Chapter 33: [Nourishment Pill]. 

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Qian Lingfeng narrowed his eyes inadvertently and looked at He Jie, who was wrapped in a raincoat. Qian Lingfeng's eyes flashed inexplicably.

"This person is not as simple as he looks!" Although it was the first time they met, and they had only exchanged nothing but few words in their conversation, Qian Lingfeng really felt this way. But of course he didn't show his suspicions on the surface. 

Since He Jie seemed to be open about his own experience after the apocalypse, Qian Lingfeng also explained his situation to He Jie.

He narrated how he managed to survive and some of the abilities he possessed, such as the System and some related skills. Qian Lingfeng also talked about his items like the High-Carbon Steel Dagger. For him, it's better to just be upfront about these things. He Jie will sooner or later learn of these things as they stick together, and hiding it now would just put doubt in their budding relationship, which would result in nothing but bad things. 

However, although Qian Lingfeng was indeed transparent, he didn’t mention the three pieces of equipment dropped by the zombies. He also didn't say his most powerful Skill [Super Smut]. These things were life-savers and he could not easily disclose them, even if he wanted to build trust with the other person. Each person will inevitably keep some of their secrets and trump cards to themselves. 

As the saying goes, 'thoughts of harm are not allowed, but thoughts of defense are necessary.' This was the way during the modern and peaceful times, and it was especially true in the apocalypse. 

'Who knows who might try to kill you after learning of your disadvantages!' 

At least to this person called He Jie, for some reason Qian Lingfeng feels that this person seems to be a little strange... He's giving Qian Lingfeng a somewhat uncomfortable feeling.

He Jie’s whole person was wrapped in the raincoat, and Qian Lingfeng can’t see his exact appearance. As for his voice, He Jie’s tone was actually very polite, and there even seemed to be an accent of a serious student, revealing a somewhat kind feeling. In this aspect, he seems normal.

But it is this kindness that makes Qian Lingfeng feel strange. It seems a little abnormal, a bit similar to just a facade out on the surface!

Moreover, when He Jie mentioned that he killed the zombies that his roommates had turned into, he was obviously a little vague in the details.

But leaving these aside, just from what Qian Lingfeng could tell, this guy was definitely a ruthless person! A person who can kill others to save his own life when the situation is unknown or dire!

There was absolutely no problem with Chen Mo’s physical fitness to kill Zombie Little Aunt, but since he hesitated because it's Little Aunt, he was killed instead. Even Qian Lingfeng hesitated himself, even with the System literally telling that his 'friend' was nothing but a zombie. 

But although such hesitations ended with tragedy, this was the normal response of a person. After all, that's your former buddy! 

But He Jie? In order to survive, this guy probably immediately killed his roommates, who he was close with, without much hesitation! And to what he said about another roommate with him who 'died' from being bitten, the situation really needs more scrutiny!

All these were Qian Lingfeng's thoughts in heart. On the surface, he was very friendly and he doesn't look at all defensive nor wary. Qian Lingfeng seemed to be also very happy to meet a fellow survivor from the same school, and seemed to immediately regard He Jie as a person he could trust and rely on.  

Of course Qian Lingfeng's thoughts might be wrong, but it's better to be ready in case whatever happens in the future. He doesn't want to die without even knowing it in his sleep.   

As General Cao Cao said, 'I would rather shun the world, than the world shun me!' 

Of course, this saying was a bit too much to actually use here, but the general idea is about the same, especially in the apocalypse. 

'I'd rather bear treacherous and evil thoughts against others, than be the one getting preyed on and lowering my guard against.'

Knowing that Qian Lingfeng got a System, He Jie both looked happy and envious. Although he hadn't seen System owners before, he had heard of it.

During the initial outbreak of the apocalypse, the network communication resources were not interrupted immediately, and he basically knows a lot of the above information.

So of course He Jie was envious of the relevant capabilities of a System.

"You're so lucky, you got a System! Not to mention combat ability, you have the ability to store things. In this current world where resources are scarce, you can store a lot of reserves, and your future is much more secured."

He Jie's tone was full of emotion and envy. He had obviously considered some situations that might arise in the future and the benefits of a System.

"Hehe, just lucky, lucky..." 

With that said, Qian Lingfeng was prepared to follow along with He Jie. But suddenly to his surprise, after he spoke, He Jie suddenly seemed to have found something and picked up a small white ball stained with blood from a zombie corpse. 

Taking a closer look, it was a [Life Essence]!

'What?!! People without a System can also pick up items dropped by zombies?!!!' Seeing what was in He Jie's hand, Qian Lingfeng was shocked.

He Jie seemed to have noticed Qian Lingfeng's expression at this time. He shook the [Life Essence] in his hand, followed by a weird smile, and then ate it. 

"This is something that zombies drop. I call it [Nourishment Pill]. It can strengthen my abilities after eating it. Ha ha, the name [Nourishment Pill] was from an apocalypse novel I read before."

Putting away the surprised look on his face, Qian Lingfeng smiled and nodded.

"Oh, so that's the case. At first, I thought this thing could only be seen by someone who has a System. I didn't expect that everyone could see it too, and that it would also be useful to those with special abilities."

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