Chapter 10: Gory Scene. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

Qian Lingfeng was somewhat unsatisfied with the Task Item Rewards. Yes he got 200 EXP, but the Task Item Reward was only a small bottle of Health Potion. 

He then willed the Potion to be put into [Items], and the next moment, his hand was now empty. A red colored Potion icon appeared on the first grid of the nine grids on [Items].

He then checked his stats. Originally, there were only 90 EXP left after he leveled up, but he gained 10 EXP from killing the zombie, plus the 200 EXP from the Task Reward. So now, he has a total of 300 EXP. He was only 200 EXP short out of the 500 EXP required for the next level.

After he was done, Qian Lingfeng exited the System and went to find his backpack. Qian Lingfeng still remembers that when he was in his freshman year, his father bought it for him.

He held the backpack in one hand as he searched around. He found two fruit knives and some snacks. Other than that, he also prepared two sets of clothes. Qian Lingfeng packed them all into his bag.

Food was especially important in this kind of doomsday crisis. He remembered that in the apocalypse novels he has read, there would be no production and there would be a shortage of food (canned goods etc.), so much so that even a piece of chocolate can trigger a fight!

After careful consideration, he only took things that were useful. For example, he didn't bring some of the daily necessities and other items after thinking about it, and instead prioritized packing the little food he found in the entire dormitory. But such a small amount of food was not enough. Fortunately, he already had an idea in mind.

There was a small supermarket below the dormitory building. There were a lot of snacks in it. He can get food there.

After searching his own dormitory, Qian Lingfeng did not forget the dormitory next door. Because the two dormitory balconies are connected together, it is convenient for him to just go in and search.

According to Qian Lingfeng's judgment, there should be no zombies in the dormitory next door. The reason was simple. If there were zombies, shouldn't they have come out already? Why would there be only one zombie that came after him? Moreover, based on the zombie's mouth which was full of blood, and it's name being 'Strong' Zombie, he naturally understood what might have happened.

There should have been at least one more person besides Little Aunt. When Little Aunt got infected with the virus and turned into a zombie, Little Aunt ate him/her. This was why the zombie (Little Aunt) was level 3, and has the prefix 'Strong' in its name!

After eating the flesh and blood of at least one living person, this zombie evolved!

Opening the balcony door, Qian Lingfeng walked out. Inevitably, as soon as he turned around, he saw Little Aunt, who was now a zombie, that he had just killed. 

With a tremor in his heart, Qian Lingfeng looked away from him; but at this moment, he suddenly noticed that there seemed to be something emitting faint light from the side of the zombie.

His heart moved and he no longer evaded the corpse and instead looked intently. In games, monsters can drop items so maybe... Qian Lingfeng walked forward, bent down and picked up the blood-stained 'thing'. This 'thing' was about the size of a glass marble. It was round and a little soft to the touch. It was like a piece of soft meat, and it's even slightly warm.

[Name: Elementary Life Essence]    

Description: After usage, gain 10 EXP. Can only be used once a day.

"So it's something that increases EXP!" Qian Lingfeng grinned. But as he looked at the dark red blood stains on the ball, he frowned. It was too disgusting to simply eat it right here, right now. Moreover it has zombie blood, so how can he just eat it.

Fortunately, there was a bathroom next to the window on the balcony. There was a sink inside, and after trying the faucet out, Qian Lingfeng was delighted to find that the water had not been stopped, at least not yet.

He rinsed away the contaminated blood and ate it. He completely forgot that this thing literally just came from a zombie.

[+10 EXP] then floated past his eyes, Qian Lingfeng opened the System and took a look. Sure enough, his EXP increased by 10 points. He nodded in satisfaction. 

"Since this zombie dropped an [Elementary Life Essence], will there be other things that can drop?" It was of pure coincidence when he discovered [Elementary Life Essence] just now. He was wondering whether he should search the corpse or not.

After deliberating it for a bit, he became a little greedy and bent down. The dark red blood and plasma was sticky, and the horrible smell kept getting into Qian Lingfeng’s nose, but he persisted and searched. 

But it's a pity that even after carefully picking up the zombie's body more than once, he got nothing except for dirty and smelly blood stained hands.

In the end, he just stopped and put down the zombie. He sighed and shook his head, it seems that he thought too much. 

The balcony door of the dormitory next door was already half-open, hence how the zombie got out. But a strong smell of blood suddenly wafted into his nose, making him freeze on the spot. Behind the door, blood was not just on the ground, and instead was splashed everywhere in the dormitory!

Qian Lingfeng bent over and felt nauseous. In addition to the blood, there were a lot of minced meat on the ground, as well as vague intestines and internal organs! There's also a palm that was bitten and only half of it was left!

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