Author: Spring Day (春の日)

Status in COO: Completed

Translation Status: Dropped


A girl cursed by the gods and rejected by the world meets the legendary "Princess Tsubakiri", a vengeful demon with a fairy tale to tell and a cruel offer for the one deepest in despair.

A medieval dark fantasy with a tortured heroine, this is a tale of those who renounce the self-proclaimed righteous, even if they must stake their bloody claim against all the world.

Flower meaning: In Japan, the camellia flower is called “Tsubaki” and symbolizes divinity. It’s often used in religious and sacred ceremonies. The flower also represents the arrival of spring.

Warning: Dark themes and graphic depictions of violence. Proceed with caution.

Chapter List:

01 - Fairy Tale: Princess Tsubakiri - Part 1

02 - Fairy Tale: Princess Tsubakiri - Part 2