Chapter 29: Self-Recovery. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Looking at his HP that's still dropping, he had no time to think about other stuff. He took out a bottle of [Small Health Potion], opened the stopper and downed it. Soon, the effect of the first bottle of potion finished and Qian Lingfeng used another bottle again.

It was only after downing the two bottles, did his HP finally stopped dropping. His HP also stabilized at 22.

At the same time, with the stability of his HP, Qian Lingfeng's mood has also calmed down a lot. Anyone whose life was in danger will find it hard to calm down during such a situation.

He took a heavy breath, and after a moment of silence, he finally calmed down.

"If I didn’t have these potions, that would've been the end of me." Qian Lingfeng held the quilt tightly as he looked at the two empty glass bottles beside him with lingering fears.

'Many zombies should also have been killed by that! But the same goes for the survivors, they probably also got affected...' Qian Lingfeng thought.

 He has the Steel Shell System, and is currently Level 5 with 90 points of Max HP, but he still depended on two potions to barely survive.

'So for those other survivors, unless they have some unusual talents, or are the same as himself, they won't survive.' 

Thinking of this, Qian Lingfeng felt bitter and a trace of sorrow flashed in his eyes. In this now-chaotic world, human life is really fragile!

Even if you stay at home, disasters will fall from the sky! For example, tonight. The survivors should have been sleeping but they were killed in their sleep, and not even knowing how they died.

But after regaining his bearings, he no longer entangled himself with these guys who may have died already. Although the movements outside have completely stopped, the current situation is still not clear. He must not be careless as something might happen again! 

He gritted his teeth and quickly seized the time to take two more bottles of potions. This time, he finally recovered to 59 points!

Each bottle can restore 15 points of health within five seconds, and two bottles will be 30 points in total. Originally, his HP was only 22 points, so 30 points plus 22 points is 52 points.

As for the extra 7 points, it was the reason why Qian Lingfeng did not continue to use the potions after the Status Effect stopped.

In many games, the character or the player has his own recovery ability after being injured. Even if he does not use potions, the character himself will slowly recover! Just like humans in real life when they get a wound or injured. 

And facts have proved that his idea was correct. Although the System did not mention this, nor was it displayed in the interface, he indeed has a self-recovery ability!

In less than three minutes, his HP recovered by seven points, the rate of recovery was every thirty seconds!

This speed may be ridiculously slow if this was an online game, but for the current real world, it was nothing but good news!

He has a max HP of 90 which means that even if he loses more HP, his health can be automatically restored to full within 45 minutes! Is there anything better than this?!!! This means that he has the ability to continue fighting quickly!

One needs to know that a bottle of [Small Health Potion] only restores fifteen points of health, and he only got seven bottles of this stuff after clearing zombies the whole day! Such a low drop rate was ridiculous!

After the 'meowing', everything turned dead silent. It has been almost ten minutes since then. It's now a safe time to check, and Qian Lingfeng also wanted to know what happened outside.

But first he donned his thick 'cloth' armor (the jackets). It may be quiet right now, but who knows what's waiting for him, he needs to be prepared as much as possible. 

"I can just look at what happened from the balcony." 

He did what he thought, but unfortunately, the moon and stars tonight were obscure and dim; and because of the power outage, the street lights were off. Without a trace of light, the situation below is completely unclear.

His expectations and plans were completely thrown out of the window, which made Qian Lingfeng a little disappointed.

Although he has a flashlight, but he was not stupid enough to turn it on at this time. 

Turning it on will make him stick out like a sore thumb and it might just attract that BOSS mutated cat. He'll get killed instantly. 

Fortunately he has collected food and some important reserves during the clearings, and has enough if ever he'll be stuck for some time. 

And although there were only twelve grids, he exploited the system by putting the small items into a bag first and then stored the bag. That way he can store many things while consuming less grid space. Unfortunately, he can't store much bigger things, otherwise he could've stuffed in more.

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