EP - 034.2 - Training (2)

It sounded as if there was a bomb exploding.

The dummy shattered into powder-like fragments, creating a crater on the ground as if it had been hit by a meteor, and the shockwave even reached the walls - leaving visible cracks.



Everyone in the training room stared at the scene with their mouths wide open. 


Elnore flatly said, as she retrieved her sword.

“There is nothing wrong with your stance.”


She continued without batting an eye.

“So, starting today, this man will receive regular training from me. Do you understand?”


“Dowd Campbell did a splendid job. There is no problem with his learning capabilities.”

“…Hey, Student Council President.”

Elijah sighed.


“Don't you just want to meet him every day?”


“…Is that right? What does even a lecture mean to a person of this level in the first place-”

“I said no. I only accept rebuttals in a duel.”


While Elijah squinted in silence, my gaze remained glued on the wreckage that Elnore had left.

‘…Is she stronger than before?’

I know that her exceptional physical ability was formidable, but it was unlikely that she could display this level of power at this point in time. 

There is only one hypothesis I could come up with. 

‘Has she fused with the fragment to that extent already?’

If a devil’s vessel is rapidly progressing in strength, there is no other possibility.

Completely fusing with the fragment would boost one's stats and would give rise to special abilities.

This is a fortunate development that could greatly help me in the scenario, but it's not entirely pleasant either.

Especially considering how events usually unfold within the game.

‘Devil vessels are greatly influenced by each other’s presence.’

If Elnore has fused with the fragment to this extent, it is highly likely that other vessels with devil fragments will also be affected, increasing the likelihood of awakening the devil within them.

In other words, this is a warning sign that another ‘vessel’ is about to emerge.

In addition, this is also a catalyst that accelerates progression of the main scenario.

‘…This isn’t the time to be relaxed.’

The devil vessels usually appear in accordance with the progression of the scenario.

Thus, it is almost inevitable that another vessel, other than Elnore, will appear over the course of Chapter 2.

In short.

I will soon meet a powerful and dangerous woman who will become obsessed with me.

Which basically means that I'll get caught up in several events that could cost me my literal life.

So as to not die, getting stronger faster is practically a requirement.

‘Swordsmanship is important, but I also need to develop other areas.’

If it's urgent, then divinity-related things are necessary.

The amulet's growth will increase my overall survivability and adapting skills so I should put this on the list. 

And, one more thing.

“No, you're just taking advantage of the situation!”

“Hmm. Didn't I say I only accept rebuttals in a duel?”

“…Well, neither of you can teach, so please be quiet.”

I sighed and stopped the two from wrangling again.

Even though I did say that they are my most reliable allies.

But I can't learn swordsmanship from these two.

There is only one remaining option.

Something that can train both swordsmanship and divinity.

“…You want a pass to the ‘equipment room’?”


When I confidently made the request, Atallante's expression subtly changed.

“Do you know what’s in there?”

“I’ve already met her once.”

I ran into her when I was taking the Ultima.

A swordsman who cuts everything that comes three steps around her.

Yuria Greyhounder. The Final Boss of Chapter 2.

And, along with the Saintess, she is also a promising 'vessel' candidate. 


That's right. The Final Boss of Chapter 2 is not the Boy King, but her.

In more ways than one, the Boy King is not someone the player character can handle, so the actual final battle will take place with her.

“To be honest, she's not a good person to touch right now.”

Atallante took out a key with a sigh.

Nonetheless, she seems to have accepted my request, like a noble who listens to anything I say. Still, she couldn't just do it without giving me a word of warning.

“Her existence itself is a risk factor that can trigger a war between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom. I didn't hide her out of sight in Elfante for nothing.”

With a serious face, Atallante continued. 

“And, you know about the upcoming class observation, right?”


“During the event, members of the Holy Kingdom, including the Saintess, will be staying in Elfante. Yuria Greyhounder's existence must not get exposed during that time.”

With a wry smile, I nodded in response to Atallante's words.

Certainly, if Yuria's existence rises to the surface, that itself would be a disaster.

‘Precisely, the problem lies in the sword she's holding…’

The Holy Kingdom's national treasure, which creates a ‘Curse of Severance’ that prevents people from getting close to the wielder. Likewise, the wielder can't get close to other people. It’s an item that Yuria stole and ran away with a long time ago.

As I’ve said before, this is the reason why she manically cuts down anything that comes three steps within her.

Quite literally, if Yuria is caught with the sword, there’s a high possibility that things will go haywire between the two countries.

That’s how important the Holy Kingdom regards it.

‘…That being said.’

The closer the distance between herself and the other person, Yuria’s fighting power also skyrockets.

Especially if the distance is within two steps. Even if Elnore and Elijah attack at the same time, they'll probably still lose. 

The reason why Elnore and Elijah’s close combat skills are only ‘top tier’, and not the ‘strongest’, is because of Yuria’s existence.


The problem is that the national treasure of the Holy Kingdom, in conjunction with the Boy King, inevitably stirs a major incident in the Academy.

It's also a key item in Chapter 2.

“So, I need to at least know what business you have with her. If I deem it too dangerous, I have no choice but to reject this request.”

Atallante solemnly said.

“The curse itself is highly dangerous, and politically, its very existence is no different than a ticking time bomb. There are many reasons why important people like you shouldn’t be in contact with someone like her. Your actions must be completely devoid of any risks.”

“Ah, then you can be rest assured.”

No matter how dangerous Yuria may be, it's not that risky for me to go there.

It's just a way for my divinity and swordsmanship to rapidly grow at the same time.

I answered with a smile. 

“It's nothing grand, I just want to have a little sword spar.”


“I plan to do this every day for the next week or so.”

Atallante's expression rapidly soured.

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