Chapter 34: Freezing Wind. 

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Qian Lingfeng added, "The System calls this [Life Essence] and if you eat it, you can gain 10 EXP. This is one way for us System owners to level up."

"Oh, so that's it! Haha, I'm really sorry, I didn't expect it to be useful to you too. I just ate it directly without consideration."

He Jie now understood Qian Lingfeng's reaction, he continued, "Uh, since this [Life Essence] is useful for you and me, it's better to do half and half on the drops we pick up in the future. I believe that you and I teaming up would help our clearing speed to go faster."

As He Jie was talking about cooperation, his eyes were smiling and bright. Although he was wearing a mask, it was still clear that he seemed to be proud of something. 

To be fair, his proposal seemed to be reasonable. After all, it was true that if the two of them joined forces to kill zombies, they would indeed be faster. The dropped items could just be divided into half and half, which is absolutely fair and reasonable.

Qian Lingfeng smiled slightly and nodded. He did not decline, and simply accepted. 

"Okay, that's fair. Hehe, then I'll count on you to let me borrow your light in the future." Qian Lingfeng joked. 

'You want to team up, suggest sharing half of the drops and items, and use my storage grid?' Amidst his seemingly unsuspecting smile, Qian Lingfeng's eyes gleamed slightly.

"Sure no problem, since we already decided to team up, there's no need to be so polite with each other. You can borrow it as much as you want." He Jie replied. 

He Jie's proposal of dividing half and half seems fair at first, but Qian Lingfeng noticed the former's true purpose.

Since the agreed term was 'dropped items', it was not just limited to [Life Essence], is it? 

By using a broad term, it does not limit the sharing to mere [Life Essence] dropping from monsters. It also applies to the equipment or items dropped. 

This was where He Jie's grand plan lies, the equipment and items were only visible and can only be picked up by System owners. Only after passing through the hands of a System owner can other people can use an item. 

At the beginning, Qian Lingfeng saw this in the information from the texts released by China Telecom and the government!

Since He Jie was being so generous as to even come up with the idea of sharing, there should be a catch. And indeed there was, and that was his System. There's also his storage grid, which can store a large amount of water and food regardless of the shelf life!

Just now, after agreeing to his proposal, Qian Lingfeng noticed the flash of smugness in the eyes of this person named He Jie.

Also, when Qian Lingfeng watched him eat the [Life Essence] that was stained with zombie blood, this He Jie didn't even frown!


There were a lot of zombies killed on the first floor, and even within the full three to four hundred meters of the surrounding area, the zombies were all lying dead on the ground; except for one or two that were stronger than others.

He Jie got up very early, just before dawn, and cleared the zombies on the D10 floor; picking up the [Life Essence] dropped.

Since there was a large area of ​​dead zombies just outside his dormitory building, He Jie naturally did not want to pass up the [Life Essence] that these dead dropped, and have come down to pick them up. 

After finishing his treasure hunt, He Jie was actually going to look inside the D9 dormitory building. But didn't expect Qian Lingfeng to come down from the D9 dormitory building.


However, even if He Jie has his own thoughts and calculations, Qian Lingfeng himself was also looking for opportunities to make use of this He Jie's value.

But when He Jie said that he had found out almost all of the dropped [Life Essence] and had already eaten them, Qian Lingfeng had the strong urge to strangle this bastard in front of him alive right then and now! 'So much for sharing you motherf*cker!'

'You got up early in the morning, eh? Go f*ck yourself! F*ck that Zombie Wife of yours! Share? F*ck off and go masturbate using some meat paste as lube, you sick f*ck!" In his heart, Qian Lingfeng endlessly threw out curses towards He Jie, calling him all sorts of things. 

Even with just three floors, Qian Lingfeng found almost two dozen [Life Essence], which already gave him a substantial 200 EXP in total.

The size of the three to four hundred meters of area he's talking about, was practically half of the D dormitory area! So many zombies were just lying there dead. So many [Life Essence] that should've been dropped! But all of these have entered He Jie's stomach now!! So many EXP's all for this bastard!!! 

While feeling the hatred in his heart, Qian Lingfeng used [Sage Eyes] on He Jie, showing his attributes. 

[Name: He Jie (Human) (Rank 1 Ability User)] 

[Level: 7] 

[HP: 150/150] 

[MP: 220/220] 

[Strength: 15] 

[Intelligence: 22] 

[Agility: 16] 

[Stamina: 15] 


[Skill: Cold Air Manipulation (Active)] 

[Level: 2] 

[Description: Consumes a certain amount of MP to control cold air at will. Can condense it into special Ice Arrows, Ice Cage, Ice Swords, etc.] 

[*Special move:] 

[Freezing Wind: An instantaneous burst of extremely cold air from the body, causing huge damage to targets within 25 meters of the user, and at the same time freezing the target completely! Basic Damage Output is 55 points. Continuous Freezing Damage is 2 points every ten seconds. Consumes 90% of the total MP. No CD] 

[Equipment: None] 

"Tough!!" Qian Lingfeng had one word to say! He already knew that He Jie shouldn't be weak, but after actually seeing his attribute panel, Qian Lingfeng was really shocked. He Jie’s strength is not at all below himself!

Especially that [Freezing Wind] special ability. If Qian Lingfeng doesn't use his shield, he'll certainly be killed by this skill. Not only does it have 55 points of Basic damage, it also has a continuous damage effect!

"Thank god I have a shield with 100 points of protection!" Qian Lingfeng subconsciously held the eyeball in his pocket, and thanked his fortune as he let out a sigh of relief.

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