Chapter 16: Ed Campbell.

Mars Base.

Three days have passed since the battle in the asteroid belt.

At this moment, Lin Fan was leading Liang Xue to wait in the docking area because news just came that the negotiating team had arrived.

Soon, a Destroyer docked in Starport.

When Lin Fan saw the person who was walking in front, he cent help but feel familiar.

Wait, didn't he often see him on TV? Isn’t this Ed Campbell?

'I guess they belong to the same family as Emma,' ​​Lin Fan thought in his heart.

Ed lead four people down the suspended ladder, while Lin Fan took Liang Xue to greet him.

"Hello, I am Lin Fan, the Commander of the 101st Mixed Fleet, and this is my adjutant Liang Xue."

Lin Fan stretched out his right hand.

"What are you saying, kid? Have you already forgotten who I am only after 19 years? I even hugged you when you were born."

Lin Fan's forehead creased. Forgotten in just 19 years? He's 19 years old right now meaning that this guy is referring to him when he was an infant. How can he remember?

But although this uncle's brain is a bit... Lin Fan can't complain.

"Alright, I'm just kidding. My name is Ed Campbell. I am the leader of the negotiation team. All four of them are my subordinates. However, I indeed held you when you were an infant."

"Uh... well, Uncle Ed!"

"That's correct!"

Seeing that Lin Fan consciously changed how he called him, Ed nodded in satisfaction.

"By the way, Uncle Ed, I want to ask you something, is Emma Campbell of the Interstellar Military Academy in the same family with you?"

"What the same family? Emma is my daughter, why do you know my daughter?!"

"Uh.. we are in the same class. Seeing that you have the same surname Campbell, I wondered if you are from the same family..."

"Come to think of it, I remember that a few years ago, my daughter seemed to say that there was someone in the class who kept telling her bad jokes, it wasn't you, was it?"

"Uh... it's definitely not me!"

Lin Fan denied it shamelessly. When Lin Fan first entered the Interstellar Military Academy, he met a beautiful girl named Emma.

But, this beauty is like an iceberg, though he must admit that she is at least much better compared to this antarctic Liang Xue who is standing next to him right now.

Anyways, since she was like an iceberg, shameless Lin Fan ran to her all day and talked about silly jokes. At first, Emma was annoyed when she saw Lin Fan.

But when someone talks next to you every day for two years...

The result is that after more than 2 years, Lin Fan has twisted her character a lot.

Of course, this cannot be admitted in front of Ed Campbell who is her father.

"Well, you don't look like that kind of person..."

"Right, Uncle Ed!"

Liang Xue's expression on the side     twitched slightly, but no one noticed.

She thinks that the person was actually Lin Fan and this guy shamelessly denied it face to face...

"Alright, let's not talk about the other things, take me to the Ninth Prince. I need to understand his importance in the Ochs Empire before I can formulate the correct negotiation strategy."

"Okay, Uncle Ed, please come with me!"

Lin Fan led Ed to the direction of the detention room, while Liang Xue followed them.

"Little Lin, your adjutant looks too cold!"

"I know Uncle Ed, I have been trying to fix her character, but it's hard!"

"To deal with this type, talk to her every day."

"En, I'm good at this, I can say new words every day without repeating it..."

Wait a minute... Didn't he just give himself out?


Lin Fan suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder.

He turned his head slowly and found Ed Campbell smiling at him. Though his smile wasn't really a smile of joy.

"Uncle Ed, I think you misunderstood..."

"Needless to say, focus on the task. When I come back, I think we need to have a good chat..."

Liang Xue, who was listening to the whole time, had her mouth twitch.

Liang Xue almost broke character when she heard that she was too cold, and now this development made her almost unable to control her laughter.

Fortunately, as a perennial ice cube, she maintained her expression, though she had to try hard.

Lin Fan looked at Ed Campbell with a wry smile.

Sure enough, since he was able to lead the negotiations, he is an old fox. What a headache!

Soon, the three of them came to the detention room.

"Uncle Ed, this is it. Open the door!"


The guard in the detention room opened the door for the three of them.

After the three of them walked in, they saw a humanoid being locked in a single room.

Although it was a humanoid creature, there are differences in its appearance from human beings.

It has two horns on its head that resemble bull horns and has red skin that resembles demons in human legends.

Ed is not surprised by the Ninth Prince Doren's appearance, after all, this is not the first time that humans have captured Ochs people. 

He walked forward and said.

"Oh? You are the Ninth Prince of the Ochs Empire?"

"Who are you?"

"Me? My name is Ed Campbell. I will go to your side for negotiations. Do you have anything you want me to take?"

"Do you want to use me as a bargaining chip?"

"Oh, you're pretty smart!"

Although Doren failed his performance in the actual battle, he was still very experienced in politics. After all, he had negotiated many times with other civilizations on behalf of the Ochs Empire.

Moreover, he is part of the Royal Family, which he has long been used to in such an environment. How can he not understand what Ed is going to do?

"Don't bother, I am the least favoured prince, otherwise I will not be thrown to the front to command a small fleet."

"Well, that's okay, let's go!"

Ed turned his head and said something to Lin Fan and then walked out.

Liang Xue was confused.

After walking out of the detention room, Ed looked at Liang Xue and then said to Lin Fan.

"It seems that your adjutant is not very clear of the situation! Can you explain it to her?"

"It's very simple. First of all, from just a few sentences, you can see that the Ninth Prince is not stupid, on the contrary, he is very clever, and he knows politics very well, so asking more will not produce results."

"Secondly, much important information has already been obtained. Just now, he told us not to waste our efforts. When he said he was the least favoured Prince, his eyes looked slightly to the left, and there were some subtle unnatural movements in his hands. He was lying."

"Not only is this Ninth Prince not unfavored but should be extremely favoured. He is probably the favourite prince of the Emperor of the Ochs Empire!"

You can tell so much in just a few words?

Are you two really humans?

The shocked Liang Xue questioned in her heart.

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