Chapter 40: Take Everything. 

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"Poor little guy, it's dying." Qian Lingfeng reached out his hand and patted the little guy's head. The little guy finally moved a little, but that was all.

This layer of coating was originally used to protect its existence when it was still in its mother's stomach, but now, since it came to this world, this layer of coating has become a barrier to its life.

The kitten had been wrapped in the sticky coating for a long time, and it had  even dried a little bit, hence it was tightly stuck to the kitten.

But Qian Lingfeng was actually a little surprised by this little thing. Because even after being wrapped in it for so long, this little guy still hasn't died yet.

The kitten struggled hard to get up, but no matter how hard it tried, it just couldn't break free from the coating. 

And after struggling so many times, it lost its remaining energy. No matter how Qian Lingfeng tried to poke it, it didn't respond.

Qian Lingfeng's heart was moved, and he subconsciously stretched out his hand to pull the coating off of the little guy, and gently helped tear it off. When the viscous coating was torn off, it revealed the little guy’s wet fine hair.

He gently touched the little guy and as he looked at this little guy who hadn't even opened his eyes, Qian Lingfeng didn't know what he was thinking, but he decided to simply and neatly helped this little guy by completely peeling off the coating. He then took a bottle of mineral water from the supermarket shelf, rinsed the kitten off, and wiped it dry with a napkin.

Without the thick and sticky coating, and after resting for a while, the little guy finally recovered;finally able to stand up by himself.

Its mother was a powerful mutant cat after all. Although it had almost died, its innate desire to survive and strength was still very strong.

Qian Lingfeng was dumbfounded, as the little guy suddenly stretched out its tongue and licked his fingers. It then rubbed its head at him, showing an appearance of intimacy and flattery.

Qian Lingfeng shook his head and smiled bitterly. He stretched out his hand and gently patted the little guy on the head. Qian Lingfeng felt his heart unexplainably loosen, but he finally stood up and was ready to get to business.

Originally, even if the mutant cat wasn't here, Qian Lingfeng had already planned to come here because of the large amount of food in this supermarket.

Production had stopped and over time, resources would be exhausted; these things will become the capital of life in the future.

Many things would go bad if they were left uneaten and just stored in some unit. However, if they were stored in [Items] of the System, then there would be no problem at all; and shelf life can basically be ignored.

[Items] is a vacuum environment, and it seems to involve time and other ultramodern futuristic technology. What things look like when they are put in, they will still look the same when they are taken out, without the slightest change. This was very suitable for storing food.

The storage capacity is 3x4, totaling to twelve grids, meaning it can hold twelve items. However, if you use a large package to store the smaller items, you can just put the large package and it will only count as one item, only occupying one grid. 

Qian Lingfeng divided the twelve grids for specific uses. 

Four of the grids were used to put some urgently taken equipment and supplies, such as the High-Carbon Steel Dagger, [Small Health Potion], etc.

Other than the four grids, Qian Lingfeng prepared eight large blue canvas bags, each of which were about the same size of a travel suitcase.

Qian Lingfeng will put the non-urgently taken items, like food, into these big bags.

These were the big bags that the school originally distributed to the freshmen during their first year, mainly to hold quilts and pillows. Though, now they were used as storage units for other things like food. 

What surprised Qian Lingfeng was that a travel suitcase wouldn't fit in the [Items], but for some reason the bag that was about the same size as the suitcase fits, and only occupies one grid! 

Once you put a stuffed bag on [Items], a swollen bag icon was displayed on the [Items] interface.

Unfortunately, the bag cannot be stacked like the [Life Essence].

In one of the 8 large bags, Qian Lingfeng put in the dozen fruit knives he had collected, and there was also the [Nasty Zombie Bracelet's Manufacturing Scroll] and some special materials that the monsters dropped. And some other items of the same genre/relevance. 

As for the temporarily unusable necklace [Neko's Resentment], Qian Lingfeng also took advantage of this opportunity to tidy it up and put it in the same big bag.

Three of the bags were already full of food. These were from the dorms. 

As for the remaining 4 bags, Qian Lingfeng began to search for food in the supermarket.

For food in a supermarket, although these 4 big bags were not small, it was impossible to pack them all. Therefore, Qian Lingfeng chose what kind of foods he would get, such as bread, biscuits, instant noodles and the like.

As for those with inflated packages with little actual stuff inside, such as potato chips and French fries, Qian Lingfeng only glanced at them before giving them up. These things take up too much space and are too inefficient. 

The key to the apocalypse was to be able to eat as long as possible and not starve to death after all.

The 4 bags very quickly filled up until they were completely full. But it's a pity that even if he made use of the full capacity of the [Items] by using the bags, the capacity was still very limited. 

After thinking about it, Qian Lingfeng gritted his teeth, and went to the small warehouse in the supermarket to find boxes.

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