Chapter 9: Health Potion. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

When the virus broke out, because their home was next to the Public Security Bureau, the policemen of the nearby Public Security Bureau used the power of guns to repel the attacks of the zombies, and wiped out the surrounding zombies. Few people, and Qian Lingfeng's parents were one of them.

Moreover, as a former military veteran, coupled with the lack of manpower in the Public Security Bureau, Qian Lingfeng's father was also given a type-54 pistol to help along the small number of police officers participating in the battle. This made Qian Lingfeng both proud of his father, but also worried about him!

Because there were enough weapons and manpower, the situation at his parents' place was not that bad at first; but even so, due to the appearance of the insects and mutants, it seemed that the situation gradually became quite bad in the end.

Finally, when the communication signal was interrupted, Qian Lingfeng read his parent’s message that they had followed the leader and began to retreat. As for their direction of retreat, it's to the army base stationed on the edge of the local township! It is said that the situation seems better there because of the armored battalion.

Knowing that his mother and father were following the police force with weapons, Qian Lingfeng was relieved by a lot. After all, even if there is a zombie apocalypse, the police still have weapons like pistols and even submachine guns that can repel the zombie's, just like in the games.

Even if the police were no better than the soldiers of the army, there was no doubt that it was relatively safer to be with them. And if they can safely reach the military station, with the protection of national-level weapons, there was no doubt that the safety factor of his parents will be much greater.

After confirming the safety of his parents, Qian Lingfeng finally felt the rock in his heart lighten. It's Qian Lingfeng's turn to consider his own safety.

Earlier, Qian Lingfeng simply thought that he obtained the System through luck. Judging from the text messages he received from his parents and the telecommunications company, as well as the other short messages from other senders, he was not alone when he obtained the System.

It seems that the apocalypse has descended, and many have died, but at the end of despair, humans seem to have a ray of hope, that is superhuman powers! These were the rays of hope.

Some humans did not die after being infected by the virus, instead, some kind of genetic evolution had occurred! These people then obtained superhuman powers, just like Alice in Resident Evil. And although their numbers were scarce, they were not as rare as Alice in Resident Evil who's just the only one.

In addition to these kinds of people, there were also some people who have mutated like the mutant beasts and became mutant people. Even more, there were also a small number of human beings who have gotten Systems from a certain universe, just like Qian Lingfeng's!

It seems that other than the Steel Shell System, there are many other system versions, such as Deep Blue 2.0, Jiqiao 3.1, Dominator 3000, etc. This was something that made Qian Lingfeng feel frustrated, but also happy.

Frustrated because he originally thought that the unique opportunity he received, was not as rare as he had thought. He was happy because it's the end of the world, and more people with power meant hope for humanity to survive.

Although Qian Lingfeng has not seen the mutant beasts nor the insects, from the words in the text messages, they were impenetrable with bullets, rockets and even missiles cannot kill them. This shows how strong the opponents were. With enemies of this level, what's the point of being strong alone?!!

(He's referring to him the only one getting the System and getting strong that way) 

I am afraid that the whole world was riddled with zombies. A zombie sea just like in the movies could form, and evolved zombies that can fly, swim, and resist rocket shells could emerge. Qian Lingfeng couldn't help shivering at that thought.

The ocean monsters were probably dancing wildly. Qian Lingfeng could not help but shiver again. At this moment, the joy and excitement from getting the System disappeared.

"Apocalypse came. If in Resident Evil, the virus almost destroyed the world; what would happen right now that there are not only there's zombies, there's also mutant beasts and insects running rampant? Are humans really going to be destroyed? What the hell is going on? Ah?!!!" Qian Lingfeng's expression was ugly. 

After being silent for a long time, Qian Lingfeng released a long sigh, and finally a little light lit up in his eyes, "No, with human wisdom and technology, how could these be able to destroy mankind? After all, human beings are intelligent creatures with high IQs!

Moreover, there were also Evolvers, Mutants, and System Owners! And he himself has the Steel Shell System! 

Qian Lingfeng estimated that the origin of this Steel Shell System was definitely not simple. According to the information given by the system when it booted, the Steel Shell System should be a product of a higher civilization somewhere in the universe!

Thinking of hope, Qian Lingfeng finally regained his bearings and was full of fighting spirit. For now, Qian Lingfeng decided to go to Haicheng to find his parents! Actions speak louder than words, so after making up his mind, he immediately took action.

First of all, the Novice Guidance Task. When he killed the zombie, the System also prompted the task as [Completed], just that Qian Lingfeng did not pay attention at that time. But now that he came back to his senses, he naturally opened the page to check.

The Novice Guidance Task has indeed been completed, and the reward was displayed as [Unclaimed]. Qian Lingfeng eagerly claimed the reward.

A white light flashed, and a small green silk pouch appeared in Qian Lingfeng's hand. At the same time, Qian Lingfeng saw a prompt that his EXP had increased by 200.

"200 EXP... The EXP reward for this Novice Guidance Task is quite generous." Qian Lingfeng sighed with emotion.

The silk pouch was tied by a white string. He reached out and pulled out the white string. Qian Lingfeng then took out a cylindrical glass tube containing half a tube of red liquid.

[Name: Small Health Potion] 

Description: After drinking, restores 15 points of HP in five seconds."

"It's actually a Health Potion!!" Seeing the effect of the Potion, Qian Lingfeng was happy. Although the HP restored was on the lower side, with this thing, it can save his life at a critical moment.

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