Chapter 41: Hidden Subclass. 

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He packed up everything that can be eaten in the boxes, there were a dozen boxes in total. Qian Lingfeng sealed them with scotch tape.

These food-filled boxes were then stacked in the corridors of the supermarket shelves, in a large pile. It looked spectacular.

In the warehouse, there were also a lot of reserved goods left. These things were not opened yet, and they were stored box by box.

Qian Lingfeng estimated that there were at least twenty boxes left.

However, he did not plan to leave the food here. This is a supermarket, so this would be the primary target for people when they were going to find food.

Hence, leaving the boxes here was undoubtedly a very unwise decision, and if he really did leave them here, that would be no different than depriving himself of a food source.

It's not like he was afraid of trouble and fatigue, so he decided to move all of these things back to his own dormitory, in Dormitory 9. It was better to have these things under his nose (close to him).

Thinking about it this way, Qian Lingfeng began to carry some of the boxes, ready to act.

But at this moment, the corner of his pants suddenly tightened, something was pulling on it.

Qian Lingfeng was taken aback, and quickly lowered his head to see. It was the black kitten, biting his trousers with its small teeth. While biting, the little guy was wagging its small butt. It's funny and annoying at the same time. 

He put down the box, bent down and tapped his fingers on the little guy’s head slightly. The little guy meowed and let go in pain. It's reaction was funny. Maybe because it's not yet accustomed to walking, but when it stepped back, it fell to the ground. 

The little guy shrinked its head, and its small eyes became a bit teary. It's little claws were sprawled out and it looked very cute.

At this moment, Qian Lingfeng was amused by it. He is a cat lover himself, he used to raise more than one cat back at home too. And looking at the little guy’s teary eyes, without the bloodthirst and madness of a beast, his heart was moved. He used [Sage Eyes].

[Name: Three-Tailed Mutant Cat (Baby) (Red Elite)] 

[Cat Type Mutant Beast] 

[Level: 0]   

[HP: 40/40] 

[MP: 50/50] 

[Strength: 3] 

[Intelligence: 5] 

[Agility: 5] 

[Stamina: 4] 


[Skill: Speed Digest (Passive)] 

[Level: 2]

[Description: Grants the ability to eat food larger than their own bodies, quickly digesting and absorbing it to promote self-growth. MP Consumption: None. CD: None.] 


[Equipment: None] 

[Note: This is a cub of a mutated cat monster. It is a great pet worth owning! Of course you have to raise it first.]  

[Growth Index: 5 Stars.]

[Loyalty Index: 5 Stars.]

Overall, it doesn't have any bad talent and attributes. Although it was far different from when he was at Level 0, when he saw the [Speed Digest] skill, Qian Lingfeng finally decided to raise this little guy.

With such a passive skill, it would mean that this little kitten would grow up quickly, and after a short period of time, it can become his powerful helper!

When he thought up to here, he couldn't help but imagine the kitten’s strength when it reached the level of its mother! When this little guy grows up, it will definitely be a big help to him!

This was especially true after seeing the 5 Star Growth Index and the 5 Star Loyalty Index evaluation. That was Qian Lingfeng's final reason that persuaded him to make this decision. 

Being a lone wolf has its perks, but nonetheless, it falls short compared to being with a group. And since he doesn't want any other people, it is better to be alone but with a helper. After all, in the apocalypse, how many people can safely watch your back?

He Jie was a good example in this case. With the arrival of the apocalypse, people's hearts have become more fierce than before.

A pet is more loyal than people anyway, at least under normal circumstances, they will not betray you.

He once read a sentence, "The more people I meet, the more I like dogs." Human nature is treacherous, but animals that betray their owners are rare.

"Well, I guess it was fate that brought us together, little guy. Let's survive together!"

He grasped one of the front paws of the kitten and gave it a friendship shake. The little guy was also very cooperative and meowed. Though it was not clear whether it was actually protesting or agreeing.

'Gotta give a pet a name...' 

As he watched this little furry guy's appearance, and his deceased mother's characteristics, he thought of a simple name basing from their 3 tails, "San Mao."

Despite the kitten meowing in objection, after naming it, Qian Lingfeng hugged it in his arms and rubbed it vigorously.

Its fur felt really good. And he can't help but rub it some more. Qian Lingfeng laughed wretchedly, when...


[Triggered Hidden Subclass: Sinful Tamer]! 

[Description: With hands stained with blood, you have cut its head off with your sickle! However, hatred is forever gone, forgotten and buried in the past. Perhaps it is fate's ridicule. Now, their fallen souls will be at your will.]

[Accept Subclass? (Yes) (No)] 

[This Subclass is unique. Once the selection is confirmed, it cannot be changed under normal circumstances!] 

Qian Lingfeng was shocked, 'a Hidden Subclass was triggered?!' But then, he got confused. He didn't know anything about a Subclass at all. 

After calming down, Qian Lingfeng took a closer look at the prompts of the System. Although he doesn't know what the specifics are, he was still able to understand the gist of it. This Subclass being triggered was related to his decision of raising "San Mao".

Just as the description said, he had killed the mother of "San Mao"; but now that he wants to raise it, so that it can serve as his pet and helper, and maybe because of its attitude of saving it from the coating, it had forgotten the sin of Qian Lingfeng killing its mother. That's considering if it even knew that to begin with. 

After a moment of silence, Qian Lingfeng nodded secretly. Although he doesn't exactly know whether this Subclass was good or not, however, taking into account that it was a 'hidden' Subclass and comparing it to his general gaming experience, it should be relatively awesome as what hidden Classes are!

Since he will raise San Mao anyways, this subclass would surely be useful. After thinking of this, he finally chose to confirm it.

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