Chapter 35: Black Cat. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

"You mean, you know the location of the mutant cat that set off that howl last night, it’s seriously injured and is dying?!!!" Qian Lingfeng's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets. It's not that he can't calm himself, but the news that He Jie just spoke really is just too shocking!

Right after Qian Lingfeng's thoughts about He Jie, the two carefully scoured the surrounding area. 

But they only found at least two [Life Essence]. Qian Lingfeng couldn't help but sigh at how thorough He Jie's search was, and how "clean" the area was. 

Qian Lingfeng was a little disappointed, and was ready to go to the other dormitory buildings that He Jie has not checked and searched through them.

But at that moment, He Jie suddenly dropped a news bomb.

"Qian Lingfeng, do you remember the meowing last night? After killing this big zombie, the cat was also seriously injured and was about to die! I was afraid that I could not deal with it alone, but now that I have you, the two of us can try hunting it!"

There was excitement and greed in his words.

Obviously the zombies around were all dead, there was no danger at all, so Qian Lingfeng had already taken off the thick jacket.

However, He Jie still had no intention of taking off his raincoat. He was still wrapped in the raincoat, and the mask still tightly covered his face. But since he controls cold air, he can reduce the temperature and he doesn't have to worry about overheating.

A BOSS monster on the brink of death, Qian Lingfeng's heart was certainly moved!

He would be lying if he said that he's not tempted. After all, if he deals the final hit and kills the BOSS, the amount of EXP he would get would certainly be enough for him to level up by at least one level! Moreover, there's also the equipment and items dropped! This was simply an irresistible temptation!

However, Qian Lingfeng didn't immediately agree to it. He knew that there was more behind this and something was wrong. Since He Jie said it was dying, why didn't he go there and give it a try himself instead? He was clearly strong enough to not need anyone's aid. 

This guy was definitely not easy to deal with!

Also, after he saw He Jie’s strength, Qian Lingfeng also hurriedly claimed his task reward to gain more strength himself. The System was very generous, and he gained 800 EXP. There was also a small green bottle of Potion.

[Name: Kainuo's Great Power] 

[Description: Temporarily increases max HP by 100 points for 120 seconds, and after the first 120 seconds, increases strength by 10 points for 60 seconds.]

["Behold Master Kainuo's Dual Attribute Booster Potion! And it comes at a cheap price!"—Alchemist Keno—Wenxi."] 

The EXP required for leveling up from Level 5 to Level 6 is 850 points, and since the task reward was 800 points, plus the original 339 points (made of the original 39 points, the EXP obtained by killing the remaining zombies, and the EXP obtained by the [Life Essences]), he has a total of 1139 points.

He chose to Level Up and became Level 6 with 289 points left. The next level (Level 7) requires him to get 1100 EXP!

As for the four AP that came with the level up, Qian Lingfeng's still decided to divide it into 2 points for Strength and 2 points for Agility. So, his Strength and Agility attribute has now both reached 24 points!

With two attributes at 24 points, and three pieces of equipment on his body, plus the High-Carbon Steel Dagger and [Super Smut], Qian Lingfeng was confident that once the facade drops, he can definitely fight He Jie!

He Jie shared some more relevant details, which surprised Qian Lingfeng further by how informed the other party was. The mutant cat was currently in Building 6, next to Building 9 and Building 10!


Each building was 50 meters apart from each other.  

On the first floor of Building 6, there was a small supermarket named "Jin Gofu" which was the go-to for the students in District D to buy stuff back in peaceful times.

According to He Jie, when he went to the "Jin Gofu" supermarket to find something to eat, as soon as he entered, he saw a leopard-sized cat with a black body and three tails in the supermarket!

This mutant cat seems to have suffered a serious injury. It was covered in blood, even a section of its abdomen was ripped open and its small intestine was exposed! One of its feet seemed to be also broken and drooped limply.

But although the cat's eyes were tightly closed, He Jie dare not approach it because the monster was still breathing, its huge body was constantly rising and falling with its breathing. It was still alive!

He was shocked by what he saw, thinking of the horrifying situation last night, he quickly took advantage of this mutant cat not noticing him and carefully retreated.

'Out looking for food? Isn't it just the third day? Did he already eat all the food in his entire dorm building? Why is he out looking for reserves? Was he looking to hoard it?' 

Qian Lingfeng thought, but he only glossed over it and put it aside for now. He thought of the supermarket instead, and suddenly remembered something. 

The Auntie from the supermarket was raising a black female cat. This female cat was lazy and a glutton. She either steals food or finds a place to lie down and sleep. Moreover, this cat seems to be very h0rny and was in a relationship with the all male cats in the school, and gave birth to many kittens. These kittens gave the Supermarket Auntie a headache. Fortunately, they were put up for adoption.

As for the actual culprit of why there's so many kittens to begin with, the Auntie also thought about sending this cat away and giving it to others to raise. But probably because the Auntie had been raising it for several years, she was a little reluctant and tolerated the cat's "abusive" and "loud" behaviours.

This mutant cat should be the same cat that the Supermarket Auntie raised. The cat's name was Neko. Qian Lingfeng's eyes flashed. "When the apocalypse descended, either the Supermarket Auntie became a zombie and died, or was eaten by a zombie, and Neko the cat mutated!" 

After some thought, he didn't agree to He Jie’s proposal yet, instead Qian Lingfeng decided to go and take a look. Like what's the situation and what was He Jie talking about; the serious injury and near death. 

After all, seeing is believing. Before he personally sees the cat's injury, Qian Lingfeng would not make any decision lightly...

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