Chapter 1: Lin Fan.

Year 58th of the Federal Calendar.

At the Interstellar Military Academy, not far from the Space Army's Lunar Headquarters.

It was noon and Lin Fan was lazily lying on the lawn of an 'artificial courtyard'. He is currently enjoying his daily nap time.

Lin Fan is quite 'well-known' in the Academy. Specifically, he is 'famous' for being the terror of the Battleship Command System and at the same time, 'infamous' for being a problem student.

He is called the 'terror' of the Battleship Command System because he defeated all the instructors in the fleet simulation battle when he first entered the school.

If based on normal logic, the talented Lin Fan should be the pride of the academy.

But the actual situation is a bit different. All the instructors unanimously agreed with a fitting description for Lin Fan and that is a headache...

He just sleeps all the time. Moreover, he is always thinking of ways to find opportunities to sleep.

Such actions naturally give people a bad impression, as if he had no motivation nor interest. But every time the mock exam comes... this guy is always First!

That's why to correct his lazy character, the former Dean of the Academy specially visited the Lunar Headquarters of the Space Army that's near the Academy, and invited Federal Colonel Wood Scott.

At the age of 29, he commands a small fleet. He is known as the most dazzling star in this new era.

The Dean's idea was to have Colonel Wood beat Lin Fan and make him realize that he still has a lot to learn and shouldn't go around being lazy.

However, the result was beyond everyone's expectation. Lin Fan defeated Colonel Wood to the point that he started doubting life itself!

One hundred warships vs. one hundred warships, and Lin Fan wiped out the opposing fleet at the cost of only one small warship.

It was said that after Colonel Wood went back, he even received three months of counselling before he got over such such such hard-hitting defeat.

The top dogs the Space Army even thought that the Dean was deliberately trying to cause trouble and humiliate them.

Ever since then, the Academy left Lin Fan alone. What else could they do?

After all, when it comes to command, no one in the entire academy, including the instructors, is the opponent of this guy.


Lin Fan, who had been lying on the lawn for an hour already, slowly opened his eyes.



[The host’s Artillery Command is now B]!

[Brain Development: +1%]!

Lin Fan felt that his mind seemed to have become clearer.

"Open the Properties Panel!"

[Host: Lin Fan]

[IQ: 380]

[Brain Development: 18%]

[Command Abilities: Artillery Command (B), Evasive Command (C), Formation Command (B), Mecha Command (C)]

[Task 1: Become a fully-fledged fleet commander, and command at least ten warships. (Completion Reward: Arc Engine Technology)]

[Task 2: Raise rank to Colonel. (Completion Reward: Gene Enhancement Potion, activate the Bodily Function Attribute Panel)]

"Finally, Artillery Command has reached B. If I confront Wood again, I am sure that I will defeat him without having any casualty."

Seeing the Artillery Command change from C to B, Lin Fan was satisfied.

Human beings are still in the early years of the Interstellar Age and their experience in Interstellar Warfare is too shallow. Hence, although Colonel Wood is well-known in the Federal Fleet, he is still very immature in the eyes of other Civilizations.

Take the opponents that Lin Fan fights in the System every day, even the ones that are ranked Junior are much better than Wood.

This is also why Lin Fan's abilities, which are actually only B and C, will reach A which is the highest level of the current Federation.

The levels in the System on the other hand is much wider. There are S, SS, SSS and EX above A.

"It has been ten years since I came to this world, graduating in about a year..."

Lin Fan felt somewhat emotional as he gazed at the starry sky through the transparent semicircular cover of the Dome.

Yes, Lin Fan is not from this world, he accidentally travelled here and entered the body of this person that has the same name and surname as the original him.

He also got a System called the Strongest Interstellar Commander System, which helps Lin Fan master the abilities required by various interstellar fleet commanders.

Meaning that in the eyes of others, Lin Fan is lazing around, when in actuality Lin Fan is training hard in the virtual space of the System. In the virtual environment, the System simulates the fleet of major races and conduct simulated battles.

