Chapter 42: Great Future. 

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[Hidden Subclass Confirmed]! 


[Acquired Hidden Subclass: Sinful Tamer]!



[Acquired Hidden Subclass Skill: Bloodstained Tamer] 

[Description: Damage dealt to mutant beasts increased by 10%, innate hostility from mutant beasts increased by 10%.] 



[Added the Subclass Interface, please refer to this interface for relevant content.]


[Acquired pet, Three-tailed Mutant Cat (Baby)! Related operations can be done on the Subclass Interface.] 

A series of prompts sounded, and Qian Lingfeng was taken aback. But then he recovered and quickly opened the System interface. 

There were originally only four pages in the entire interface: [Status], [Items], [Skills] and [Tasks]. But now there was an additional [Subclass] interface.

He opened it and saw that the content in this interface was actually very simple. The upper and lower sections were divided into two modules. The upper division was a display of the Subclass-related level information and the Skills.

However, what surprised Qian Lingfeng was that unlike the other Skills in [Skills], [Bloodstained Tamer] does not seem to use EXP, but instead purely depends on Skill Proficiency.

[Sinful Tamer] 

[Level: Apprentice (Level Upgrade Requirement: Bloodstained Tamer Level 3)] 

[Maximum Pets Owned: 1/1] 


[Subclass Skill: Bloodstained Tamer (Passive)] 

[Level: 1] 

[Proficiency: 1/100] 

[Description: As you nurture your pet, you get the corresponding Proficiency Points. At the same time, it improves the pet's growth speed and loyalty. Passively gain 10% bonus to all attributes from a specified pet. MP Consumption: None. CD: None.] 

As he read through, Qian Lingfeng's heart blossomed with joy.

This was a very good, and rather awesome Subclass. He can gain Proficiency Points by taking care of his pet, which he can then use for Levelling Up. More importantly, the Skill effect of the Subclass Skill is extremely powerful.

Even though the Skill is still Level 1, he was already able to get a 10% all-attribute bonus from a designated pet! This was simply like a pie falling from the sky!

After all, he can only get 4 Attribute Points (AP) when he levels up. So him getting such bonuses was basically equal to raising his level out of thin air!

It was conceivable that in the future, it will become more and more difficult to upgrade his level. So at that time, this Subclass Skill will definitely be a big support for him!

Although the little guy's level is still low and the 10% bonus only added one point to each of his attributes, when the little guy grows up in the future, it will be amazing! 

For example, if the little guy's attributes all reached 200 points, the bonus he can get is 20 points; that's equal to Leveling Up five times!

The little guy himself has the [Speed Digest] Skill and can grow up quickly. So this Subclass skill can be fully utilised in a short time!

'Hehe... This Skill is currently only Level 1, but what about its level increase? How much bonus would he get by then?' 

Thinking of this, Qian Lingfeng greedily laughed. A silver waterline, aka his disgusting saliva, was hanging at the end of his mouth as he drooled. His vision was clouded by the fantasy of the possible future.

He then looked at the other half of the interface. It shows the attributes of the little guy, which was the same as what he saw earlier with [Sage Eyes], except that there were three more bars: [Pet mood], [Pet Loyalty], and [Pet Hunger].

[San Mao's mood: 83]

[San Mao's Loyalty: 91]

[San Mao's Hunger: 61]


'A loyalty of 91!'

This made Qian Lingfeng somewhat emotional. This little guy actually has such a good impression of himself, even though he was its Mother's killer!

But after thinking about it carefully, it was understandable.

Because there was no hatred for killing his mother, as the little guy had just been born. It has no concept of its mother, nor does it have any special feelings, so naturally it has no hatred for himself.

Moreover, he was the one who helped it by peeling off the coating, scrubbed him, even teased and played with it. So maybe because of this, the little guy has a good impression and dependence on him.

These were all Qian Lingfeng's understanding.

But in any case, looking at the loyalty of 91, the little guy suddenly became even more pleasing to his eyes!

The interface's content was not much, and it was easy to understand. Qian Lingfeng quickly understood the related content and interface operation of this Subclass Interface.

When he saw the 61-point hunger of San Mao, while thinking of the upgrade requirement, Qian Lingfeng began preparing to feed the little guy.

He took a carton of milk and found a stainless steel bowl. He tore an opening on the box and then poured milk into the bowl, bringing it to the little guy.

Although San Mao was just born, its appearance and size was no different from the previous peaceful time adult cats; with its strength when it bit his trousers and dragged him, there should be no problem even if he fed it solid food.

However, considering that the little guy was nonetheless a cub, it was still better to feed it milk for a short time, like breastfeeding.

As the old saying goes, 'Children who grow up with milk are always smarter and stronger!' As his first pet and future helper, Qian Lingfeng naturally hopes that the little guy is healthy, and the stronger, the better.

At first, when the bowl of milk was brought in front of it, San Mao didn’t know what to do or didn’t know what it was like. But after Qian Lingfeng helped it, the little guy soon quickly fell in love with the delicious taste of milk.

It easily wiped out five cartons of milk in one breath. When its belly bulged, Qian Lingfeng stopped adding more milk, in case of overfeeding it. But even so, the little guy was still reluctant to part with the bowl of milk. 

It was so full that it had a hiccup. The little guy took two steps back, and maybe because of its fullness, it became like a ball; staggering and rolling around on the ground.

However it didn't care. Despite falling on the ground, the little guy just laid down there and licked its mouth with its tongue. Speaking of, cats always like to do this, maybe it's in their nature.

With joy and expectation, Qian Lingfeng opened the Subclass Interface again.

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