Chapter 36: A Sword, A Spear And A Gun. 

Edited by: Mochiusagi

The woman standing next to Li Mengxi looked at Lin Zhen with interest, she asked, "Mengxi, who is this handsome boy?"

Li Mengxi turned her head and answered: "Ruoruo, this is Lin Zhen. He's my former neighbor and is the one I told you about..."

"Oh! So this is the suitor. He's pretty handsome, but why do I feel like he looks familiar?"

She's naturally familiar with Lin Zhen because of the video of him fighting against Zhang Huai.

But Lin Zhen knows that his reputation mainly revolves around new/fresh student Fighters. For Fighters who have already gone to the wild multiple times like Li Mengxi and Ruoruo, his influence didn't reach as hard. Although they are also considered students and are currently at Ninth-Rank Warrior, because of their constant battles with mutant beasts, their general strength is stronger than that of students at the same level. Their rich practical experience gives them the courage and skills beyond the average student.

Lin Zhen saw that Li Mengxi and Ruoruo were both carrying a sniper rifle behind their backs, and there's also a Silver Desert Eagle 5th generation pistol on their waists. 

When girls become Fighters, most of them choose to take the route of using hot weapons. After all, they are limited by their innate physique. Hence they have limited achievements in learning cold weapons. So for them, hot weapons are the best choice.

Even after thinking about it for a while, she really can't remember who Lin Zhen was, so she just forgot about it and instead said: "Lin Zhen, right? Since you like Mengxi, then you'd better quit the Demon Hunter Squad. The reason is simple. The Squad that our Captain hates the most, is the Demon Hunter Squad."

Lin Zhen didn't like Ruoruo's tone and attitude, but he couldn't be bothered to care about a little girl. He just smiled and shook his head: "I am a new student. It was already nice to have a Squad take me in, how can I be picky and leave without gratitude?"

"Hah! No wonder Mengxi rejected you. People like you deserve to be single till death."

Lin Zhen frowned. But when he was about to say something, Zhao Liang suddenly came over.

"Lin Zhen, what are you still doing here? We're about to enter the venue. If time is lost and we missed this time, we will have to wait for another day to enter."

Seeing Zhao Liang come, Li Mengxi and Ruoruo both turned and left, and went to the front to line up.

At this time, Zhao Liang asked Lin Zhen: "Do you know these two women?"

"I know one of them, she's my former neighbor, she graduated a year earlier than me."

"Is that Li Mengxi?"

"Yes, Brother Zhao knows her too?"

"Yes, but I’m not very familiar with her. The three men from their team are old rivals of our Demon Hunter Squad."


"The reason is very simple. Our team is named Demon Hunter Squad, while their team is called Demon Squad. Isn't our name similar to theirs? Since then, a sword, a spear and a gun has been constantly striking us everywhere. Do you know why our team is short of members and is recruiting from the students?"

Lin Zhenyi was taken aback: "Could it be...?"

"Yes, Old Liu was singled out during a hunt before, and was conspired against (aka killed). Although those b**tards didn't admit it, we knew that they were the ones who did it."

"A sword, a spear and a gun, are these the weapons used by the three men?"

"Yes, their team leader is called Zhou Tie, who is the one who uses the sword and is the strongest. If he is fought against one on one, no one in our team is his opponent. The one who uses the spear is called Hua Xiaofeng. His spear skills are very good and he's also very difficult to deal with. And finally, did you see the guy with a rocket launcher? That guy is called Kong Shan. He is very powerful with guns, and he could still fire his guns even if you close the distance between you two. Once killed by him, expect your corpse to be incomplete."

Zhao Liang sighed: "Just now Shi Lei had a dispute with them, and even made a bet, saying that the two teams will compete. The one who loses in points will unconditionally give the other 100 million. We have some advantages considering they have two women at Warrior Level, but the strength of those three men is probably above the level of our four Warlords, so this bet is not looking optimistic for us."

Lin Zhen was silent. Shi Lei was a little reckless, but his mood could be understood.

"Well, I can't really say much other than be careful. Also, don't underestimate the two women, once targeted by their two long-range sniper rifles, even ordinary Warlords will not be able to get out. Stay away from them after you enter."

"Don't worry Brother Zhao, I will be fine."

"Then I wish you the best. I'll leave first, you should also go and line up."

Shi Lei took the other three members to the right, while Lin Zhen went to the left.

When he arrived in the queue, Lin Zhen realized that there were really many people here. Li Mengxi and Ruoruo were five or six places ahead of him.

Even though the entrance has not yet been opened, there are already no less than fifty Fighters in front of him, and there are more cars coming from behind.

The town is surrounded by alloy nets that are firmly fixed with huge iron piles. With this kind of barrier, the mutant beasts inside can't come out at all, and roars coming from the town can be heard from time to time.

There were also soldiers holding megaphones in front shouting: "Everyone be ready, the entrance will open in ten minutes. There are a lot of mutant beasts, they range from F to D. There may also be a C-Rank. 

After killing a mutant beast, remember to cut off the ears or other prominent parts of the mutant beast as a trophy. F-Rank gives you one point, E-Rank ten points, D-Rank 100 points and C-Rank 1000 points. The more points you score, the greater the hope of entering Yilan County. I know that you are all in a Squad, so don't drag down your teammates that's at the Warlord Level."

A Warrior level Fighter suddenly asked at this time: "Why are there C-rank mutant beasts? With our Warrior level strength, isn't dealing with C-rank death?"

"The town is so big, will you even encounter a C-Rank? Also, this is to train your survival ability. If you can't even survive in a town with a C-Rank, you'll have no chance of living if you enter Yilan County. Why not give up now instead?"

The student dared not speak further, though he did not give up either.

"If someone wants to back out and give up, leave now. Otherwise you won't be able to unless you finish."

No one is willing to just quit, a Fighter has a proud heart, and no one is willing to succumb to others.

As time passed, some people recognized Lin Zhen as they lined up.

But in the eyes of these Warriors, Lin Zhen didn't see any admiration and respect. Instead, they were provocative and disdainful towards him.

Lin Zhen knew exactly why. The improvement of his physique by 99% did not prove his actual combat ability, and at most, it just shortened his training time by a lot.

These Fighters are different from the students in the Base City. They have hunted and killed many beasts in the wild more or less. If you want to convince them, the only proof is to show your superior strength in the wild. Otherwise even if you improve by 100%, the only thing you'll prove is your luck.

Besides, Lin Zhen was only an early Eighth-Rank Warrior, and those who were able to frequently move in the wild were mostly Ninth-Rank Warriors, and Eighth-Rank Warriors like him were a minority.

It can be said that there are no martial arts students here, because those martial arts students are not strong yet, and Lin Zhen may be one of the few students who walked out of the Base City.

Facing the provocative gazes of these people, Lin Zhen didn't care at all. The battle in the town would prove everything.

The line quickly filled up to sixty to seventy people as the opening time was up. Those who have not come yet can only wait for the next wave to enter. 

The soldier in front opened the big iron gate: "You can now enter the town. One day later, I hope that you can get out safely. Don't become food for the mutant beasts."

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