In this 100% virtual environment, it is no different from a real war. The only exception is that he will not die IRL if he dies in the simulation.

"Lin Fan, why are you sleeping here again? Instructor have been looking for you for a long time!"

Suddenly a clear and sweet voice sounded in Lin Fan's ears. He knew that it was their monitor, Emma.

Emma was born into a wealthy family in North America. She was always first no matter what she did. She was as proud as a swan, that is until she entered the Interstellar Military Academy and met Lin Fan...

Lin Fan looked at Emma and can't help but feel a bit embarrassed and even apologetic.

After all, he relied on his cheat System and beat Emma, ​​who was supposed to be the most outstanding genius in the Academy that only seen once in a hundred years. It's because of him that she could only become 'second'.

Seeing Lin Fan looking at her with a bit of pity in his eyes, Emma felt strange, what does this mean?

Regarding Lin Fan, Emma has always had an inexplicable emotion. There's hatred, curiosity and more...

She doesn't even know what's wrong with herself.

"What does the instructor want with me?"

"I don't know, but he said that if I find you, I tell you to go to the Dean's office. Did you do something again?"

"Don't you know me, what can I do besides sleeping?"

'What did I do? It's me who is the least troublesome person. After class, I just sleep (aka enter the virtual world of the System). Lin Fan looked at Emma with a sullen face.

"Hurry up, the Dean is waiting for you!"

"Fine!" Lin Fan stood up reluctantly. He sorted his wrinkled clothes and then walked outside.

"Wait, there's more!"

Looking at Lin Fan who was about to walk out, Emma suddenly stopped him and walked forward. She reached out and patted Lin Fan's clothes a few times.

"You're already so old but is still so sloppy, don't you see that your clothes are dusty?"


This scene was almost like a wife tidying the clothes for her husband who is about to go to work. This made Lin Fan taken aback.

"All right!"

After cleaning up a few plasters on Lin Fan's clothes, Emma raised her head and looked at Lin Fan, only to find that Lin Fan's eyes were a little weird as he looked at her.

The next moment, Emma realized how she just acted and blushed.

Feeling that the atmosphere is getting more and more embarrassing, Emma quickly left the courtyard without looking back.

"So weird, why is this girl still shy? It's not like it's the first time I met her and looked at her. Moreover, she is pretty, she should be proud..." Lin Fan muttered to himself while subconsciously looking at Emma who left the area quickly.

Five minutes later, Lin Fan came to the door of the Dean's office on the top floor of the Academy and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" The voice sounded a little old but still full of vigour.

Lin Fan then pushed the door open and entered the office.

At this moment, aside from the Dean, there was also a middle-aged man in military uniform. When Lin Fan glanced at the man's military rank, he was a Five-star General.

Being a Five-star General at such an age, Lin Fan has some guess about the identity of the other party.

"Dean, I wonder what you need me for?"

"No hurry, first let me introduce you to the Space Army's General Liang Xingchen, Commander of the Mars Base."

"Interstellar Military Academy, 55th Command Department Lin Fan greets Commander Liang!"

Lin Fan got rid of his laziness and immediately saluted Liang Xingchen in a standard military posture!

This man is a great figure repeatedly mentioned in textbooks. He is the greatest hero in defending the Solar System, and the most outstanding commander of the Interstellar Fleet.

However, Liang Xingchen's information is listed as top-secret in the Federation. The only ones available, are his name and past achievements.

His age? His appearance? Sorry, these are also 3S-level confidential information and will not be disclosed to the public.

But despite that, Liang Xingchen is still one of the most respected people.

Seeing him in real person, Lin Fan was a little excited.

According to Federal records, in the defence of the Solar System, three of the four major Federal Fleets were destroyed, it is because of Liang Xingchen who led the remaining Fleet and turned the tide and defeated the Ox Empire's Fleet that has a number ten times of the debris in the asteroid belt. This victory allowed human civilization to be preserved and not get destroyed.

