EP - 047 - Duel (3)

Come to think of it.

It makes no sense for the devil to descend as the person attempting to summon it didn't even get chosen by them.

And although I did activate the skill, the spread of color around me wasn't as distinct as when Elnore awakened the fragment within her. Originally, it probably won't even adhere to my body and would simply scatter. 


   <System Message>

   [ 'The Fallen's Seal' responds. ]

   [ The devil energy gathers around the Fallen's Seal. ]

Yes. I expected this.

I don’t know exactly what the Fallen's Seal does. And its description was also broken in the system window.


I couldn't help but let out a bitter smile. 

If you think about what role the ‘seals’ that devils leave on humans in the game, it’s clear that this will have a big impact on me in some way in the future.

I don’t know, but it could affect my mind as deeply as the vessels with actual devil fragments in them.

But, for now.

I can imitate a vessel for a very short time using this.


The world slowed down. It’s similar to before.

However, there is a clear difference from Elnore's.

At that time, when the devil energy touched the world, everything stopped moving. Whereas now, it is moving, albeit slowly. To the extent that I can grasp it with my naked eyes.

‘…That’s why.’

A wore a wry smile.

The gray devil’s basic ability, ‘Erosion’, is the power of absolute control over any space its energy touches.

Even with only one fragment in a vessel, it will activate. 

This slow movement meant that even with the help of the seal, I can't even use the most basic ability.


I can't faintly see her. 

The Gray Devil in the form of Elnore. 

It's so obscure that even the outline is barely visible. It's natural since I'm not a complete vessel.

But it's also thanks to this that there's less pressure. While before it felt like I would die just by meeting her eyes, now it's bearable.


She slowly descended from the sky and approached me without saying a word.

She has the same expressionless face as Elnore usually does.

Though, compared to the childlike reaction she had shown before, this was foreign.


And seeing those crimson eyes meticulously scanning the scars on my body, that feeling was reinforced.

In other words, she's expressionless, but not emotionless.

‘…Ah, I see.’

She's angry. 

She pouted and stomped her foot. Her expression was still blank, but I could feel her dissatisfaction with the current situation.

She's probably saying something like, "Why do you keep getting hurt everywhere you go? Take care of yourself."


It’s interesting.

Compared to other devils, she seems to show a 'human perspective' of affection.

If she were the 'harsh' type like the White Devil or Blue Devil, when they descend like this, whether I'm hurt or not, they'd try to restrict or confine me as they please.

Knowing this, I summoned her with some confidence. 

‘…I can't help it.’

In that sense, I bitterly smiled.

Time hasn't completely stopped, it's just moving very slowly, but this is enough. 


She eventually stopped stomping her feet but her cheeks were still puffed up. 

Maintaining that expression, she approaches me a little more. Then she reached out and touched my chest.

“WhereÁ¦ ÇÏ¿¡go”

She finally said something. 

“HitC¾ð¾î°¡UC¾don't get.,̨̝̻̂̂̈́̾̀̃̐̒̀̕. 속Î̶̻̙͓͓͎̫͛́͌̀̆͊͒͆̚±̦͖̺̗͎͍̰͊̏͒̉̍̉̚͟͠×̵̢̯̥̟͖̞̔̈́̃̚͘͞hurt.”


Yeah, I'll remember that.

I never imagined I would hear such warm words from a devil.

Then, a faint light rose from my chest

   <System Message>


   [ Attribute added to the devil energy gathered in the ‘Fallen's Seal’. ]

   [ While the energy remains, all your physical abilities are greatly increased by the power of the ‘Gray Devil’. ]

   [ All your attacks will gain an additional advantage against 'Holy Blessings'. ]

“Hit¾î°¡Uas much¾îÁ¦Çreturn.”

…I guess that’s why she raised my physical abilities.

Well, it's more than enough.

I can tell just from the power coursing through my body right now. 

With this much, I'd stomp on Klein in no time.

But after doing this, as if she had used up all the power she could manifest, her body began to disintegrate and scatter. 


As before, she smiled and parted her lips. 

Her existence was depleted to the point that her voice isn't audible anymore, but I can still read her lips.

‘I love you. See you later.’

