Chapter 24: Solutions. 

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However,  if he just skipped the fifth floor and met with an unexpected situation, or if he was forced to retreat, he might have to withdraw back to the fourth floor. Then the ruckus he would be making might lure the zombies to the fifth floor, sandwiching him from both above and below, bringing all the zombies into the fourth floor.

And currently, this floor was his only safe place, he could not risk compromising it.

Even if his strength level was high and he necessarily wouldn’t die immediately, but still... that was just not a situation he wanted to be in nor was it applicable for long term as food was also an issue.

Moreover, killing the zombies on the fifth floor would help him gain EXP and further increase his own strength, before facing the zombies below.

Considering all the options above, he decided to clean up the zombies on the fifth floor. At that moment, Qian Lingfeng suddenly thought of a problem. His previous killings were done with geographical advantages and the clever use of windows to kill. But when he moved to the fifth floor later, he would have no choice but to fight the zombies head-on. 

Thinking of the danger factor, Qian Lingfeng frowned slightly.

His current Strength, with "Gordon's Bronze Badge" equipped, had reached 20 points. He also had 20 points in Agility. Basically having two attributes that was at or past the 20 point mark. In terms of attributes alone, he was now comparable to a BOSS and could simply crush Level 2 and 3 Zombies. 

And even if he encountered another BOSS like the one just now, it was not impossible to fight head-on, and kill the enemy forcefully!

But the thing was, even if he had an overwhelming advantage in strength in a head-on battle, it was still inevitable that there would be blind spots. All it would take was one moment of carelessness and he would get bitten. 

If he had a long weapon or a long-range weapon, it should be enough; but if he used a short-range dagger for close combat, the chances of being bitten was definitely not a small number!   

"What to do?!!! I have to think of a solution, otherwise I would be accidentally bitten by a zombie, that would be really f*cking dumb!" After thinking for a moment and utilising all the potential of his 12 points of Intelligence, an idea soon drifted by.


With joy, he searched the only wardrobe left in the dormitory and found some winter wear, jackets and sweaters. 

He first put on two thin and thick sweaters, then put on a jacket, and finally another jacket on top. Qian Lingfeng also put on long trousers, cotton trousers, and finally put on jeans. It was triple protection, thick, heavy, and straightforward. All of this clothing wrapped Qian Lingfeng into a fat ball.   

As for his feet, Qian Lingfeng didn't forget them either. He tore off a thick piece of clothing, and then wrapped his feet with the sneakers on.   

Zombies were sensitive to sounds and his feet would be making the most noise when walking. Doing this could prevent the zombies from biting his feet, and at the same time eliminate the sound of shoes walking on the ground.   

This was the solution he came up to prevent being bitten by zombies. He covered himself in thick clothes so that even if the zombies accidentally bit him, he was protected by the thick clothes and the bite wouldn’t pierce his skin immediately.

However, it was still October, and the weather in Hong Kong was not optimal for cold weather clothes at all. Since he was covered in so much, he naturally felt the heat and even faintly began to sweat.

Moreover, wearing so many clothes greatly limits his ability to move! Out of his 20 points of Agility, he could at most use and display only 12 points of it. There was also the added burden of weight. 

However, for him, these three compromises were infinitely better than being bitten. 

'Who cares if it's really hot?' He could just take it off for a while, and then continue. Also, the zombies were still slower than him even with the weight handicap and reduced speed. Crushing these snails were still no problem.   

He was willing to endure all these things because in this now apocalyptic world, the most important thing was to survive after all! 

Who cares if it was achieved in a dumb or cowardly way. As long as he could kill the zombies instead of the other way around, he was more than happy with it. 

After doing all this, he opened [Items] and took the two extra fruit knives. Qian Lingfeng had another idea, why not tie the fruit knives to the stick to make a spear? This could increase his attack range, there would be no need to fight a melee with zombies, and it would reduce the risk he would be facing exponentially!   

Qian Lingfeng basically ripped off this idea from an apocalyptic novel he had read. The MC in the novel used a wooden stick with a knife tied to the tip as a spear.

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