but like Emma, ​​she is too rigid, that's why she can only be an adjutant.

If you want to become a commander, you have to train well on how to be a 'commander' and not just read textbooks. Lin Fan couldn't help but think this as he looked at Liang Xue.

"Area 498 is a bit similar to Area 279 where we fought before. The terrain is complex and it is not suitable for large Fleets to pass. This is why each exchange of fire between the two sides is in small scales. Don't you think that this is very suitable for our Fleet? "


"Right, now there is still 4 AU of distance from here to there. At our speed, it will take nearly 40 hours to arrive. I will go to the captain's room and sleep for a while. I will leave things here to you!"

After he said this, Lin Fan got up and walked outside the bridge, leaving Liang Xue in a daze.

"Commander, as soon as you set sail, you leave?"

"It's precisely because that we just set sail. At least in the first 2 AU of the journey is safe. After the second half, I wouldn't have time to rest, so it's necessary to have enough energy. Okay, so after 18 hours, I’ll come and replace you."

Lin Fan stopped and explained, then left.

'Yes, this makes sense...'

'After all, one must conserve his energy on the first half of the journey so that if something really happened as they near their destination, one would not make the wrong decision because of fatigue.' Liang Xue thought.

If Lin Fan knew what Liang Xue was thinking, he would say that she thinks too much. He is purely doing this because he wants to upgrade his Evasive Command. His 'sleeping' is training.

After all, Lin Fan's Evasive Command is only C. If he upgrades it to B, his overall ability would be improved a lot.

Nothing happened while Lin Fan was gone. When the Fleet had sailed half the distance which is about 2 AU, Lin Fan opened his eyes in the captain's room.




[Evasive Command has been improved (Current Level: B)]!

[Brain Development: +2%]!




[Mecha Command has been improved (Current Level: A)]!

[Brain Development: +2%]!




[All Abilities is above B, you have become a 2 Star Commander]!

[Obtained Mecha Piloting Abilities]!

[Activated the Personal Abilities Page]!


"System, open the Properties Panel."

[Host: Lin Fan]

[Power: 350]

[Agility: 350]

[Response: 350]

[Physical Strength: 350]

[Spirit: 350]

[Intelligence: 380]

[Note: Normal people have attributes between 50-100]

[Lifespan: 500 Years]

[Brain development: 24%]

[Command Abilities: Artillery Command (B), Evasive Command (B), Formation Command (A), Mecha Command (B)]

[Personal Abilities: Mecha Piloting (B)]

[Task 1: Destroy a total of 500 Ochs Empire warships. Progress: 208/500. (Completion Reward: Energy Shield Technology)]

[Task 2: Raise Rank to Brigadier. (Completion Reward: Primary Gene Enhancement Potion Technology)]

With 4% increase in Brain Development, Lin Fan instantly felt that his mind became clearer and his thinking became faster.

"Great, now I finally surpassed Liang Xue in Brain Development..."

However, before Lin Fan could continue celebrating, a large amount of information suddenly began to enter his brain. Lin Fan felt that his head was about to explode.

He then remembered that the System had rewarded a new ability; Mecha Piloting...

Whenever a new ability is integrated into his body, because it changes from nothing to something, the System will directly infuse a large amount of information into Lin Fan's brain.

The feeling was both sour and refreshing. Since Lin Fan hasn't experienced it for more than a year, he almost forgot about this.

As for why upgrading an existing ability do not have the same effect, that's because it was not the System that helped Lin Fan upgrade it, but instead, it's Lin Fan's own improvement through constant training in the virtual world. Hence, there is no need for the System to indoctrinate information into him.

Three minutes later, Lin Fan received all the information. He then went on to inspect it. Lin Fan was sure that his current Mecha Piloting Ability was at least comparable to that of the Federation's elite mecha divisions.

It’s just that, he's a commander, what would he use this Mecha Piloting Ability for?

[Ding! Given that the Host is confused, the System will give a special explanation. This System is a Commander System, not a 'Fleet' Commander System. Please understand the distinction.]

[Ding! Does the Host think that a Commander of the mecha unit is not a 'Commander'? Wouldn't you need to know Mecha Piloting to become a Mecha Unit Commander?]

"Alright, alright, you are right, it's my fault!"

Lin Fan shook his head and said helplessly, but he has to admit that there was nothing wrong with what the System said.

Moreover, having this ability is better than nothing, and there is no harm in having it.

After everything was done, Lin Fan returned to the bridge and came to Liang Xue who was sitting in the captain's seat, but what did he see?

Lin Fan stared at the scene in front of him with his eyes widened.

Liang Xue had a virtual panel open and was painting something, and while she was painting she was smiling!

Her smile was so amazing that it reminded Lin Fan of a passage in an ancient poem; like a goddess's smile!

He then followed Liang Xue's gaze and saw what she was painting.

Lin Fan's forehead immediately creased when he saw what it was. 

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