Chapter 2: Strangers.

Taking Xiaoman towards the bottom of the mountain, Yin Xiu released his spiritual sense. With his cultivation at the peak of Xiantian, his spiritual sense was enough to cover a hundred mile range.

"In eighty years, it really changed a lot."

Yin Xiu sighed softly, and the moon-white gown he was wearing suddenly flickered. In the blink of an eye, Yin Xiu became dressed in a short-sleeved T-shirt and casual trousers. Even the boots on his feet turned into a pair of white sneakers.

Except for the bun tied on the top of his head, he looks like a bona-fide modern person.

Yin Xiu lowered his head and glanced at his clothes, nodding with a satisfied smile. His clothes were vestments that could be changed at will.

"Oh, that's right, the hair..."

Yin Xiu stretched out his right hand, and the hosta that was stuck in the top of his head flew into his hand, glowing with a faint luster. Then his hair fell loose.

Yin Xiu gathered his loose hair from the back of his head and lifted it up, then his other slender hand slashed the hosta… 

A jade-colored light slightly flickered, and the hair that was picked up by Yin Xiu was all cut off.

Yin Xiu took the cut hair in front of him and looked at it. The hair was very long, more than one meter long. Every hair strand was black and shiny, like jade and silk.

With Yin Xiu's cultivation, the hair on his body was naturally extraordinary. If it was woven into cloth, its toughness could be completely impenetrable, even ordinary firearms would be unable to penetrate it.

But Yin Xiu obviously didn't care about this, and he didn't plan to keep it. A ball of flame appeared from within his palm, and the cut hair was set ablaze instantly.

The hair was turned to ashes in the blink of an eye.

With one move, a large amount of water vapor quickly condensed from the surrounding air, then formed into a mirror in front of Yin Xiu.

Then Yin Xiu quickly trimmed his hair in front of the "Water Mirror", and styled it into a modern short hair. After looking at the water mirror, he waved his hand with satisfaction and dismissed it.

At this moment, Yin Xiu looked no different from ordinary modern people in appearance. What may be a little strange was that his skin was exceptionally good, with a pearly luster; it was fine and white, which could make any woman crazy with envy. Putting the hosta into the storage ring worn on the index finger of his left hand, Yin Xiu continued to walk down the mountain. He turned his face to look at Xiaoman who was standing on his shoulders and asked, "Xiaoman, how do you like my looks now? Am I handsome?" 

Xiaoman swept its furry tail at Yin Xiu's face while grinning at him. 'Gaj, Gaj' Xiaoman squeaked twice.

"It seems that you agree with it." 

"Here you are." Yin Xiu smiled satisfactorily and took out something from his storage ring. A green fruit was passed to Xiaoman on his shoulder. It was a kind of spiritual fruit he brought back from the cultivation world.  

Although ordinary people couldn't prolong their life after eating it, it could at least make their body stronger. It was basically impossible to be infected by ordinary diseases within three to five years after eating it. If the body was experiencing ailments, it could also relieve the ailment’.   

Of course, this kind of fruit was a snack prepared by Yin Xiu only for Xiaoman. 


Xiaoman reflexively hugged the egg-sized spirit fruit with his small paws. He squeaked happily and gnawed on the fruit...     

Not long after, Yin Xiu took Xiaoman to the foot of Mount Tai. He looked at several tourists and pedestrians walking around Mount Tai, with a faint smile.     

He also looked at the modern buildings and signs around him, his eyes showed his curiosity.     

When he was back on the mountain earlier, he already used his spiritual sense to 'see' look ahead. But for a man who was as 'antique and old’ as him, who was born at the beginning of the last century and had been away from Earth for 80 years, everything was unfamiliar.

Compared to when he left Earth, the changes that had taken place in the past eighty years were indeed too great. It was so big that Yin Xiu almost thought it was two completely different worlds.

If it weren’t for Mount Tai behind him which hadn’t changed much, and the people around him being native Chinese people, he would've thought the teleportation array had sent him to the wrong world. In addition, their outfits were very different from those of the past, which almost made him believe that he was indeed in the wrong world. 

"Just now, the whole Mount Tai shook suddenly, and a light came out from the ground. It almost scared me to death. Do you think it was really caused by the birth of some fairy treasure?"

"What fairy treasure, does your brain have a hole? Do you really still believe in this?"

"I didn't want to believe it. But didn't you hear what everyone was talking about just now? This Mount Tai has been here since ancient times. And there is a lot of mystery around it. If there are any gods or the likes in this world, there should be gods’ relics within Mount Tai..."

"Here you go again... Let me tell you, those gods, treasures and whatnot was all nonsense. You shouldn't believe those people's hoax and this kind of superstitious nonsense. Did your studies all these years go to a dumpster?!"

"Then why was there a light that just emerged from the underground?"

"I don't know this. But it was probably caused by some geological phenomenon caused by the previous vibration prior to the light appearing. For example, some special substances burned and glowed under the ground, and then penetrated through the surface on the ground after the shaking created a crack or something. It is hard to say. Anyway, I don't believe those types of nonsense. What kind of fairy, what kind of ghost? That kind of talk is just for children. Unless your head got hit by a door, who will believe this…?"

Yin Xiu walked among many tourists who were also going down the mountain. Whispers of discussion were all around. The previous phenomenon gave these tourists a lot to talk about.

Of course, because of the previous shaking of Mount Tai, the tourists didn't dare remain on the mountain anymore, and they all descended one after another.

Yin Xiu couldn't help being a little amused, listening to the various strange speculations of the tourists around him. He was the only one in this world who knew the real reason.

"It’s really interesting how people talk now.  Their way of thinking seems to be quite different from that of the past!" Yin Xiu looked at the people around him, pursed his lips, and thought to himself.

Just after walking down Mount Tai, Yin Xiu was curious about many things he saw around him. For example, some people were holding mobile phones while making calls, or holding tablets while playing...These were things that Yin Xiu had never seen before. It felt very novel and surreal.

"Um... It seems that I better find someone who is alone and use "soul search" on him. Otherwise, I would have no idea about the world today. The changes during these eighty years are really too great!"

Yin Xiu looked at the many things that weren’t in existence at all 80 years ago, and was somewhat at a loss.

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