Chapter 14: Out On A Limb. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

He'll get the zombies into the dormitory next door, lure them to the window and kill them there!

After making a plan in his mind, Qian Lingfeng felt confident, "This is a victory for wisdom! After all, the zombies are all idiots with low IQ~" Qian Lingfeng's face showed a triumphant look.

However there is no absolute. No matter what the plan, it was impossible to be truly foolproof. So after considering this fact, the smugness on his face gradually receded, and his brows wrinkled instead.

Using the sound and the convenient location of the dormitory next door to trap and kill the zombies sounded a pretty good plan at first, but when you really think about it carefully, it's actually not perfect. There were at least two obvious pitfalls.   

First was whether all the zombies can be brought in. It's not a matter of whether the zombies would follow his sounds, since he already verified this with Zombie Little Aunt. Instead it's a matter of, if a small dormitory can accommodate so many zombies? What if there were too many zombies to squeeze in? 

After all, there were fifteen zombies in the corridor alone. If there were zombies in other dormitories and he was not able to close the door, the number of zombies that would actually come in would be more than what a normal four-person dormitory can fit!   

When that time comes, not to mention booby-trapping the zombies, he'll just end up losing the dormitory as well as an important strategic location!   

These guys were also slow, so some might have already got in deep in the dorm while others were still outside (this was relative to their distance from the dorm)! 

Second was that, even if the plan was successful, and he manages to lure the zombies to the window after locking them inside the dorm room; with so many zombies, no matter how secure his rear dorm door is, it will eventually break!  

Needless to say, the balcony door (his rear dorm door) was not like an alloy door (front dorm door). The impact of one or two zombies might be fine. But if a group of zombies suddenly crowded, it would certainly give in. Then, when that time comes, his situation would undoubtedly be bad.   

The outside was full of zombies and these two dorms were his only safe place! Once this plan fails, the two dormitories would be gone catastrophically!   

Without a place to stay safe, with his current strength, it's only a matter of time before he'll be eaten alive by the zombies.   

Thinking of this, Qian Lingfeng's face became even more ugly. He originally thought he found a great way to trap zombies, but now it seems that he was naive. He left out too many details when he made his plan! The idea was good, but reality does not permit it. 

But he did not completely abandon this plan of booby-trapping zombies just because of the possible danger. Although this plan has loopholes, there was no doubt that it was still a relatively good plan under the current situation. And if he wants to survive, he must take risks!   

He might be able to hide for now, but can he always do that?

"The road ahead may be full of thorns, but there is no retreat. I have to walk on thin ice and march forward!" He whispered softly. Qian Lingfeng's eyes burned with fiery flames. In the depths of his otaku blood, something that was suppressed and in deep sleep had begun to awaken. 

After carefully thinking about the problems of his plan, Qian Lingfeng's eyes flashed with determination and started implementing it. 

He ran to the dormitory next door and looked around. He searched the desk and found a Lenovo smartphone. Fortunately, there was no password and the battery was sufficient, about 50%.

"Let's use this phone as a sound source to attract the zombies." Qian Lingfeng said in his heart.

Although Qian Lingfeng has his own phone, and although his phone can't make calls because there was no signal at the moment, he was still unwilling to abandon his phone. Hence he took this phone. After all, maybe at some point, the signal would be restored and he can contact his parents via phone!

He put the Lenovo smartphone into his pocket for the time being. Qian Lingfeng stretched out his hand, then prepared to move out the chairs and desks in the dormitory. There were also four single beds. By moving them, he could empty the dormitory and expand the space. Also he could use the desks, chairs and single beds to block the shutters of the balcony later, and use it as a little obstacle to prevent the zombies from squeezing the shutters of the balcony.

As he reached out to move a chair, he accidentally saw a travel suitcase beside it and books scattered all over the desk. Suddenly, inspiration flashed in his heart.

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