Chapter 1: Return. Proofread by: @lynn Mount Tai, ranked first among the five mountains. Lofty and majestic. Moreover, because it was the place where emperors had been enshrined Zen since ancient times, it also developed a special sacred meaning and symbol in Chinese civilization throughout thousands of years. There were also ancient legends that believed Mount Tai was the closest to the gods' dwelling. And thus, it made this 'world's number one mountain' even more mysterious, and enshrouded with an enigma. Mount Tai had no lack of spirituality, it was filled with mythical beauty. The majestic clouds and mist; the flowing springs and waterfalls, and even the ancient pines that still stood tall and vigorous along against the passage of time... All of them combined gave a rare sight to the world. Because of this, every year, there were countless tourists who would come and visit Mount Tai from all over the country. People from all over the world also wanted to come here and experience the magnificent scenery of 'being at the peak, close to the sky, and overlooking the mountain ranges'. "Mount Tai really deserves its number one ranking among the Five Sacred Mountains, and being the 'number one mountain in the world'! It really is majestic and awe inspiring. This is definitely a worthwhile trip..." A tourist stood on top of Mount Tai, overlooking the majestic mountains beneath him. Looking into the distance, the Yellow River was winding and twisting like a snake, it was wondrous. One couldn’t help but sigh in admiration when looking closely at the green pines and cypresses. The tourists next to him nodded and agreed with his statement. Suddenly, the tourists felt a slight tremor at their feet. It seemed that Mount Tai was trembling, a few small gravels were disturbed and started rolling down. The tourists panicked! "What's wrong? Did an earthquake occur?" "How could an earthquake happen here? It's impossible..." The tourists clung to the railings and to the other fixed objects around them for support. Some tourists saw the gravel on the mountain falling, and hastily escaped to a safe place. At this time, clouds of dust suddenly boomed from the ground, at the foot of Mount Tai. It was followed by a brilliant light rushing into the sky, illuminating most of Mount Tai. The expressions on the faces of the tourists instantly solidified as they looked at the surreal scenery in front of them with stunned expressions... What's going on? Everyone held their breath and stared blankly in shock. Their eyes filled with consternation. The light amidst the dust clouds suddenly split into different colors! In a blink of an eye, almost the entire Mount Tai was shrouded in five colors of white, green, black, red, and yellow. The five-colored rays of light each occupied one direction. If there were people who are proficient in Feng Shui, etc. right now, they would be able to distinguish that the respective five-colored rays of light represented the five elements. Hum! The mountain suddenly started to tremble again, and the next moment, all the light vanished, as if it had never appeared in the first place. The tourists still had not recovered and were only staring at the sky in stupefaction. 'Wow!' After a while, when the tourists finally woke up from the incomparable shock, Mount Tai immediately boiled with emotions. Everyone couldn’t keep their calm, even discussions among strangers were incoherent, as they talked about the magnificent and peculiar sight that they had just seen... Meanwhile, somewhere in a crevice covered by vines, a hand suddenly stretched out. The white and slender palm pushed aside the vines and branches covering the crevice's entrance. Immediately afterwards, a man stepped out from the crack. The man looks about twenty years old, wearing a 'retro' moon white gown, and a hairpin on his head. His figure was slender and well-proportioned. His height was near 1.5 meters. His face was rich and handsome, with sharp edges and corners. His sword-like eyebrows and star-like eyes made him feel as mysterious and deep as the cosmos. "I'm finally back..." Yin Xiu stared at the majestic Mount Tai in front of him. He breathed in deeply, the familiar yet unfamiliar aura. His deep eyes revealed his true feelings, which was the homesickness and nostalgia of someone who had wandered too far from his home. There was also the excitement of a wanderer finally returning. "Gajj~" A clear and doubtful cry suddenly sounded from Yin Xiu's arms. Soon, a very cute little head stuck out of Yin Xiu's chest. Its pair of small paws rested on Yin Xiu's clothes. It looked