It can be said that Liang Xingchen is the hero of the entire human federation.

Dean opened his mouth wide in shock as he looked at Lin Fan. So this guy also has a serious side?

"Hehe, Old Li, this is different from what you said!"


Dean Li Fulin opened his mouth but didn't know what to say. This is his first time seeing this kid act like this? Isn't this just embarrassing him and slapping his face?

"Lin Fan, I was the one who called you, and I ask you if you plan to graduate early? After all, according to your actual ability, you can't learn anything by staying in the Academy."

"Yes, if I can, I hope I can graduate and join the Federal Fleet as soon as possible."

Lin Fan has not forgotten the two tasks in the System. This is such a good opportunity, he will naturally not give it up.

Moreover, Liang Xingchen was right, Lin Fan really couldn't learn anything by staying in the academy.

"Very good, your graduation assessment will be a fleet simulation battle. It will be conducted by me, understand?"

"Yes, I will strive to live up to Commander Liang's expectations!"

"Alright, you go back first, tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock, report to the Academy Warfare Simulation Building!"

"Yes!" After Lin Fan saluted Liang Xingchen again, he turned and left the Dean's office.

"Are you going to test Lin Fan personally?"

"En, after all, he defeated Wood easily. I want to force his true strength and see just what he can do!"

"Okay, I am happy if you are happy. All I can say is that this is the most talented kid I have ever seen. Giving him to you means you will be responsible for his future."

"Don't worry, if he amazes me tomorrow, I will give him the highest possible rank and let him lead a mixed fleet."


Li Fulai didn't expect Liang Xingchen to have such plans. Lin Fan is currently only 19 years old. Military Academy students should only graduate at the age of 20, and after graduation, depending on grades, only then can they be the captain or deputy of a battleship.

Of course, Liang Xingchen, the commander of the Mars Base, so he has the privilege to carry out such a special promotion. The highest rank he can give is directly to Colonel.

However, this is also risky. Once this special promotion is carried out, Liang Xingchen will face severe punishment if it is later discovered that the person he promoted cannot match the rank.

'Are you so confident Liang Xingchen?' Li Fulai couldn't help but think secretly.

"Of course, the premise is that he has to surprise me tomorrow!"

"Well, you have the final say, after all, I will arrange it!"

At this time, Lin Fan, who had just walked out of the Instructor Area of ​​the Academy, found that Emma was looking eagerly at his side not far away, so he immediately walked over.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm just taking a walk! Why?"

"Okay! Then you go on, I'll leave first!"

Looking at Emma who was not honest at all, Lin Fan smiled. He turned his head and left.

The angry Emma them stomped heavily on the floor, but she accidentally used too much force and slipped. As a result, she twisted her foot.

Damn Lin Fan, pissing me off, hiss... This hurts...

Emma was sitting on the ground while rubbing her right ankle, her expression was a telltale sign that she was in pain!

"Are you okay?"

Emma suddenly raised her head in surprise when she heard this voice. She watched Lin Fan squatting in front of her, looking at herself with a smile on his face.

"Don't worry about it!"

"You're stubborn girl, come, I'll take you to the infirmary."

Lin Fan turned around without waiting for Emma's reaction and squatted down again.

Emma naturally understood what this means, Lin Fan is going to carry herself back. But will she just climb on someone's back? If she did, would she still be the Iceberg Goddess in everyone's mouth?

"Hurry up, small injuries will become big ones as time goes on!"

"Why don't you fix it now then!"

Lin Fan heard Emma's strong response, and couldn't help but want to teach this arrogant girl a bit. But then he felt a soft body lean against his back, and arms gently wrapping around his neck.

Lin Fan was in a daze. Wasn't she so willful just now? This girl is too confusing!

"Aren't we gonna leave?"

Emma yelled softly while blushing.

Under the jealous eyes of the people around, Lin Fan stood up and walked towards the infirmary with Emma on his back. 

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