Chapter 3: Spirit Potion. 

Lin Zhen's aptitude in the previous life was considered middle-to-high, but his luck was so bad that he was always unsatisfactory, but there was a reason why he could live so long in the end.

In addition to being cautious, he also had his fair share of luck and that is Spirit Power.

There was a very special existence among the warriors called a Spirit Master.

Spirit power was also a kind of power. It was found in people with extremely developed brains. Such people were called Espers in the AD calendar, but there was no systematic cultivation method at that time so all Espers were useless.

It wasn't until after the divine change calendar that Spirit power was gradually developed and became an extremely powerful existence among warriors.

Spirit power had a wide range of functions. People with spirit power could use it to twist metal spoons, control knives in the air, and move objects. Because of martial arts and cultivation, spirit power became more powerful. So it could be used in combat and produce many miraculous effects.

Lin Zhen was a spirit master, but his spirit power was not that very strong, plus it was hidden very deeply (sleeping). It was only later in his previous life, after being stimulated several times, did he realize that he had spirit power.

Hence, even though he had awakened his spirit power in his previous life, Lin Zhen's strength wasn't heavily boosted and although it did help him, it wasn't complete and didn't give him the full potential.

But this time, Lin Zhen knew that he had spirit power earlier and could fully utilize this. Spirit power awakening could greatly improve his nerve response. This was also one of the reasons why spirit masters were stronger than ordinary warriors.

It was unrealistic to forcefully awaken your own spirit power and there was a 99% chance that you would turn into an idiot in the attempt of doing that.

However, cases like Lin Zhen was different. He already determined that he had spirit power hidden/sleeping, and already experienced it in his previous life, so he could awaken it with confidence. The sooner he awakens, the better. The earlier your spirit power develops, the higher your future growth will be. Hence why the Lin Zhen of the previous life wasn't able to fully take advantage of spirit power, it was all because he found out about it and awakened too late. 

But now, Lin Zhen was still in high school. And even after graduation, he was still under the age of 17. If he could awaken his spirit power now, he would become a powerful spirit master in the future.

The awakening method required something that couldn’t be purchased online.

Although his family situation was not good, Lin Zhen still had a computer at home, dedicated for him to use the Internet.

The old computer took a long time to boot. This kind of old antique made Lin Zhen feel a little impatient. 

After finally booting, Lin Zhen still had to try several times before he managed to retrieve his original account.

The computers here could only log in to the Northern Ice City LAN. After the divine change, most of the satellites have become dust and part of the universe. Hence only the warriors’ forums could communicate with other base cities. Ordinary people can only use the internet of the base they're in. 

Ice City has a population of about 30 million, of which 20 million are in the main urban area, and there are also three satellite cities/sub-cities. There are about 3 million people in each of these sub-cities so totaling the three of them, about 8 to 10 million people are online.

Everyone who surfs the Internet had their own unique account, and since it was unique, online fraud/scam rarely happened. Ice City also had very strict laws, and few people dared to try and break the law.

Lin Zhen's username is Lin Zhen. After logging in to his account, he first checked his money.

He had about 5500 yuan in his account. This was already a great fortune considering their circumstances. The main source of the money was Lin Zhen's scholarship. Although it was not much, it was really useful at the moment, otherwise, his family wouldn’t be able to get him the money he needed for the awakening method. Even if Lin Zhen had the advantage of rebirth, he wouldn't be able to get that much money easily. 

Lin Zhen then started online shopping. Online shopping was very popular in this era. You could often find some unexpected discoveries while visiting various shops.

Lin Zhen browsed the shops of various shopping malls, looking for something specific.

The awakening of spirit power required a spirit potion.

However, spirit potions were very rare just like the genetic potions that could instantly make someone ordinary into a warrior. Although they were not as expensive as the genetic potions, they were not so easy to acquire. 

Actually, Lin Zhen's five thousand dollars was not even a fraction of the money needed. The official price of a spirit potion is between 7 million and 8 million, and the price on the black market also needed at least 5 million. Although it was indeed not as expensive as the genetic potion, Lin Zhen had no ability to buy it.

So why was he even searching for it in the first place? Well, he wanted to buy it for a very very cheap price. If his memory served him correctly, a post appeared on the forum on the eve of the high school graduation exam.

The seller was a rich man. He thought that the goddess he was pursuing needed a bottle of spirit potion. So he immediately bought one and sent it to her. But it turned out that his goddess didn't need it at all, and she also didn't accept his kindness and wanted him to give it to someone who really needed it. So the rich man then sold off the spirit potion that was originally worth five million yuan somewhere on the internet to a price of 100 yuan as a testimony for his love, and fulfill his goddess' wish of giving it to someone who really needed it. 

This matter was been discussed for several days, saying that the person who managed to buy the potion was so lucky. He/she actually bought millions worth spirit potion for just 100 yuan.

Although he was not sure whether this story was indeed true or not, Lin Zhen wanted to test his luck.

Can he seize such an opportunity?

His hand moved very fast, browsing the various shops back and forth, and constantly refreshed items for sale.

If he remembered correctly, the post of this spirit potion appeared today, though the exact time is a bit unclear.

In his search, some of the posts gradually awakened Lin Zhen's long-held memories and made him begin to fully realize that he had indeed been reborn. 

"Photographed on the northern city wall, a golden-crowned red-eyed eagle, the size of a fighter plane; evidence captured!"

"Beast King's Minions, thousands of enemies, discovered in the northwestern oil city! Warriors are suppressing the waves."

"Tianfeng Dojo students are bullying and dominating the small market in the south of the city. Where is the supervision of the base? Is this a privilege of warriors, that they can escape the law?"

"The main stream of Songhua River is raging, the bridge was broken. Who is to blame?"

One by one, familiar posts made Lin Zhen smile. Yes, it was this era. He was familiar with everything in this era. With these memories, he was fully capable of soaring through the sky in this new life.

After searching for a while, Mother Li Qin's voice sounded from the living room.

"Lin Zhen, dinner is ready." 

Lin Zhen decided to take a break and went to the living room. His parents had already prepared their meal.

Although this meal was simple, it was of great significance to Lin Zhen. He finally saw his parents again. This was the most important thing.

After eating, Lin Zhen returned to his room again, hoping that this short meal time did not make him miss an opportunity.

Right after sitting down and refreshing three times, Lin Zhen suddenly saw a post.

"To my goddess Ning! I gave you this potion but since you didn't need it, you were gracious enough to bestow it to someone who is actually destined for it. Hence I am here to thus accomplish your wish. This millions of money is not as precious as your smile!"

The username was Meteor Shower.

"F*ck! I know who this guy is!"

Although others didn't know who this meteor shower was, Lin Zhen knew.

This meteor shower is his classmate Ouyang Yu!

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