at the surrounding like a curious cat. "Okay, Xiaoman, come out, we're home." Yin Xiu retracted his gaze, looked down at the little thing sticking out of his chest, and couldn't help showing a smile. "Ga, Ga..." The little thing raised its head and 'yelled' at Yin Xiu twice. Its small paws grasped Yin Xiu's clothes, and its hind legs kicked on Yin Xiu's chest as it immediately rushed to Yin Xiu. On Yin Xiu's shoulder, it rubbed Yin Xiu's neck affectionately with its little head. Xiaoman was only the size of a palm, but it had a hairy tail that was slightly larger than its body. At first glance Xiaoman looked like a squirrel, but Xiaoman had five different colors of fluff on its chest. In addition, it also had five corresponding colors at the end of its tail. Xiaoman looked like a squirrel but in fact, Xiaoman's real 'identity' was the five elements gold-eating treasure hunter. It was also known as the Five Elements Golden Rat or the Five Elements Treasure Hunter. It was a rare beast in the world. Yin Xiu got it by accident five years ago. When he first discovered Xiao Man, Xiaoman hadn't even opened its eyes yet, He had just been born. As for Xiaoman's mother, it got killed by another spirit beast as it was protecting the newly born Xiaoman. At that time, Yin Xiu just found Xiaoman when it was about to die from the beast's fangs after losing its mother's protection. Xiaoman had been with him for more than five years now, but Xiaoman was still in his growth period and was far from being an adult. The five-element treasure hunter usually had a longer growth cycle, which was incomparable with ordinary animals. "Go, let's go home!" Yin Xiu patted Xiaoman's head lightly and said. Xiaoman stood on Yin Xiu's shoulder, and squeaked. His small eyes kept looking around. "I don't know what this world has become. But the troubled times back then should be over." "Eighty years, time flies so fast... I wonder how the younger generations are at home. Is younger brother still alive..." Yin Xiu was full of thoughts, and he couldn't help but recall what happened 80 years ago. Back then, China was experiencing troubled times as the warlords of the Chinese Land were divided. Foreign aggressions, taking advantage of the infighting, appeared and invaded. China was weak and chaotic. Since his childhood, Yin Xiu had practiced martial arts. And reached the extreme when he was only more than 20 years old, and became a unique master in China. In order to be able to advance further and break through the shackles of martial arts, Yin Xiu had gone through a lot of hardships. He traveled all over China and read countless ancient stone scriptures, finally allowing him to find a way to a higher level. He came across a teleportation formation left over from the ancient times, which could cross the boundless galaxy, could go to the other side of the starry sky, and arrive at the sacred place of practice, the realm of cultivation! Yin Xiu opened the teleportation array without hesitation, and left the Earth. And that was eighty years ago! For Yin Xiu these eighty years had been full of hardships, but in the end he managed to rely on his great talent coupled with some luck. It only took him eighty years to become a peak Xiantian. The supreme powerhouse in the cultivation world, a dominant figure! One must take into consideration that when Yin Xiu left the earth, his cultivation was only at the peak of Houtian. On Earth, this kind of cultivation could be considered shocking to the world, and no one could match it. However, in the realm of cultivation, the Houtian cultivation base was only the starting point, and it was not even considered to be significant. Yin Xiu only spent eighty years in the cultivation world to reach his current level, one could clearly see his talent! However, Yin Xiu's current cultivation was still at the peak of Xiantian and couldn’t proceed any further, he was at a bottleneck. After Yin Xiu tried many ways, he finally determined the problem. The delay in his breakthrough to the Disaster level was not due to cultivation techniques, nor his true essence, etc. Because of some opportunities, the techniques Yin Xiu had practiced were top-notch even in the entire cultivation world, not inferior to anyone or any sect. The only fetters that prevented him from breaking through was that he still had concerns in his heart. A knot was restricting him. And his concern was his home, Earth. His family on Earth. So Yin Xiu came back. He came back through the teleportation array, the same one he used when he left.

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