Chapter 22: Stingy. 

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Qian Lingfeng helplessly shook his head. As for the possible 'evil' that the System might bring to him in the future, he just ignored it for now.

After all, he already received the task and complaining wouldn’t do anything.  However, he was also worried.

The System gave him three days to complete the mission. Although the mission penalty was [None], in any case, he must not relax. During these three days, he would need to hurry and clean up the zombies in this dormitory building and find a way to step out.

When Qian Lingfeng thought up to here, his thought continued to run involuntarily.  He immediately began to plan his next steps and how to solve this task in the fastest time and the safest way possible.

He was simultaneously thinking of this as he cleaned the battlefield.  Although it was put as 'cleaning' the battlefield. In fact, it was collecting his spoils and the items dropped by the zombies. As for the corpses and the bloodstains in the room, "Sh*t, let's just leave them be, this boss wants to clean none of this..."

After all, he had already used this dormitory for what its worth. He successfully used it as a battlefield and he didn’t plan on using it. The same with the other dormitories, he also didn't plan to clean nor use them. Before he was able to get out of the dormitory building, he would just temporarily live in his own dormitory.

He searched very carefully and made sure to pick up all the items dropped. Other than the [Life Essence] dropped by the Level 2 zombie he killed on the bed, almost all of the other items fell under the window.

Since the items were concentrated in an area, it did not take much effort to dig them out.

But what made him angry was even though there were probably more than 20 zombies, the items were not many, the drop rate was too low!

"F*ck! What is this pitiful drop rate? Why is it so stingy!!!" He said as he gave a middle finger to the empty space.

In total, there were seven [Life Essence] that could increase EXP, three bottles of [Small Health Potion] for recovering HP, and a special material item called [Zombie's Nail].

These things were really meaningless, Qian Lingfeng even doubted whether these were just 'consolation prizes' given by the System to comfort him and not actual rewards. 

But apart from Qian Lingfeng feeling that the System was stingy, he also realized the rarity of the items dropped by the System. 

Realizing this, Qian Lingfeng now felt quite fortunate that the Light Red Zombie BOSS gave him two pieces of equipment.

He put all the drops in [Items], as for the repeating items of the same type like the [Life Essence] they were stacked and only used one grid. In the [Item] view, a small "7" appeared on the lower right of a ‘round white bead’ icon.

The same was true for the four [Small Health Potion]. After being stacked, a small "4" appeared at the bottom right of the icon. As for the [Zombies Nail], it exclusively occupied a grid.

Although the [Life Essence] could have been used directly, they were currently stained with blood, and Qian Lingfeng couldn't possibly consume them before they were cleaned.

Afterwards, he headed back to his dormitory and changed clothes. Although you shouldn’t be picky in the apocalypse, but damn this was uncomfortable. Moreover, he temporarily averted disaster and had some buffer time so there was no need to needlessly endure the smell.

He didn't bother washing and just threw on a new set of clothes, he still had a few sets in the drawers anyways. Meanwhile, he threw the blood stained clothes into the garbage dump on the balcony. Since the clothes were stained with blood, it would be a pain in the @ss to clean, especially for an Otaku like him who hated washing clothes. That would simply be a nightmare.

He took the [Life Essence] to the bathroom and cleaned them carefully, and then ate them all.

Regardless of that, Qian Lingfeng was a little flustered when he thought that these things had fallen from the zombies and were covered with their stinky blood.

Prompts of [+10 EXP] continuously drifting past his eyes. When he opened his attribute panel, his overall EXP was increased by a total of 70 points, reaching 632 points.

He gained 320 points from killing more than 20 zombies, and his passive skill [Rough Learning Efficiency] gave him an extra 242 experience points. 

Since the zombies were mainly Level 2 or even Level 1, the EXP they gave were relatively low.

Some quick maths; 320 points plus 242 points plus 70 points, total of 632 points.

Leveling up required 500 EXP points, therefore 632 points was more than enough for Qian Lingfeng to rise to level 4. 

Since there was not enough time, the most sensible way would be to use EXP to level up and improve his strength. He chose to level up. 

After a mysterious force washed over his whole body, his level had become 4. At the same time, he got four more AP. 

After some deliberation, Qian Lingfeng decided to add one point each to intelligence and stamina.

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