It’s a familiar sentence.

This guy, the last time we met at the Purifier boss fight, she said this to me right before we parted ways. 


‘At that time, definitely. You.’

I remember that clearly as well. 

But, this time.

‘With me, to the end of the world-‘

She added such words. 

“…What, was that?”

Klein muttered. 

There was this feeling. Even now, his hands were slightly shaking.

It was fleeting, but something was here just now. 

Something that evokes instinctive fear just by being close.

His whole body was drenched in cold sweat as if proof of that.


However, there was no time to be lost in it. A snort coming from the other side pulled his consciousness back to reality.

In an instant, he regained his senses and gripped the sword, and assumed his stance.


His gaze was stuck at the other side, stunned. 

Because Dowd Campbell had put his weapon on the floor.

“…What are you doing?”

Is he surrendering?

Why is he abandoning his weapon?


The other party flatly replied, slightly clenching his fist with a light frown.

It seemed as though he wasn't accustomed to his own body.

And from that look, Klein instinctively noticed one thing.

This guy. 

Something changed.

Compared to earlier, there's something ‘within’ him.

“I figured you might die in one hit if I used a sword.”


Then came Dowd’s light punch, which landed on Klein's chin.

It's more like a fist bump really. It looked so half-hearted. 

But, that alone.


Without having the time to express his astonishment at the sight of his stacked blessings tearing like paper, Klein exhaled as he stumbled backwards.

He couldn't even balance himself before another attack came flying in.

It was a kick this time, but equally half-hearted. It was almost as though Dowd was making an effort to be gentle with his attacks.



Accompanied by a sound that was hard to believe came from a collision between bodies, Klein's body flew through the air like a projectile. As he tumbled chaotically on the ground, his coughed-up blood left a long streak on the floor.

Even with that ridiculous move, all of Klein's blessings were pierced once again, his ribs breaking. The broken bone pierced his lungs, causing internal bleeding.

Almost immediately, his eyes were tinged with crimson.

“…This… worthless bstard…!”

Klein didn't how the other party suddenly became stronger. 

However, he couldn't afford to show such an embarrassing scene to the Pope. 

With that thought in mind, the holy characters surrounding his body emitted an even stronger light. For now, let's activate regeneration. 

His bones swiftly returned to their original positions, his breathing stabilized, and vitality surged through his body.

Next, he converted all the blessings around his body into a single attribute.

‘…I never thought I’d use this!’

Instantaneously, white flames ignited on his sword.

One of the offensive 'miracles' that only high-ranking battle priests could use. 

“Ether Flame?”

A disconcerting voice came from the other side.

“Hey, isn't that something used for large monsters…”

This wasn't a duel to the death, and it's absolutely not an ability to use against a student.

A heavenly flame that's inextinguishable unless the target finally dies or the user puts it out voluntarily.

Compared to blessings, it's reputed for its viciousness and power among miracles and boasted a might dozens of times greater. 


“I just need to keep you alive!”

The white-flamed sword shot towards Dowd. 

The goal was not to kill but to inflict unbearable agony on the other party, burning them alive until they begged for the sweet release of death.

That's what he thought.


Until Dowd casually shrugged and carelessly punched. 

And with that move.

The flames were extinguished by the wind.


Klein's mouth was wide as he looked at his sword.

For a combatant of his caliber, making such a basic mistake of losing focus during a fight should never happen. 

Thinking about it, this was more embarrassing than the bloody fall earlier.

At the very least, not show it in front of the Pope. 

However, he was currently engulfed in such a tremendous shock that he couldn't care less. 

An offensive miracle that he, a high-ranking battle priest, had conjured was blown out like a candle. 

“…This works too. Is this what it means to be superior in the matchup?”

“You, you, what the hell did you do…!”

He shockingly uttered in response to the other party's casualness. But before he could even finish the sentence, another fist was thrust into his jaw.

Once again, all of his defenses were breached, and his consciousness grew dim.


Several more attacks followed against his airborne body.

A strike to his unprotected abdomen. A knee to his face as his body contorted. And a straight punch that hammered down on his lowered head as if driving in a nail.

“Keok, heok…!”

All he could do was scream in agony as he endured all those attacks.

In terms of technique, there's nothing at all. It’s no different from an ordinary person with little to no fighting experience.

Yet, despite that, he couldn't cope. He couldn't even react.

He had already redirected all of his defenses towards regeneration, allowing him to recover from even fatal injuries, but the speed at which he was being injured far surpassed his ability to heal. And his opponent wasn't even putting effort into the attacks. 

It was such an overwhelming power gap!

“Ah, come to think of it.”

Dowd smirked. 

“It's okay as long as I don’t kill you, no?”



The pain continued without stop. 

His nose was completely crushed, and the thick, crimson blood was everywhere. Then, a kick sent his head crashing into a nearby wall, which left spiderweb-like cracks on the surface.

‘He's toying with me…!’

Dowd could've knocked him down long ago if he wanted. 

The power difference was overwhelming.

This wasn't a fight to begin with.

His opponent was treating him like a bug!

“St, stop…!”

Another blow.

His recently regrown teeth shattered once again, sending pieces flying all over. He had not gotten a chance to recover at all. 

Then came another strike. 

He could feel a lump of blood rising in his throat after getting punched in the abdomen.

Just like this, he continued getting pummeled, taking blow after blow.

To the point where blood pooled in puddles on the arena. Kick, punch, knee... Repeat. 

Finally, Klein couldn't take it any longer, and he screamed.

“Stop, stop it! I was wrong! That's enough…!”

His will to fight was long gone. And whether the Pope was watching was a secondary concern. 

Escaping the excruciating pain that felt like his whole body was being torn apart was the most urgent matter!

Wirh the scream, where he had thrown away all his pride and dignity, Dowd briefly halted his actions.


Perhaps, he stopped because of his plea. He looked at his opponent with a glimmer of hope.

And then...

He felt shivers running down his spine.

There was nothing in the other party's eyes.

He was indifferent despite all this heated violence.

Like he's just doing ‘work’.



As if it were only natural that this level of suffering befall the 'enemy' he had judged. 

His subsequent words followed the same trend. 

His voice still flat.


The last thing Klein remembered was a fist flying at his face. 

What do you mean, 'you were wrong'? 

You shouldn't have tortured someone from the start.



I looked at Klein, knocked out cold on the ground, then glanced around.

There was a stifling silence.

It’s probably because a student just beat up a high-ranking battle priest, but it was also because of the power I had just displayed.

I'm sure most of the people here have noticed.

That what I just wielded was the ‘devil’s energy’.

‘It would be strange if they're shocked.’

I had briefly triggered the power of the Gray Devil, one of the most potent among the devils'. 

According to the setting, there's more than one or two groups drooling for such power.

However, it's natural for them to be surprised since I, who they never considered, was the one wielding this power. 

Furthermore, unlike ordinary vessels who would lose their minds and run amok, I remained perfectly in control of this ability.

Even delving into history, there probably hasn't been a single instance like this.

‘…That’s because I’m not a real vessel.’

This is just an imitation. If it were a genuine vessel skillfully handling the devil energy, this level of control is just child's play. What I'm showing is merely a taste. 

However, I've likely succeeded in implying to everyone here the image of a "human who can rationally control the devil's power."

Just that alone completely changes my standing.


A sad way to put it is, the support that Atallante mentioned from the major powers about helping manage the vessels, likely didn't mean they'll provide me with tangible support. 

They acknowledged my "necessity" but not necessarily my "worth."

But from what I showed here.

A lot will change in the future.


As for how much.

Well, enough to be able to do this.

“Heo… peueuk…”

I grabbed the spouting Klein by the collar and began dragging him. 

And then, I tossed him into one of the spectator seats.


As Klein’s body flew, a shallow scream sounded. 

But no one got hit. 

Because his body was blocked by a ‘holy barrier’ mid-air.

“…What is the meaning of this?”

Saint Credo Baor II. 

The current Pope. 

Had there not been a barrier, he would have directly collided with Klein's body.

“Don't you see it, Your Holiness?”

I continue speaking with a smirk.

“I'm picking a fight with you right now.”

Everyone's jaws around us dropped.

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